Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal in Japan's Screen ahead of Friday's Source Code's release and Duncan presents SC to BAFTA tonight

If you live in Japan, you don't need me to remind you that this Friday your long, long wait for Source Code will end at last. Finally, you'll be able to acquaint yourselves with Colter, aka Jake Gyllenhaal, and see for yourselves why the film attracted so much interest, for Jake and for director Duncan Jones. With many thanks to our good friend in Japan Mayumintolor, here are pictures of Jake's appearance in the magazine Screen on 21 October.My Japanese is a little rusty so I can't make out what it says but I think on page 1 is says 'Jake is hot'.

Tonight, Duncan is hosting a screening of Source Code in London for BAFTA members, followed by a Q&A. One hopes that something very important will come out of this - votes.

Talking of votes and following Jake's appearance in some curious polls, it's become clear that it's time we had another poll on WDW. At the moment we're in the process of having a poll on what poll to do. So, if you have a preference, an idea, do post a comment.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Loving the list thing from the last comments! I love thinking what Jake's carrying around in his bag - and also what you're carrying around in yours! If you feel like indulging me, do spill :) Thanks to Leslie for the idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy for Japanese Gyllenhaalics, and for Italian too...finally we can buy Source Code' dvd (I had it yet)!!!
Thanks for all the news Kate!

Susan said...

Well, I don't lug around a change of clothes with me, or an iPad, or any scripts, but in addition to the usual wallet, keys, phone, etc., I have a mini flashlight in my bag. It comes in handy sometimes in a dark theater, especially when *someone* has dropped an unopened bag of candy on the floor.

Susan said...

So I should have gone back and read ALL the comments from the previous post before commenting on this one, but since I didn't, I have to clarify now:

In the U.S. "pants" means TROUSERS. What on earth does it mean in the U.K.?

I feel like I'm learning English English as a second language! :) Or at least some choice slang expressions...

mermon said...

Yeah, Japan! Finally! :)Enjoy!

It's so weird. SC premiere was March/April. All that promotion time - long time ago. Now again in Japan. And London screening for Bafta members, Q&A. I've just thought - that for movie maker - film has a long life. Was made long time ago and still some exciting things go on. I'm really wonder what questions may be asked after so many press conferences and interviews. I would like to see that. What a pity - Jake won't attend Japan premiere or Bafta London screening.

In my bag usually is a big mess. Some handkerchiefs(it may be in Jake's bag as well), small bag with cosmetics, big set of keys. Some cards with taxi phone numbers, bank card, ID document, communication tickets. Probably Jake has them too. Some medicaments, just in case. Bubble gum etc.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

My pleasure, Carlotta! And it's good news :)

Hi Susan! Ooh excellent, a torch (flashlight :D). I carry one of those too. In the UK 'pants' are knickers! I love all these different words for things.

Hey Mermon! That's so true and I remember Jake talking a bit about that during Zodiac and Rendition days. My bag is always so heavy and yet it hardly has anything in it - full of rubbish and books :)

mermon said...

Never heard of knickers!
And I forgot about Sudoku in my purse. And for some time I had a little alarm thing, but I never had a need to use it. And it happened few times that the alarm went on in the least expected moments and places. So I don't have it anymore. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! Underwear :) What the Americans would wear under their pants ;)

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I hope the BAFTA screening is a resounding success!!! I think Jake and Vera, in particular, ought to generate enough votes to get nominations. Definitely. Jake's Colter brought me to tears.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the Bafta's take notice (hint hint)

I hope the Japanese enjoy it as much as I have


Paula C. said...

Pants=Knickers, I'm learning new stuff every day:)

I would like to add some sport clothes and shoes to the bag, when he goes to spin bike class

Leslie said...

I have in my purse: A little LED light (for emergencies), wallet, credit and store cards, small bag with makeup essentials, small can of hairspray, small hairbrush, gum . . and a couple of receipts I need to shred. ;)

My "bag" has in it: my planner, a book, my iPad, a bottle of water, pens and a calculator, and a few odd papers and mail I either have to send or bills I have to pay.

Thanks for helping me clean out my purse though. ;)

mayumintolor said...

Hi everyone. Yes! Tomorrow I can watch Source Code at last! so exciting!

Thank you to Leslie for the interesting idea. Making a guess what Jake's carrying around in his backpack. I admire your insight. :)

Thank you to Mermon for your words. and I totally agree with you.
"I'm really wonder what questions may be asked after so many press conferences and interviews." "What a pity - Jake won't attend Japan premiere or Bafta London screening."
That's right!

well, My usual stuff in my bag are handkerchief, pocket tissue, a driver's licence, credit cards, keys, cosmetics, memo book, purse and smart phone. and most important necessities are candies! :)

Have a nice day everyone!!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...
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MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I'm so glad for JAPAN, hope all of you enjoy it. Also the news about BAFTA is really interesting.

My bag holds my entire life in it:
- 3 passports (mine and the kids since we cross the Austrian/German border pretty much every day)
- drivers licence
- organ donor card
- wallet
- credit and store cards wallet
- 3 phones (I'm not kidding - my austrian phone / my german phone / my work phone), one USB charger, 1 set of headphones
- 2 sets of keys (work / home)
- diary / notebook / pens
- sunglasses
- water bottle
- cereal bar
- chewing gum (one for me / one for the kids)
- tissues
- wet wipes / spot wipes for clothing
- anti germ gel
- small bag with make up essentials incl hair spray and crunshies
- small sewing kit
- small first aid kit (I added: headache meds, fever med for kids, antacids, band aids for blisters)
- a spare set of clothing for each kid (underwear, socks, a track suit pant, a plain shirt)
- a spare pair of thights for me

Sometimes I have a book in there as well.

