Monday, 29 August 2011

End of Watch is about to wrap - in Las Vegas - and a trip down that Gyllenhaal memory lane

We have big news tonight, my friends. Many of us have been waiting to hear this for quite some time. It will very soon be time for Jake Gyllenhaal to put away the hair shavers and rescue that Face Pet from wherever the poor beastie has been locked away. Today comes news that principal photography on End of Watch will end this coming Tuesday - ie, tomorrow! - in LA. However, there is a minor blip in Jake's hair regeneration - Jake will be filming briefly in Vegas. He'll be there alone, without Michael Pena, and so, one could construe from this that it'll be a brief excursion.

As we all know, Jake had some long and tiring nights filming in Vegas all those years ago for Bubble Boy (above with Danny Trejo). Do have a listen to the commentary for this because it contains some very funny memories from Jake of the Vegas shoot, and a little bit of singing from what I recall. Also some tickling.

And finally

With thanks to BBMISwear for the link, here is a trip down memory lane. I hope you enjoy this half as much as I did. Some wonderful clips - I could look at young Jakewith his BAFTA over and over.


Susan said...

Thanks so much, BBMISwear and Kate, for that trip down memory lane. What awesome clips!

Isn't it funny that two such different movies as EOW and Bubble Boy are being linked in news articles - just because they each have scenes filmed in Las Vegas? Makes me want to see Bubble Boy again!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! I love that End of Watch is linked here to Bubble Boy, one of my very favourite Gyllenmovies :D Makes me want to watch it again to. Glad you liked the clips - love 'em!

BBMISwear said...

I just watched that video clip again and I just can't help but wish it went on for about 10 more minutes! Why is it I could just watch Jake at these events for hours on end?!

It feels like the EoW filming went by fast (maybe for us on the outside looking in but probably not for the people involved)! I'm looking forward to seeing what Jake's next project will be.

I read what you wrote on the other post, Susan, and I have heard the same type of thing around here and it amazes me people would be like this with something as scary as a hurricane. People would complain even more had there not been all the precautions for the storm and things got more serious. It makes me angry! Glad you made it through okay too!

I hope to get in a groove of regular WDW visits again as it is my relaxation medicine at the end of some very long work days lately...thank you WDW!!


Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

Kate - you mention listening to some commentary but I don't see a link. Was there supposed to be another video or are you talking about commentary that accompanies the Bubble Boy movie?

Anonymous said...

was it 5 weeks already? When did EOW start filming? I thought they had another week or so.

I wonder why they are going to Sin City? I guess we'll find out when we see the movie

Thanks for that wonderful Vid. Jake looks so young in some of those shots


mermon said...

Thank you Kate and Lisa for a clip with young, very cute Jake - very nice to watch.
POP interview in a last post - also interesting and funny.
So EoW almost finished! Now it will be a long waiting for the movie.
And, yes, what's next for Jake?

I'm glad "Irene" was not so dangerous as it was predicted. And of course it's always better to evacuate people, just in case. The complains are pitiful.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Taking it very easy today after some yucky dentist trip involving more needles that if I'd been acupunctured. Any suggestions for soft food that isn't soup much appreciated :D

Hello BBMISwear :-) It went by so quickly, which I'm glad about as I don't want Jake to get the taste for having no hair on his head. I suspect, though, that it'll go the other way for him now and he'll grow a beast of a haircut and beard!

Hi leslie - yes I meant the wonderful commentary to the Bubble Boy DVD.

I suppose we'll find out in time, Sweetpea, although interesting that Michael's character isn't involved.

Hi there Mermon! Indeed, that's the big question. What's next?I hope it's not so long before we find out.

I hope everyone's having a good day :)

mermon said...

Kate! What about bananas, mashed potatoes, all kind of melons, baby's food in the little jars? :)
Poor you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you all for the last posts and links. I liked them very much.

Good to see that you Gyllenhaalics in USA are safe.

Have a nice evening everyone.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Mermon! Feeling particularly horrible this evening :(

So glad you're enjoying the posts, Christina!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
hope you feel better soon.
Thumbs up !!!

Eureka said...

Lovely clips WDW!
Icecreams without fruits or little chunks, caramel custard, mashed potatos, Baked apples, Ommelette, plain youghurts, boiled or baked vegetables mashed.
Get well!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks 20:40!

Yeay, great to see you Eureka! And thanks for that. Fortunately, I got on all right with some pasta this evening. Those are good ideas. Maybe I'll just put chilli in everything... Mr WDW treated me to some margaritas this evening to cheer me up :)

Have a good evening everyone!

paulh said...

Re the hurricane aftermath: a loy of streets are still blocked off in Dedham [Massachusetts] because of trees lying on electric wires. Maybe a thousand people are still without power. My parents [40 miles away] lost power, as did my brother [80 miles away]. About a dozen towns in Vermont are cut off because of roads and bridges that were washed away by the floods. Irene was plenty bad in its own way. No need to feel let down.

The last movie I saw was "One Day," which starred Anne Hathaway [she's been in two movies with Jake so far]. As is so often the case, Patricia Clarkson has a few short scenes, but steals the show and leaves you remembering her as a highlight.

I'm glad "End of Watch" is wrapping up. Jake's choice of movie roles is eclectic. He's probably having a very interesting life.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Paul! I'm sorry to hear the storm was so bad in your area. I hope your family all have power restored by now.

I have been tempted to see One Day but I have real problems with Anne's Yorkshire accent in it. My family's from that neck of the woods and I just can't cope with hearing a fine accent decimated. Interestingly, the trailers for it that I've seen on UK TV don't feature Anne talking at all. I wonder if they realise it's not so good. I heard an interview with Anne on Radio 4 on the long drive back from Cornwall last Friday and in it she said that someone had accused her of having the worst Scottish accent ever heard for it. So it's good she can laugh about it!

I'm sure Jake's ready for whatever's next! I can't believe it's September tomorrow already...