Monday, 10 October 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal supports Michelle Williams as her film My Week with Marilyn premieres in NYC

Last night (9 October), Michelle Williams' new film - My Week with Marilyn - premiered at the New York Film Festival at the Lincoln Center. There to support Michelle, just as he did at the premiere of Blue Valentine last December, was her good friend, her daughter's godfather and Brokeback co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. They posed together at the cocktail party hosted by Grey Goose and Dior at the Hudson Hotel, with Michelle looking absolutely breathtaking in her Dior gown. Mind you, not that Jake looks shabby and with his new never-be-seen-without fashion accessory - the specs - he made sure that he could enjoy the film afterwards by being able to see it.

There are more pictures of the event at the Mail and at Socialitelife.

This seems like the perfect opportunity to repost that lovely picture from the Blue Valentine premiere, here via Just Jared.

The Marilyn in question in Michelle's new film is, of course, Marilyn Monroe. Take a look at the trailer below. As you can see it is also overflowing with English national treasures.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful that Jake is there to support Michelle. She worked so hard to transform herself into Marilyn.

thanks for the pics and clip. WDW


Wet Dark and Wild said...

My pleasure, Sweetpea! These are wonderful pictures to see. And I can't wait to see the film. Michelle is such a fantastic actress :)

Hello everyone! How great to have more pics of Jake!

Eureka said...

Hi Kate,
:o) Jake looks so cute with his googles!
And his face pet should stop right there. ;o)
So nice he's there for Michelle work all the time.
I'm looking forward to see that Marilyn movie.
It seems Autumn in NY is the place for Jake

Susan said...

I saw that preview for Michelle Williams' new movie just this past Friday and I immediately decided that it's on my list of must-sees. It's going to be an exciting movie season this fall, so many potentially good movies jockeying for award recognition.

I'm hoping Jake will stick around in NYC for at least one more week - I'll be in the Big Apple this Saturday! My weekend in the city has been downgraded to a day trip, but that's okay. I'll be seeing Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark! When I'm not watching Spidey I'll have my eyes peeled for Mr. Gyllenhaal. :)

BBMISwear said...

I just caught up on the happenings in the past couple of days...NYC's man about town has certainly been exactly that! I'm loving all the pics especially the ones of Jake and Michelle...wonderful. *sigh*

Thanks for the film clip, WDW...I literally got goosebumps watching it...can't wait to see it!

I've been a contact lens wearer for a long time - I've always worn my glasses instead of contacts once in a while but find with each passing year I reach for my glasses over the contacts more and more (contacts just don't feel as comfortable as they use to). I wonder if Jake is noticing the same thing. Luckily he looks great in glasses so no matter which he chooses each day he'll be lookin' good! :-)

Happy Columbus Day to those in the states and have even noticed (kind of a "not a real holiday" holiday - ha ha)!


Ayda said...

Thanks for the post and pictures! I love how Jake comes out to support Michelle. She looks stunning, she's definitely one of the most beautiful actresses out there! I can't wait for 'My Week With Marilyn'!

I know it seems weird, given the whole Heath thing, but Jake and Michelle would make such a cute and mind-blowingly handsome couple! Just saying! ;D

Carol said...

I love how Jake comes out to support Michelle. Love the glasses on Jake.

The trailer for the movie looks great. Michelle is a fantastic actress. Can't wait to see it:)

mermon said...

Marilyn Monroe is my favourite actress. I wonder how Michelle portrayed her.
It's so nice Jake went with her for premiere. They looked good together. She had lovely dress and his new look is very interesting. I like new Jake.

@Susan, have your eyes wide open for Jake. You know where to go, don't you? Have fun!

Monica said...
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Monica said...

I was very happy when I saw Jake support Michelle last night.
She is gorgeous! And he is very sexy with those glasses.

I'm very anxious to see My Week with Marilyn!

Leslie said...

It seems that Jake has continued to take his birthday advice to heart and make this a time of discovery in his life. The most recent news of him, taken as a whole, tell me that he's trying new things and exploring. His beard, and now the glasses, I believe . . . are a part of his Jewish faith. Some Jewish people eschew contacts as a form of vanity. But it could also be as simple as maybe he's gotten a new script and he's waiting for his new contacts? :)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

@Leslie: that's an interesting thought about Jake being more into his faith right now.
I have had the feeling ever since he arrived in NY that he's there looking or searching for something. I - like many others - have been thinking about him writing a script or book, but it could just as well be his search for his religious roots.

If his new look is for that reason, I'll understand, otherwise I'd rather see less beard, IMO it makes him look too dark and moody. I miss his cheerful smiles.

It's so nice of him to support Michelle, she is looking so good. I am worried a bit about his body language though - look at the fist. Could be just coincidental, but it does not really look relaxed.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Oh, and Susan - don't forget to try and fit in a coffee at "La Colombe Torrefecation". Here's the address:

631 West 27th Street

Enjoy NYC!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Good to see you all!!

Hi Eureka! I do agree - that's quite enough Face Pet, thanks very much, Jake :D

ooh, Susan - have a wonderful time and tell us all about it. Stick with the vegan cafes :D

Morning BBMISwear :-) I can't do contacts but I agree that possibly Jake's just enjoying having a break from them. They do suit him (I hope his are cleaner than mine - I can barely see through mine at the mo...)

Hi Ayda! No harm in saying and I think they both look gorgeous. What a stunning dress - I love it. Beautiful colour.

Me too, Carol! Great to see you :)

Hi mermon! I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I like the idea of Marilyn in the UK - an interesting angle.

Morning Monica!

Hi there Leslie :) I'm not so sure as I'm reluctant to speculate from just a few pictures, and Jake regularly has a beard and he's regularly in NYC (especially at this time of year). The only new 'thing' are the glasses and that could be just something to do with prescription or doing something for Eyes for the Needy. But I definitely do agree that when you're 30 you think more about life and it is a time of discovery. Not as much as when you're 40, but it is a time of discovery. Jake is certainly a thoughtful, mindful young man :)

Morning Mrs JG! I love the idea of Jake writing or reading scripts. Fingers crossed on that one. He's certainly leading a lowkey life at the moment (possibly explaining his discomfort in the photo with the fist). He's in 'time off' mode from the public face. Hopefully that means he's planning and working towards the next thing.

Have a great day everyone and lovely to see you all!

Anonymous said...

Ele tem que deixar o cabelo crescer!! Parece que fugiu de um presídio judiciário!!

Leslie said...

If you do some research regarding Judaism, you'll read that men growing beards (not shaving) is part of the culture. He frequents most Jewish establishments too (the 10th Street Baths cater primarily to Jewish people and are in the neighborhood). I very much believe that he's spending more time learning about his faith and definitely does follow a lot of the dogma. It's not just from viewing a few pictures. Heck, even Rashida Jones is Jewish - he surrounds himself with friends that have that in common (Adam Levine too). There's absolutely nothing wrong with it and I find it quite commendable. I hope he finds what he needs along his journey.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi 15:24 ;)

Hey Leslie! I definitely wasn't saying that I think there's anything wrong with the idea, just that I don't know. Jake is a very spiritual person as we know from his past studies and what he's said about Buddhism :)

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It's going to be an exciting movie season this fall, so many potentially good movies jockeying for award recognition.