Monday, 24 October 2011

Beth Grant remembers Jake 'Phantom of the Opera' Gyllenhaal and Donnie Darko

Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted walking around NYC yesterday (23 October) with actress America Ferrera, his co-star from End of Watch. Jake took The Bag with him. The pictures provide the perfect accompaniment to this new interview with Beth Grant, who appeared in Donnie Darko and has already spoken about how little boy Jake swam naked with her two nieces. With many thanks to Conojito for the link, we can hear a smidgen more about what a joy it was for Beth to work with Jake. As well as talking about how wonderful it was to work on Donnie Darko, and with old friend Patrick Swayze, Beth has this to say about Jake:

'It was not just that Jake Gyllenhaal was doing the part, whom I'd been in love with since he was three years old. The first time I saw Jake he was running across my in-laws' back lawn to the pool, because he was best friends with my twin nieces, and I remember turning to my sister in law and asking, "Who is that beautiful child?" He just was magical, always, so generous and open. I remember the sixth grade show they had at the end of the year. There he was, this sixth grade boy, and he stood up and sang "The Music of the Night" fromPhantom of the Opera. What a song for an eleven year old! I thought, this kid is a star. Whether or not he's going to be a movie star, who knows, but he's a star in the world, because he's luminous.'
 'We do have it on video! My in-laws have it. It's just crazy, we looked at it one Thanksgiving, still before he became a star, and I thought it all over again. So, for me to be acting with him — and also with Buddy [Swayze], who in many ways was a hero of mine, because he'd been the first person from our acting class who'd really made it, and who'd been a big influence in teaching me to love and accept myself as a character actress — the role became kind of true to life. It was a magical experience doing that film, it really was.'

 Many thanks to IHJ for the new and old pictures!


Anonymous said...

Seems as if Jake is enjoying time in NYC. Nice new pics and a wonderful interview.
Hope you're feeling better, Kate.
Thank you, I really had a nice Monday. Im off from work for two weeks and heading to the seaside for a short vacation.
I'm looking forward for reading, relaxing, nice food..... :-)
I hope to meet all of you again next week. Can't wait for catching up.
Have a nice evening everyone.

Susan said...

He sang "The Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera at 11 years old. No wonder we keep wanting to see that extraordinary talent in a musical! Waiting to hear something about the next project gets a little more difficult every day. End of Watch cannot happen too soon. For the next one I'll be happy for a musical, a comedy, a drama, a costume period piece, just about anything!

Thanks for the post, Kate. I love hearing about the filming of Donnie Darko and how all the actors seem to have such fond memories. It certainly is a uniquely enjoyable movie.

TD said...

The last two posts are really lovely Kate, thank you.

I noticed on the way home tonight that the tag line on the new Wuthering Heights movie is Love is a Force of Nature. Made me pause. What with the Heathcliff connection too...


mermon said...

I've enjoyed Beth's interview and all those things she said about our luminous Jake. He was impressing people since his childhood.
I would like to hear 11years old Jake singing The Music of the Night.
From that first link from 2007, it was interesting what Jake said said about changing: "I think I've spent a lot of time [worrying] about how people perceive me rather than doing what I want... I'm tired of fitting the way I think everybody thinks I should fit." I think, what we see today is grown up Jake walking his chosen path, regardless what people say. Cool.
Nice pics with Jake and America Ferrera.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for commenting, Christina, Susan, TD and Mermon! Your holiday sounds wonderful, Christina :) I'll wite properly in the morning. Curled up, resting right now. Have a good night!

mayumintolor said...

Thank you for the great post! Really it's very interesting for me. Also your old post is wonderful. I'm able to increase my knowledge about Jake by this post as always! Jake was destined from birth to became a movie star!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for this post, Kate. It proofs what I have been thinking all along. People just don't turn into stars overnight. There's something inside them that let's them glow from a very early age on.

I'd love to see that video of Jake singing the Phantom, it's such a wonderful piece of music.
And I agree with Susan - it's getting very difficult to wait on a new project.
Although, who am I to complain. I'm a die-hard Gyllenhaalic for only a year now and I've had four movies in theaters (PoP, LAOD, Brothers - only showed last January and Source Code).
Of course now I'M spoiled and wanna keep up the pace.

But I can see how Jake enjoys his time off and he will return with a big bang.

Leslie said...

