Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal in Tribeca, some goodies from the icecap and a trip down memory lane...

Jake Gyllenhaal is continuing to do his best to be seen by 7 out of every 10 people who inhabit the city of New York City. He is achieving this by drinking an awful lot of coffee, riding around on lots of bicycles and grabbing every train in sight. You may see an example of one of these activities here. One person was lucky enough to see him and described him as 'tall' (further contribution to the height debate), 'a cutie' and 'scruffy'. One can take that as further evidence that the Face Pet is making itself at home. Jake has been seen over the last day or two in Tribeca in particular. [See below for details but this photo is not from Tribeca... or anywhere near it.]

There is a full account here of Jake's appearance at a jewellery show, along with the lead of Vampire Weekend (a band, of course, that likes Jake just as he likes them if their videos are anything to go by). It sounds like Jake may have been exercising his flirting muscles while ogling at very expensive gems. Further examples may have been noted at Sting's bash.

Meanwhile, one other girl spotted Jake last week and had this to say: 'I just remembered that I saw Jake Gyllenhaal today  in Union Square, but then I saw a really awesome dog so forgot all about it.' Thanks to Sasha for spotting that one! Gotta wonder what the dog looked like...

The wonderful pictures in this post are new old goodies from Earth Day back in 2005 when Jake and Salma Hayek visited an Inuit community. You can read about the visit here and here. Many thanks to IHJ for them.

And finally...

A real treat here, found by BBMISwear. This collection of old footage of Jake through the years is a joy and is different to the Biography clips that we've seen before. Enjoy it.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Hope you all have a good night :)

Hi Susan, I've added links on MB and FWN to Cosmic Twins Media! Thanks so much for your links :)

Monica said...

He is so beautiful in these pictures.

I finally watched Source Code yesterday. It's a great movie!
Duncan and Ripley (and Jake too) knew very well explores a variety of complex issues without being pretentious.
And Jake Gyllenhaal presents us with the his best performance in a long time. I love his chemistry with Michelle and I almost cried when he was talking with his father on the phone.

Susan said...

Thanks so much, Kate! I can only hope to aspire to half as much success with my blog as you've done with WDW! :)

Loved the post, especially the video. How nice to see a good retrospective while we anxiously await some hint of what Jake's next project will be. I just love his voice...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

I am so glad you got to see it at last, Monica :) I cried an awful lot at that moment!

My pleasure, Susan, good luck with it :) The video is just lovely!

Have a great day everyone - it's one of my busiest workdays of the year so I'll be rather pleased when it's done :D

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thank you so much for that post, Kate, the video looks lovely. I only saw the first minute or so here at work, but I will see it first thing at home. Well second, after I fed my kids.

I loved that dog tweet. How can you forget Jake over a dog? Well stranger things have happend.

Enjoy your evening once your done!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Jake must know us better than we think since he said he makes movies for an intelligent audience who likes to think. Don't worry Jake. I do think that's smart!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Mrs JG! That tweet really made me laugh - must be a spectacular dog!

And that's a good reason why I like Jake and his fans so much :)

Hope you've all had a good day - mine has worn me out! Very busy. Roll on the weekend.

If you're interested, a book review here of Use of Weapons, a Culture novel by Iain M. Banks

mermon said...

That video is lovely indeed. Jake is presented very well. It was nice to see the resume of his achievements and some fragments of interviews. I like him in a under-shirt and a hat from BBM set. :)And talking about being extra in Zodiak.

@Monica - great that you finally saw SC. Your patience was put to the test :)

I like those pics from Earth Day back from 2005. He looked very similar to today's look. The same hairdo.

Leslie said...

Reports are Jake attempted to visit the 10th Street Baths in NYC but was turned away because there was a private party going on. I found this video of the Baths which give you a little tour - just an interesting aside to see where Jake maybe visits. It seems SO relaxing!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Mermon! I love those clips of Jake talking on the set of BBM - brings back so many memories. As for Zodiac, love that film! Can't hear Jake talk about it enough :)

Thanks for the link Leslie! That was a very curious story :D

Have a good day everyone! I'm hoping today will be much, much calmer :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Sorry for no post this evening. At last things may start to calm down at work tomorrow. Took some time out to watch Melancholia this evening. Here's my review. My favourite film of the tear so far.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Er... that would be Year ;)

BBMISwear said...

A quick drop by to say I hope things are settling down at work for you, WDW. The weekend is almost here - yay! Oh how I love those clips from the BBM days. *sigh*

Still lots of bits from NYC - that guy has not been still a minute since he got there I don't think. Nothing wrong with that!


paulh said...

I'm happy to see that Jake feels right at home in New York.

I'm probably going to miss a lot of movies in the next ten days, as my doctor has just told me that I have pneumonia. I was given a bottle of enormous white pills. Are they albino footballs, or m iniature Moby Dick spawn? They're called Amoxicillin. Has anybody taken these before>

Sorry I won't be very useful in talking about new movies.

mermon said...

Good Morning everybody! Rain came to Poland.
Take good care @Paul. Pneumonia is spreading in Poland too.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good morning! I am SO glad it's Friday.

Thank you BBMISwear :-) I have so much catching up to do. A quiet weekend for me, in front of laptop and books :)

Paul, I am so sorry you're ill! Do take care of yourself. We'll try and entertain you... (those pills sound horrible :()

Morning Mermon! We have Autumn here too. A bit nippy out there...

Have a good day everyone. FRIDAY!

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
Thank God it's Friday. I am looking for a nice and relaxed weekend (hope it works).
The weather is like april: rain, sunshine, cold :-(
@Kate: enjoy your weekend after a very busy week
@Paul: take care of you. Get well soon :-)
Have a nice weekend everyone

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Christina! I hope you have a relaxing weekend too. Cold and showery here as well but I intend to do very little out in it this weekend :)

New post!