Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Donnie Darko - not just for Halloween

It is possible that many of you are suffering from that post Halloween Sugar Rush that is known to afflict a large proportion of the earth's seven billion inhabitants on 1 November. If so, relax, put your feet up, extract those vampire fangs, wash off the tomato ketchup, unwind the mummy bandages and appreciate the archetypal Halloween Hero, Donnie Darko.

In this article, Moviefone presents the top 25 things you may not know about Donnie Darko. Admittedly, we may know more than your usual Donnie Darko observer, but even so, there is much to learn from here. It also goes to show that DD is not just a superb movie because of its acting, script and execution, but also because of all those little circumstances that, through some fate and destiny, conspired together to bring about one of the most memorable and debated about movies of the last 50 years. Or longer.

Ten years on, it's still being discussed and puzzled over.

Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut - Production Diary: Last Words and Dance From Jake Gyllenhaal
Get More: Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut - Production Diary: Last Words and Dance From Jake Gyllenhaal

Of course, some people (naming no names but here's a link) don't get it at all.

Talking of Halloween, there's a rather spooky sounding tweet from today:
'Jake Gyllenhaal was in my soul cycle class!'
I don't know about you, but my mind is boggled.

And finally...

I wanted to post this new old video from the European premiere of The Dark Night in London because this event brings back some memories and I was there with other WDW readers. It is quite possible that one or more of us may be spotted!


mermon said...

Thank you for that post, Kate. Too late for me to write something with sense, so I'll be back tomorrow.
DD is appropriate for this time of year. I have to watch it again on my new TV!

BBMISwear said...

I'm back from a couple of days without cable and internet thanks to a nor'easter in October (WTF)?! Anyway, good to be here and so glad to hear you are doing better WDW. And congrats on the Duncan retweet - I'll have to look for that!

Nice post-Halloween post - makes me want to watch DD again and the great commentary!

It's been great to see bits on Jake attending events all over NYC and you made me laugh with your comments on the subway photo the other day (best to be awake indeed)!! Just seeing that script made me say Yay. Getting antsy here (ha ha).

There have been many indoor cycling sightings since he got to NYC - most at Soul Cycle. Those lucky spinners having *that* as their scenery (quite motivating, huh)?! I don't know how long I could go in that setting but would love to try!!

Well lots of things to catch up on now that internet and email is back. I think I need someone to start a "no snow, no snow, no snow" chant. It's going to be a long winter.

Glad you're doing well WDW! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good morning,
Back from a few days off. I need to catch up a few posts.
Good to hear you are doing better, Kate.
I like all those sightings of Jake, seems he's having a good time in NYC.
@BBMISwear: I'll do the "no snow-charm" for you.
Have a nice day everyone.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

Ooh you were up late Mermon! Hope you had a good long weekend. And you must!

So good to see you BBMISwear :-) I'm so sorry that horrible storm affected you. People keep forecasting a terrible winter for us but it's still mild - it's odd.

Hi there Christina! I hope you had a good break and very pleased to see you back:)

Have a good day everyone - wednesday already... :)
I love the sound of Soul Cycle - good for the body and soul. Although it still sounds a bit spooky - I've been reading too much scifi... Very happy to join in the 'No Snow' chant :)

Susan said...

Great post, Kate! I am such a Donnie Darko fanatic, no one ever doubts my commitment to Sparkle Motion. :)

mermon said...

We don't spend Halloween in Poland giving or taking candies. Some very young people organize some parties, but not too many. For us it's more family time.
Interesting read about DD. I never heard before about DD stage play. Interesting.
I am a huge fan of theatrical version. Shorter, with more mystery and better music IMO.
Too bad that Richard Kelly had no more success in movies. He surely has a huge potential.
I would love to make Jake's day, spending it with him and discuss DD story. He must said that long time ago. Probably he was more approachable then.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I have no doubt of it, Susan!

Hi Mermon! Halloween isn't a big thing here, really, except for small kids. A lot of people don't care for it, including myself. I much prefer Bonfire Night on the 5th.