My girl friends keep making fun of me because of all the stuff I can't be without. I hate feeling upprepared!

TD said...

I love, love the fact that 'pants' is used to such different effect in US:UK translation. It gives built-in sexiness to the many US written magazine articles, blogs, fic, news sites etc, when read by the UK reader! And all undercover. And usually about men too, 'cos they (sometimes) wear 'pants' apparently. (except Spike, of course) :D

The additional modern slang definition of things being 'pants' in the UK just adds to the fun.


Paula C. said...

MrsJakob, that is what I pack for a trip!LOL.
I have in my purse:
Keys ( car and home)
Wallet ( credit cards, money, store cards, and lot of receipts to throw away)
lip gloss.

I remembered another essential item Jake must carry in his bag, the geek chic glasses!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Paula - you wouldn't wanna know what I pack for a trip. Usually I bring home most of it unused, but I want to have it with me, just in case...

Yeah, how could we have forgotten about the glasses.

BBMISwear said...

OMG I am laughing so hard at the "what's in my bag" lists - but in a good way! I'm smiling at the different things people carry and it made me think about what I carry in mine every day (which I think is a lot - although somewhat condensed luckily). I always feel like I have to be ready to take off somewhere for some reason! Wow, Mrs. JG, your bag must be the size of Jake's if not bigger!

I couldn't resist - My list is:
-Wallet (with more credit cards than I'd like to admit
-Hair brush
-Hair spray
-Contact lenses
-Rewetting drops for my contacts
-Nail file
-Lip gloss
-A pen
-A brand new item that holds your bag when hooked on a table (it's great & was a gift from someone last night)!
-An old broken photo key chain with a picture of Jack & Ennis on it made by a friend that I haven't taken out of my bag since she gave it to me 4 years ago!
-A couple of pictures of family
-My iPhone
-And something very important indeed: a mini-photo album with pictures from every time I met Jake (seriously)! A good conversation piece! LOL!

Well that was fun! But on to more important issues - SC & BAFTA! Oh how I hope things go well for Duncan and that SC will be BAFTA bound - positive thoughts!!

Happy Thursday all - not so nice here in New England - can you say "rain with possible snow mix"?! Well our weather people can and it is not one bit enjoyable. I'll leave it at that (and can't imagine why Jake would choose NYC over LA at this time of year). Yuk.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

hello everyone! Sorry for being absent again - another busy day. Tomorrow a heads up that I'm having two wisdom teeth out by local anaesthetic and so I'm going to be extremely miserable. Do pop by and say hello to cheer me up!

I love the lists! Good heavens, Mrs JG, how can you lift that bag up! I help to edit a book magazine and so I usually carry a book or two on me but that is nothing to what you carry!

Love the pants thing, TD! One of the wonders of language and very good for a laugh!

Keep it coming!

mermon said...

Hi girls! I thought I have too much in my bag, but it's nothing comparing to some of yours. :)

Daniela said...

I was embarrassed to talk about what's in my bag

What's in that bag said...

Books or more than likely scripts since its Jake. Or perhaps he's working on his own screenplay.

Also water or snacks since you have to walk so much in New York.

I assume Jake has to keep in touch to HW, so I would assume his IPAD and his office phone. If I were an actor, I would have two phones with one specifically for business.

On a sentimental note, maybe he has pictures of Atticus since he doesn't seem to make the trips to New York.

Anonymous said...

Or workout clothes since he's likes to jog or it could be a form of exercise. Alot of people wear backpacks for that reason. I think Jake is exploring NYC and himself, trying to be the normal city dweller. Backpacks on New Yorkers is not such a strange occurrence.

Or he's messing with the minds of Gyllenhallics, knowing its driving us crazy.

Leslie said...

He's got a body in there. Who's, I don't know. ; D

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

@ BBMISwear: that mini photo album has to be the coolest thing ever. I would deffo carry that too.

And my bag is not that big, I just pack very well. Like the spare clothes for my kids: I pack them in little plastic zip-lock bags and press as much air out as possible before closing them. That way they keep clean and don't take up much space.

Kate, I hope you're gonna be okay after today's surgery. I bet you're not looking forward to all the soup and rice pudding in the next couple of days. I hope you don't have to suffer too much. GET wELL SOON!

T said...

Good luck today Kate, hope all goes well and remember beer can also be medicinal.
Reading what you ladies carry in your bags inspired me to sort mine out which prompted lots of "oh thats where that went", though now ive convinced myelf that to avoid it getting full again i need a smaller bag :)

BBMISwear said...

I'm still laughing at the "bag" talk (both Jake's and those of us here)!!

Yes, Mrs. JG, that mini-photo album of my Jake encounters is definitely a "never leave home without it" item - ha ha! I love your organization with the ziploc bags of your kids' clothes with the air pushed out - smart!

I hope you are doing okay today, WDW, with what I know is one of your least favorite things to do (anything with pain to your mouth). Ugh. Hang in there and get some rest!!

Happy Friday all! :-)

Leslie said...

New Jake news! :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for all the comments and the lists! I'm impressed! You must all have very muscly shoulders...

I love hearing about what you carry - it's so revealing.

I'm back from the dentist - in quite a bit of pain and drugged up. Got home to find workmen had broken a sewage pipe outside my flat - all in all not a great day! I'll try and get another post up but I may peg out...