Friday, 28 October 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal cooks up a treat and Source Code opens in Japan!

I do apologise for any blurring in this post. Having endured dental surgery this afternoon and then had to deal with leaking sewage, I hope I may be forgiven for my levels of spaced outedness. However, as I get ready for a month of liquid diet (liquid in more ways than one), it does me good to see that there are some people who can still eat. Top amongst them is eating maestro Jake Gyllenhaal, who not only eats for pleasure he also eats for charity. We have new pictures today, thanks to IHJ, of Jake attending a NYC Edible Schoolyard event.

On Wednesday (26 October), chef Gabrielle Hamilton was given the task of cooking for Edible Schoolyard's NYC benefactors, many of whom may have been delighted to see Jake among their number, particularly when he owned up to his prowess with a kale pizza. The report shows how Jake has been visiting schools and cooking with the kids, who 'like making pizza with the Prince of Persia'. Personally, I wouldn't like to limit it to pizza.

Source Code opens in Japan!

Source Code today opens in Japan! This is great news - at last SC has reached as far as it will go. I must thank our friend Rintaro Wintanabe for this photo he took today. You can also, if you read Japanese, read Rintaro's interview with Duncan Jones here. I wish everyone associated with Source Code all the best of luck in Japan and I am so glad that our friends in Japan may at last see the film we've been raving about for so many months.


Anonymous said...

Take care Kate and...banzai!I hope you can eat normally very soon!(as our Jake, so lovely in his latest look!)

mermon said...

Definitely, being on liquid diet for a longer time it's not easy at all, Kate. Be strong :)
Who keep up with Jake, doing so many different things everyday.
Where is cooking, healthy fresh food for kids involved there is Jake.Our ambassador. :)
If he was there, does it mean he didn't see his father's new movie yet?
I can't wait for news how Japan received SC. Is it the last country in the world to see it?

Leslie said...

Sophie is with him again. Now I -am- thinking they're dating. He looks like he's lost some weight.

Matchmaker said...

"Sophie is with him again. Now I -am- thinking they're dating."

Leslie I really worry about you, you seem obsessed with Jake's love life. I hope you guys meet and fall in love.

Leslie said...

To the above commenter . . You're funny!! Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

he looks good, I just wish he'd wear something besides those khaki pants (and get rid of the beard Jake, stop hiding that gorgeous face behind the facial hair)

As far as I know he and sophie are friends. But it wouldn't be a bad thing if he were dating her. Someone outside the entertainment industry (And not a blonde)


lily sawyer said...

oh and I hope you survive your liquid diet WDW


Leslie said...

I agree, they seem to be a good fit. Funny though, it was me before who was trying to say she was probably just a friend . . but then I changed my mind. Suddenly that makes me obsessed. LOL I'm still laughing over here at that one. Maybe it's time to go comment on a Charlie Hunnam blog and see if I can't scare up a similar response (now there's a guy I'd REALLY like to date!).

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Had a bad night but feeling a bit better. Can't eat or talk much and quite a bit of pain so I'm grateful to you all for the support!

Thanks Carlotta!

Hi Mermon! I think Japan is the last port of call for Source Code. I think it'll be very successful. Be interesting to hear if Jake did go to his dad's screening!

Hi there Leslie! Ooh is that Sophie again? I just can't recognise anyone....Good to see them together again and I agree Jake does seem to have lost a bit of bulk. Time to admit... who on earth is Charlie Hunnam?!

Matchmaker, you might be new here and not realise that snarky and unkind comments are not welcome on WDW.

Thanks Sweetpea!

have a good day everyone :)

LadyEkster said...

A liquid diet for a month?! Really? Ouch... I hope it will all be worth it and I really hope the pain will go away soon. Take care!!

Congratulations Japan! I hope SC will have a great opening weekend in your country.

'And not a blonde' Haha I get what you're thinking sweetpea! Whatever their relationship is, she looks like a lovely girl from the photos.

Have a nice weekend everyone! The leaves are falling rapidly here but we're having Spring-like temperatures... weird, weird weather.

Leslie said...

Charlie Hunnam - he's from your side of the pond and you don't know him?!? He's currently doing Sons of Anarchy but has been in a lot of other really good projects. I like Green Street Hooligans especially. Definitely look him up on IMDB and Google him. He's worth checking out. I think he's on the cusp of a great career.

What's with all the dental work? Sheesh! Sorry your hurting but maybe you can share the meds around. ;)

Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

I forgot to mention - Charlie starred in Nicholas Nickelby with our favorite lady, Anne Hathaway.

Anonymous said...

Kate if there is one consolation, please remember that the worst part is over, and every day brings more healing.

Surely you aren't serious about a month on liquids ? That's horrible. I had my wisdoms extracted and I don't think it took that long, but it's been a while.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Feeling MUCH more human today :)

Thanks so much Lady Ekster! I got it wrong - it just felt at the time like it would be a month - just a couple of days, luckily! Got through a huge bowl of pasta last night so must be feeling better. It's warm here too! But grey and now we're on horrible winter time :(

Hi Leslie! I'm sure there are loads of actors from here I don't know of :D

Thanks 22:24! No, it's not that long, thank heavens, but thanks so much for those kind words. It's a big relief it's done as I'm such a wuss.

Time to catch up with Jake and see what he's been up to!

Have a good Sunday everyone and wrap up if you're in the NE US!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Kate, I only had time to catch up today. Hope you're feeling ways better.
Even just a couple of days on liquid diet suck, so I hope you'll be on solids again soon.

I'm not sure it's Sophie on those pics, but in any case Jake seems to be happy and that's all that counts, right?

Have fun with the Source Code, Japan!

22:24 said...

I was off soup for a very long time because after my wisodms were extracted that was all I could eat comfortably. Soup, scrambled eggs, yogurt, and pasta. Glad to know it's not an actual month!

mermon said...

New York under the snow! I hope Jake has proper clothes. :)