I'm dying to know what's in that bag.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Another hugely busy day - just not right...

Have a lovely holiday, Christina!

I hope it's only a matter of time until we get that musical, Susan. It's clearly in him waiting to get out!

Thanks so much, TD! That means a lot.

That would make me pause too with Wuthering Heights. I'd like to see this version.

Hi there Mermon! I totally agree. Jake seems content to do his own thing without worrying about cameras. I always think what a nice bloke Jake must be :)

He was, Mayumintolor! And thanks so much :)

I really agree with that, Mrs JG :) Jake has star quality and it was recognisable from the outset. I think that's one reason why directors who knew Jake and his family years ago want to work with him. They've watched him grow up with something special about him. And talent. That is a lot of films in one year! There have been some really dry years. I'm not so keen on those :)

Me too, Leslie! Always makes me think of Proof and those drumsticks...

Anonymous said...

I love this story about Jake. I wonder if Jake remembers her nieces?

It looks like he packs for a day trip, makes sure he has everything cause he can't just go back if he forgets something. I just wish we knew what his next project will be. I keep wondering if he has his own place in NY yet? of he plans to keep his home in LA

thanks WDW

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea! I always get the feeling that Jake is an explorer - I really like that!

mermon said...

Probably he also carries his laptop with him. :)

Susan said...

Here's an idea: let's take a poll on what we think the contents of Jake's backpack includes. Some possibilities:
1. Laptop
2. Ipad
3. Newspapers
4. Books
5. Trail Mix
6. Scripts
7. Bottled water
8. Subway map

And a list of what we are pretty sure is NOT in the backpack:
1. Shaving razor

Paula C. said...

Susan, all the above and plus an extra pair of khaki pants.

Susan said...

OH! Thanks, Paula C. I forgot about spare pants. *slaps self in forehead* Maybe also an extra t-shirt?

BBMISwear said...

Great post WDW - oh how I wish I had time to go back to the many old posts you wrote and just read, read, read, read! *sigh* Never enough time, never enough. But...always interesting new and new/old stuff here so I will continue to enjoy as often as I can!

Man, this guy has just GOT to do a musical soon!! And I'm willing to donate to a fund to the family who has that video tape. They could raise a lot of money for the charity of their choice by offering that piece of nostalgia to the public - just saying! LOL!

I like Susan's Backpack List!

Until next time...


mermon said...

OK, about the backpack list.
I don't think he has in it - book, newspaper - never saw any pics of him reading. I don't suggest he doesn't read books or n.papers, just not in public. Subway map. I think he knows NYC very well and maps are probably on the platforms or in the trains. About the rest - I agree. Extra clothes - as well
1. Laptop
2. Ipad
3. Trail Mix
4. Scripts
5. Bottled water
6. Pants
7. Extra T-shirts
8. Toothbrush maybe
9. Deodorant
10.Bubble gum

Leslie said...

Well, one Twitter post from NYC (if it's valid) has him in a coffee shop reading a book. Here's my list:

1. Laptop
2. Book(s) - including the Michelin red book for NYC and maybe a cooking theory book. Also, a Judaism study book.
3. Paper/Journal/notebook - whatever he'd call it.
4. Gum and/or breath mints
5. Water
6. Extra shirt
7. I'm hoping he's helping Peter write the screenplay for Born to Run, so maybe something pertaining to that
8. Pens and pencils
9. His iPod

I was going to try to come up with something out of left field for number 10 but my sense of humor (often sarcastic and meant to be funny) doesn't seem to go over well here and most of you think I'm being serious - like really dying to know what was in the bag. I was only kidding. ;). But at least it's started a cute thread! :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there everyone! 'Pants' means something different in the UK so I wouldn't like to comment... ;)

Love the list thing, Leslie! Humour doesn't translate well online sometimes - as I know only too well!! - but you're doing all right by me! I love the lists. I'm always interested in what's in people's bags! And I think Jake is just the same, although men are more of a mystery. I have books, ipod, camera, sweets, fruit, brolly, sunglasses, rubbish in my bag. I bet Jake has at least a couple of those things too :)

Waves to everyone!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

We haven't seen him with Ramona in public this past weeks, but if he spends time with her, I swear he will also have wet wipes, tissues, band aids and anti-germ-gel in his bag, along with assorted hair crunchies and necklaces. Just saying from having a little girl myself.