Tuesday, 11 October 2011

'He was a dude' - Bear Grylls on Jake Gyllenhaal and Japan gets ready for Source Code

Bear Grylls has been talking a little about his experience of having Grizzly Sasquatch (aka Jake Gyllenhaal) on Man vs Wild this year.
'On the insurance nightmare in taking Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal into the wild: "I never understand this. I don't know why one man's life is more valuable than another. I will commit 120 per cent of my energy to keeping anyone alive, I don't care if they're a superstar or whatever." On taking Gyllenhaal into the wild: "He was nervous but at the same time he said don't hold back. He was a dude."'
Also worth noting from this interview with the Courier Mail, in addition to Bear's efforts to keep Jake alive despite making him creep along a rope above an almighty gorge, is that it doesn't do to ask Bear what he thinks of Vegemite. Jake's opinion on this substance is not known. Personally, I would say to any Australian reading here that you're very lucky to have Vegemite - consider the alternative: marmite.

Japan gets ready! Three weeks to go until Source Code

Source Code has almost reached Japan. It's taking its time but on 28 October, Source Code at last opens. Obviously, we all hope it does very well, not least so that Japan doesn't have to wait as long again for Jake's films or those by Duncan Jones. I'm grateful to Mayumintolor for keeping an eye on everything for us in Japan. She has sent these pages from the October issue of the cinema complex magazine Cine Com Walker.


Susan said...

I see why Bear Grylls has a hard time understanding the "insurance nightmare." Of course one man's life is not more valuable than another. But Jake Gyllenhaal the unique Hollywood commodity is extremely valuable, especially to the people involved in financing movies, who have probably calculated his presumed worth down to the penny. Personally, I think he's priceless. :)

Domo arigato, Mayumintolor! Amazing, isn't it? Source Code looks just as good in Japanese as it does in any other language!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Susan! Priceless indeed! How do you insure pricelessness...? can I just say that I love what you say to Mayumintolor?

mermon said...

Personally, I also think that Jake is priceless. Bear should understand that and not complain. :)
From what I read on Twitter, people watch that episode of Man versus Wild many times just to see how Jake managed. So he is very valuable for TV (commercials, etc.) I'm sure they earned a lot of money because of Jake. I think also that all depends for how much money someone is insured. If Jake has high insurance then a company has some limitations of the danger and the risk he may experience voluntary.
That was interesting article to read.

Congratulations to Japan for having a chance to see SC, finally. Enjoy!

mermon said...

From Man Made Movies:
"Ahead of the October opening, Source Code Director Duncan Jones will be taking a break from writing his third film, to fly over to Japan for a short promotional trip at the end of this month."
SC will be screened in Japan with subtitles.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Mermon! He is most valuable and priceless - and very very brave :)

That quote from MMM refers to Duncan's visit to Japan at the end of August. It would be great if he could go again - he definitely loves it there.

LadyEkster said...

Woohoo! Counting down with you, Japan. Have fun! :)
Does anybody know if Jake will be there at the Japanese premiere? I'm obviously thinking a shave for the Face Pet here...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi lady Ekster! Wouldn't it be brilliant if Jake went?! I don't think he will but I really hope he does.

mayumintolor said...

Hello everyone. Thank you Kate for taking my pics! and Thank you everyone for the warm comments!!

Hi @Susan! wow!! You can write Japanese?! That's great! "Domo arigato" means "Thank you so much".
I would like to say to you "Do itashi mashite" means "My pleasure".

I agree with you all. Yes! exactly Jake is priceless. but I respect Bear's opinion. and I'm proud of Jake. because he said to Bear that "Don't hold back with me". Really Jake is brave!!

I'm eager that Jake comes to my country for the premiere.

Have a nice day everyone!!

mermon said...

The same to you $mayumintolor and I wish you to have Jake in Japan.

Have a good day everybody.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for the post. Of course Jake is priceless, there's no arguing about that. But the insurance has to put some label on him, otherwise the insurance amount would be through the roof.

I've never tried Vegemite nor Marmite so I can't say if I missed out on something.
But I have tried raw fish when I was in Japan some 6 years ago and it was actually better than I thought it would.

I guess Jake, being the foodie he is, would like it there.

Anyway - enjoy the movie, JAPAN!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! Wednesday already...

Hi there Mayumintolor! Thanks so much for sending the pictures. It's good knowing that you;re there keeping an eye open for us :)

He's very brave. I like that.

Morning Mermon!

Hi there Mrs JG! How I would love to go to Japan. One of these days...

Have a good day everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Hope you've all had a good day :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Have a good day :) Is it Friday yet? Be grateful if someone could put the kettle on...

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Source Code is available on rental DVD and Blu Ray in Germany now!

I know that because my hubby surprised me with it yesterday!
One more day till the weekend!

paulh said...

It's getting harder for me to go online. My home computer is in the shop having a very nasty virus removed from it. I'm using a library computer right now.

i'm breathing a lot easier after a week of antibiotics for pneumonia. My appetite is still awful.
My sound system died yesterday.
I doubt that Jake makes home visits to cheer up hs fans, as nice as that would be.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ooh, that's good news, Mrs JG! I like your hubby's thinking :D

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling a little better, Paul, but it sounds awful, and not helped by the PC and sound system failing :( Thanks for going to so much trouble to say hello. Take care and if I could get Jake to make a home visit, I would.