Sunday, 13 November 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal babysits!

Never mind the parties, the premieres and the restaurants, on Saturday, 12 November, Jake Gyllenhaal was photographed out and about in NYC with one of his favourite ladies, Ramona GyllenGaard. It looked like both Jake and his mother Naomi were there to entertain multiwheeled Ramona. Many thanks to IHJ for the pics, there are more there.

Maggie and Peter are still in Italy. On Thursday they were photographed at the opening of the Armani Hotel Milano, with Maggie wearing a beautiful dress that will do nothing to disperse the rather lovely rumours that Ramona may well have a sibling on the way. Source.

PS Doesn't Peter look wonderful?!


Margot said...

Peter has been looking so great lately, in my opinion.
I am pleased that the 'Maggie is pregnant' rumor that's going on in my mind has not been squashed as of yet :)

I always like seeing Jake with Ramona, except that I feel really bad about looking at pictures of Ramona.

mermon said...

Maggie and Peter spend long time to promote Hysteria in Europe. That's great they have trusted people who take care of Ramona at that time. Grandma and uncle Jake.
So from what we see, Jake will be a double uncle.
The pictures are so nice. Jake looks adorable with his niece.

Eureka said...

Hurray Uncle Jake!
Yes, that dress does not help her if she wants to conceal it. I'm glad for them. ;o)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Margot! I totally agree - Peter looks just wonderful! I don't like seeing pictures of Ramona's face but these look fine, I think :)

Hey Mermon! The perfect babysitters :)

It doesn't, Eureka :) I hope we get the announcement soon. No wonder Jake's spending so much time in NYC :)

I hope everyone's had a good Sunday! A warm day here so out feeding the ducks and eating ice cream - I am now exceedingly full...

Carol said...

Peter looks great and so does Maggie. I definitely think she has that glow about her of late:)

mayumintolor said...

Hello! I'm very happy to see these adorable pictures of Jake and Ramona! I can see his loving behavior to his neice from the pics. Really Jake is good uncle!
Yes! Peter looks gorgeous, also Maggie! I hope the lovely rumor will be true soon! :)

Have a good day everyone!

BBMISwear said...

I'm catching up on your last few posts WDW - very entertaining as usual!

The sightings just keep coming (and I'm not complaining - I love hearing these bits and love the photos even more)! I'm happy to hear the beanie may be back and get quite a kick out of some of the funny tweets that come from the people bumping into Jake all over the city.

The pictures with Ramona are adorable, the V.S. model is gorgeous (it would have been neat to see a picture of that!), Peter and Maggie both look great and best of all possible movie news circulating. Hope to hear more soon.

Oh...and it was good to read some good news for you, WDW, as I got caught up here (in the way of an award at work). Kudos to you! I know how hard you work (in everything you do, actually) so how nice to be recognized at your work. I hope you got to celebrate a bit!

Well I'm trying to carve out "on line fun" for myself every few days at least even when life gets busy (it's my relaxing time and I refuse to give it up no matter what's going on around me)!

So on that note...I'll be back! :-)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

It's Monday morning, but with these cute pictures it's not so difficult to get through.

Some men always look awkward when around little kids, but not uncle Jake. He seems to be right at home.
All the best to Maggie and the rest of the family if those rumors are true.

LadyEkster said...

Oooh so Maggie might be pregnant again! That's fabulous. If it's true, all my best wishes to the family.

I gotta be honest with you. I'm the kind of girl that has yet to be visited by the 'baby butterflies'. I can't even imagine having or carrying a child. But seeing Jake with Ramona... Phew.

Susan said...

Jake must be the coolest uncle in the world!

Anonymous said...

What a couple!!!Maggie and Peter are soooo wonderful!And I'm very happy that they're still in Italy!
All the best to the Gyllenfamily!
And Noemi, Ramona and of course Jakeuncleoftheyear are very sweet
Good week to everyone, kisses
Ps: Susan you're completely right!!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello there everyone! Hope you all had a good Monday :)

Hi there Carol!

He really looks like he's a great uncle, Mayumintolor :)

Good to see you, BBMISwear :-) I'm so glad you're getting the time to catch up - and thank you!

Hi Mrs JG! He does, a natural but he seems to spend plenty of time with Ramona so they're both very lucky.

I think I'm with you on that, Lady Ekster :D

Hi there Susan!

Hi Carlotta over there in Italy!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics of Ramona and uncle Jake. :D

I guess Maggie isn't going to be home in time to celebrate her birthday on Weds. They'll probably celebrate when they come home (more time for Jake to shop for a gift for his sis)

Is Maggie going to sit down for an interview? someone would probably ask her if she has a bun in the oven.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a good Tuesday :)

Hi Sweetpea :) Maggie is in such a beautiful place to celebrate her birthday. How lovely to be in Italy.

Have a good day everyone! Can someone put the kettle on...?

Ooh my word is 'racyamy'

Paula C. said...

Hi, everyone, that's the sweetest pics I've seen in a while.

So, Bradley Cooper is the sexiest man alive, i'm surprised Gosling didn't get the title and Jake didn't make the list, but I rather hear that he signed to a movie than made that stupid list

margot said...