Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal to feature in a Jamie Foxx documentary and Love and Other Drugs gets closer to its Japanese release

Jamie Foxx is making a documentary about, one speculates, his career. So far untitled, it's scheduled for release in 2012 and there, topping the list of contributors is Jake Gyllenhaal. Of course, Jake and Jamie have known each other for some time, most famously making Jarhead together back in 2005. Jake also featured in a cameo for Jamie's single Blame It back in February 2009.

The contributors for the documentary include the other Blame It cameo stars, not all of whom had any idea what they were committing too when they turned up for filming shortly after the inauguration of President Obama. Apparently, Foxx had used that occasion to hoodwink Ron Howard (read more about that here)! It will definitely make for some interesting stories.

According to IMDb Pro, the documentary was filmed in LA and New Orleans in December 2009.

Love and Other Drugs

Source Code has not yet opened in Japan, but neither has Love and Other Drugs. It doesn't open until 19 November and the publicity is underway. With thanks to Maumintolor, here is a look at Japan's poster as well as a link to the website.

TIFF 2011

Amid rumours that Jake has joined Maggie in Toronto to support her at TIFF for the opening of Hysteria, Anna Kendrick is also in attendance. PoPSugar reports that she gushed to them about her latest handsome co-star, Jake. Good on you, Anne! If there's one thing I can empathise with, it's someone gushing about Jake.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a good Wednesday :)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

LAOD will start only now in Japan? Poor Gyllenfans over there. But they will be so rewarded for their patience.
Hope their will be pics of Maggie and Jake soon.

mermon said...

Hi Kate! My Wednesday was very busy.
So Jamie Foxx was making this in 2009? It will be interesting to see Jake from two years ago.
I like "Blame it" more and more. It has nice rhythm.

It's unbelievable - Japan still didn't see LAOD! What is a sense to release a movie so much late? Probably most of Jake's Japanese fans have seen it on-line or own DVD. I wonder if Jake will go there to promote.
That's funny how Japanese changed the colours of the bedclothes in the poster.

It would be nice to see Jake supporting Maggie at TIFF. Among all the actors. I guess is exciting for him to be there. I would like to see any picture of it. So far, only rumours.
I would also like to read what Anna has to say about Jake. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mrs JG! I know, it's terrible! I'm never going to complain about one of Jake's films taking a long time again! Well, I might... but even so. What a ridiculous wait.

I hope so too!

Hi Mermon! I quite like it too. Writing this, I couldn't believe how long ago it was. That's interesting about the Japanese poster - lots of different colours. It does fascinate me why posters are so different in different countries.

I really want to read that too! I'm hoping PoPSugar will tell us...

LadyEkster said...

Hi all! That documentary sounds, ehr... interesting? Quite weird that they shot it in 2009 already. Sounds a bit like Nailed, haha!

Japan is in for an interesting autumn, nice! I hope you guys will be rewarded for the long wait with lots of LAOD/SC viewings.

It would be very nice if Jake really is at TIFF. I enjoyed going back to your TIFF posts from 2007, WDW! Hysteria looks like a fab film to me.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all!

Hello lady Ekster! Oh you would bring up Nailed... ;) I think Hysteria looks great - I hope it gets a full release.

Have a good day everyone :D

Susan said...

I am looking forward to Hysteria so much! The preview looks gorgeously funny. Generally, it doesn't matter what the subject is - you put a dignified British accent on it and it's immediately elevated to "classy" and "scholarly." :)

mermon said...

I forgot to mention, that post hidden under the link, from 25 March 2009 was great. Two first photos, I've never seen - very beautiful Jake leaving Medical Building.
It was interesting to find out, how the actors, especially Jake took a part in "Blame it" clip.
And what Ashley Tisdale had to say about Jake from Donnie Darko. That was nice.
And I never heard that story about Gemma crying on POP set because of Tess d'Uberville. I read that book as an teenager and it shocked and shook me. Nice that Jake was able to cheer her up.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I can't wait for it either, Susan! Looks hysterical ;D

I'm so glad you enjoyed those posts, Mermon! I enjoyed looking at them again too. I remember that about Tess - I couldn't watch Gemma's Tess, it was too moving. I read the book and it traumatised me as a teenager!

mayumintolor said...

Hello everyone!
Thank you for the post, Kate! and Thank you all for these comments.
Yes, I'm waiting for LAOD for one year. My country has been behind other countries about Jake's movies. so I couldn't be along with Gyllenworld. it's so sad. But I'm sure it will be "Gyllenfull" in this fall in Japan!!
owww, I think this poster's color is not good. I prefer original one.

Have a nice day/night everyone!!