Thursday, 4 August 2011

Source Code tops the charts, a new poster from Japan for Mission: 8 Minutes, and Jake Gyllenhaal on set with America Ferrera

I'm delighted to report that our friends across the pond have been snapping up blu rays and dvds of Source Code by the bag full. So much so, Source Code debuted at the top of the sales and rental charts. 41% of sales were on blu rays, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Clearly, the early video on demand release has done nothing to affect sales, only serving to whet appetites for this fantastic film. Appropriately, we have a new photo of Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan (thanks to IHJ).

We shouldn't forget, though, that some countries have yet to see Source Code in the theatres, let alone on their TV screens. It isn't released in Japan until 28 October. With huge thanks to Mayumintolor in Japan, here is the poster from Japan where Source Code is known as Mission: 8 Minutes.

America Ferrera on the End of Watch set

I'm delighted to say Jake and Michael Pena were back on set in LA again yesterday. This time, they had an addition to the team, America Ferrera (aka Ugly Betty).

Pictures from IHJ and JustJared.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I love that new picture of Jake and Michelle and great poster from Japan - strange name though. Thanks to Mayumintolor for the poster :)

Have a good evening everyone! I've been watching Rango again, how I love it!

Carol said...

That's great to hear Source Code bluray/dvd sales have done so well in the US. Looking forward to getting my own copy in the few short weeks we have to wait.

That picture of Jake and Michelle is really nice.

End of Watch is getting more and more exciting. It's good to see America Ferrera back after the unfortunate ending of Ugly Betty. I really didn't want that show to come to an end:(

Susan said...

Hi Kate! That's great news about SC on disc. I got my blu-ray last week but have been prevented from watching it again or enjoying the special features. (Husbands can be so annoying sometimes...) I'm going to correct this injustice before the week is out!

mayumintolor said...

Hello!! WDW and everyone.
I'm so glad that you take up this poster. (also my name! :D)
Thank you very much for considering for my country.

It's so great news Source Code hits No.1 on DVD,Blu-ray charts. I'm sure Source Code will be prosperous in Japan too. Then Jake will be getting his fan more and more!!
All of Japanese Gyllengirls are impatient for Source Code!! :D

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Great new pictures - more tounge action.
I like America Ferrera and I think it's great that this film features beautiful women that are more than a stick figure.

Mayumintolor - thank you for the poster. Sorry that you still have to wait, but it will be so worth it.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Friday at last :)

We don't have long now, Carol! I've never seen Ugly Betty so I don't know anything bout her but it's good to see more cast.

Enjoy the blu ray, Susan!

It's a pleasure, Mayumintolor, and thanks so much for sending it to me. Duncan loves Japan, I wouldn't be surprised if he'll try and make it over for the release. I hope it'll be a big success in Japan and with all of Jake's fans over there!

Morning Mrs HG! I like that too.

have a great day everyone!

Monica said...

It is disappointing to see that this movie is taking so long to get to other countries.

I saw some episodes of Ugly Beth and for me it was a mess. Maybe because I saw the soap opera that originated the series.

Anonymous said...

Soooo happy for Source Code,I'm becoming crazy waiting dvd in Italy!!!And now, with America, I have one more reason to see End of Watch (i didn't need it, but anyway...)
Thanks everybody for pics, poster and so great news!

mermon said...

That's so fine that SC on DVD/blue-ray does more than well. Fantastic!
It's so strange that in Japan SC was not in the theatres yet. @mayumintolor - enjoy, when you will be able to. I'm sure you will like it.
The new picture of Jake and Michelle is very nice.
Exciting pictures from the set. So, first woman showed up. Almost on our demand. :)

Yesterday I've been watching Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part II for the second time. I liked it even more. Excellent movie.
Have a good weekend everybody.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Mayumintolor - I read a few weeks ago that Duncan alread has plans to go to Japan for the premiere. Maybe you can be there are report for us.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Monica! It's a real shame how long it's taking. And yet Moon took even longer! So frustrating.

My pleasure, Carlotta, and hello!

We did ask, Mermon! Funny that :) I'm glad you liked HP - I must see it again. I couldn't see much of the end of the it the first time as I was sobbing all through it!

That would be great, Mrs JG!

I hope you're all having a good Friday! So glad it's the weekend. I'm putting my feet up :)

mayumintolor said...

Hi! MrsJakobGyllenhaal. Sure! If I can see Duncan at Japan premiere, I'll tell you all about it. I hope Duncan comes Osaka city. because I live in near Osaka than Tokyo. :)

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Anonymous said...

"Ugly Betty" had its not so great moments, but overall, in watching it in its 3 years, it had some very heartfelt moments. America F. won an Emmy for it and I think some other awards. She's a very good and likeable actress.

LadyEkster said...

"Clearly, the early video on demand release has done nothing to affect sales."
I'm very happy about that. In the last couple of weeks, there has been quite some media attention here to the need for a different business model for the entertainment industry. Interesting stuff. Video on demand is very new around here but it's slowly getting the attention... I think I'll always prefer having the physical dvd in my hands. :)

Congrats Japan! You guys sure do have a nice movie poster, phew!

Have a nice weekend everyone! I'm trying to unwind after a busy week, but the weekend is just as busy... Better get myself a dosis of GyllenAdrenalin first. ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning (just about) everyone! Being very lazy today - and it's much cooler. Summer's gone on holiday again.

Have a good weekend, Mayumintolor!

Hi there, 03:22 :) Unfortunately, I've never seen Ugly Betty, although ironically as I write this, America Ferrara pops up on a TV ad for a TV chat show!

Hi lady Ekster! I'd much rather have the actual copy too :) Hope your weekend isn't too busy. I' trying to hvae a gentle one because next week is going to be manic!

Have a good Saturday everyone!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news about SC DVD/blu ray. I did watch Ugly Betty, I thought it was a good yet quirky show. Plenty of tongue in cheek situations about the fashion industry. Another great actress that was on there was Vanessa Williams. (she is on another fave show Desperate Housewives)

America is a good actress.