Saturday, 15 October 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal at the Apple store in NYC for Source Code and a WDW Interlude

There is a possibility that some of you may have spent a good bite out of yesterday lining up outside an Apple store to get your mits on the latest crop of tasty telephones. Jake Gyllenhaal has of course proved his commitment to the brand over the years and was one of the first to grab hold of the iPad, back in those Wondercon (April 2010)  days.

He also likes to take his iPad for a walk.

Jake also has other uses for it.

But all this talk of Apple reminded me that I have yet to post the videos that turned up from Jake's visit, along with Duncan Jones and Michelle Monaghan, to the Apple store in NYC as part of the Love and Other Drugs promotion. You can see a snippet of the Q&A itself here but there are other videos of Jake arriving and leaving.

Pictures from IHJ.

WDW Interlude

Today we were promised what may well turn out to be the last sunny warm day of the year and so off we went on the motorbike into the Cotswolds. In one village we were surprised to see a river full of baby ducklings - about ten of them. I don't think I've ever seen any so late in the year before. This has been a very odd Autumn. Among the photos below are the Roman amphitheatre in Cirencester, the beautiful village of Bisley and the view from a massive Iron Age hillfort close to Stroud in Gloucestershire. 

It may have been warm for much of the day but I can confirm that this all changed on the long ride home and I am still a popsicle...


Leslie said...

Boy, these stars are just whisked in and out of wherever so quickly it's no wonder that they sometimes wonder where the heck they are at any given moment. Scoot in, smile pretty and get your picture taken, then scoot out again . . off to the next photo op.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Leslie! I was really surprised to see how fast they were in and out - no messing. Pretty full on, really. Blimey, Jake looks so good though...

mermon said...

Hi Kate! Hi everyone!
I have similar weather in Poland, very sunny, though very chilly at the same time. And many ducks floating on a small river close to my apartment. I bet you had good time in such a beautiful place, you've visited yesterday. But driving the motorbike could be a challenge in that temperature. I hope you're warm by now. :)
Looking at Jake dealing with fans in those videos, I see how fast he moves among hem, being in rush. I think, for some fans waiting for such a moment long time, having it once in a lifetime maybe, it could be disappointing. But I understand him. We all would love to have a moment to stop him and chat a bit, having an eye contact, but then, he wouldn't have a life. It's too many Gyllenhaalics.
It seems, judging by twitter, that Jake is very busy in NYC.

Have a good, sunny day!

LadyEkster said...

Beautiful interlude, WDW! That dog leaning out of the window is just too good. :-D

The Apple virus has yet to catch on with me; I'm guessing it won't. My new phone next month will most probably be one of the newest HTC smartphones - remember our telephone talk a while ago? ;-)
However, that clip from Wossy is a modern classic! :-)

Eureka said...

Nice landscape! So Green. Here waiting for some rain. We haven't had any in almost 3 months. 25 C today. Pretty warm.
Jake is like Speedy Gonzalez in them. ;o) andale, andale!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! I did eventually warm up but it was so clod. Another very beautiful warm day today. We've been sitting outside reading - just lovely. I love the sound of a river near you :)

I think it can be very stressful waiting to see Jake - as you say, he flies past in moments but you just have to hope for the best and take what you get :) I've never been disappointed (although Rome was a bit odd...).

Thanks Lady Ekster! It was very nice of the dog to pose. And me too, I have an iTouch but I love my HTC :)

Hi there Eureka! Ooh what a lovely temperature :) It's actually quite yellow across much of the south of England at the moment but I'm not complaining as I believe we're shortly due for an awful lot of rain :(

I hope everyone's having a good Sunday. I went to see The Lion King in 3D this morning - just lovely :)

mermon said...

Kate, remembering your Drive review, I want to let you know, I've seen it and liked it very much!
50/50 had premiere in London already. I would love to read what you think about the movie, cause
I can't wait to see it. It's with Anna Kendrick and Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, of course.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! Thanks for telling me about Drive - it was too gory for me but I'm glad you liked it! I'm really looking forward to seeing 50/50. We're getting in to a very good time for films - one of the few good things about going in to November and December!

My review of Midnight in Paris is now on MovieBrit

mermon said...

It looks like we didn't vote enough for Jake to win Scream Awards.:(
And I voted almost every day!

BBMISwear said...

Just stopping by to say hello after a busy weekend! I was looking forward to a quiet weekend with lots of laid back web surfing but I ended up busier than I thought. I did finally get a chance to catch up on things and enjoyed the last few posts - thank you WDW!

Those video clips outside the Apple store really do show the way he, and all the other celebs that we don't really care about :-), gets pushed along when duty calls. I try to avoid those situations if possible and go for the more laid back settings but it's not always easy to do where Jake is concerned. As you said, WDW, "you just have to hope for the best and take what you get". We've gotten lucky over the years, huh?! :-)

The many NYC sightings continue (and I pretty much figured no Scream Awards for him when he didn't head back for the taping which was in L.A. on Saturday). It would have been great to see him on a show, though, it feels like it's been a while. But we ALWAYS think it's been a while in between his public appearances, right?!

I like hearing about him attending the screenings at the film festival - it makes me think he is thinking about directing. Of course he could just be going to see movies because he's interested in them but directors and filmmakers often go see as many screenings as they can at festivals as they want to absorb as much of the movie-making process as they can. How great if/when we hear about Jake being ready to direct that first film! *patience*

Hope everyone had a good weekend. See you next time!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Mermon :) I know, a shame but that seems to be the way these things go...

Hi there BBMISwear :-) It does surprise me when I see Jake on a red carpet how he gets pushed and pulled along. That's one very good reason for calling his name (as is my wont!), it gets his attention and he asks to come over. I hope we don't have to wait too long before seeing Jake at an event.

I do think Jake is enjoying surrounding himself with such creative people. It must inspire him. I wonder what he's looking for next. The absence of titles lined up does suggest to me he's giving it a lot of thought. But I do hope we hear of something soon!

Have a lovely day everyone - even if it's Monday :(

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Catching up on the blog after a weekend spent at my parents house. Sunshine, coffee on the patio, sunbathing on deck chairs and BBQ.

I hope that Jake has had a similar good time in NYC.

And it seems I'm not the only one looking forward to Jake's next project.
Let's get this week rolling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely clips of Jake at the Apple store. and your lovely interlude, WDW


Susan said...

Saturday in NYC was great - weather was gorgeous and Spiderman on Broadway was superb! Didn't see Jake (not for a lack of trying). I am comforted knowing that I can come here and see Jake any time I want. Thanks, Kate!

mermon said...
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mermon said...

New great pictures of Jake from yesterday's NYFF on IHJ! Jake's hairdo and beard - very cute. Nice thick brush on his head. :) Yummy!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mrs JG! What a beautiful weekend - absolutely gorgeous. That sounds like such a good way to spend it :)

My pleasure, Sweetpea!

That sounds wonderful, Susan! I'm so glad you had a good time. Just being in the same town as Jake is a good feeling. Glad you liked the show!

Hi Mermon! Lovely pics - and a new post!

unforswonk said...

hi, could you tell me precisely where that multiple fountain/water drainage/whatever thing is? many thanks.