Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Jake Gyllenhaal catch up and a WDW Lichfield Interlude

All is quiet on the Jake Gyllenfront, with Jake taking advantage of these days away (mostly) from the public eye to restock his kitchen cupboards. Yesterday Jake was seen at Williams Sonoma in NYC where 'He totally smiled at me!'. It's not known what Jake bought, if anything, although judging by the store website, I don't think there's much he couldn't buy there (except perhaps a shaver). (Ellen reminder.)

On Saturday, Jake was seen with a group of eight dining at the Chinatown Brasserie in Lafeyette Street, NYC. This dinner attracted the attention of the papers because Jake sat next to the lovely Olivia Wilde. Of course, this does distract from the identity of the other six diners, which remains a mystery. This also provides me with the perfect opportunity to post my own picture of Olivia Wilde from the London press conference of Cowboys and Aliens in August (one of my reports here at Bleeding Cool).

Please note how I'm not mentioning Chinatown Brasserie's Tomato Basil Martini and Chili-Mango Margarita...

WDW Interlude

At the weekend, we headed up north but made a bit of a bypass to visit one of the most beautiful buildings in England, the late 12th-century cathedral and its stunning close.The cathedral took quite a battering during the English Civil War in the 1640s but today is resplendent. More to the point, the cafe in the close does a stonking cream tea.

My review of The Ides of March is now up at MovieBrit.


Anonymous said...

I think Jake and Olivia are friends. There was some 'noise' about him and a blonde dining at Prunes, but not sure how true this is. I think there is some people churning the rumor pot (maybe because Taylor Swift is in town performing, she was at Madison Square Garden last night and we know she and Jake hung out this time last year. WOW has it been a year already)

I think Jake decided to get himself a place in Lower Manhattan, I mean why not call NY his second home. He's lived there in the past when he was in college and his sister lives in Brooklyn, an easy subway ride to see her.

I hope he has a great Thanksgiving however and whoever he spends it with.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi 21:04! Well, people do love to talk and Olivia is so lovely and beautiful that it's bound to be talked about but it sounds like quite a big group of people. I wouldn't be surprised if Jake has a second home in NYC either. And yes! I hope so too.

My review of The Ides of March is now up at MovieBrit

I hope everyone's having a good evening!

BBMISwear said...

Happy Almost Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! I'm preparing for quite a few guests myself. I just had a chance to catch up on the last few posts...let the sightings continue!

Nice pictures, WDW - you and Mr. WDW always seem to take nice scenic routes (and of course you always have your trusty camera with you)!

I'm trying to be patient waiting for some movie news (not that Jake doesn't deserve a non-work related holiday first)!!

Hopefully I'll be back to catch up again soon...


Susan said...

Hi Kate! I liked your review of the Ides of March, it really is quite a good movie. As mesmerizing as it was, and as good as Gosling was in it, I still pictured Jake as Gosling's character through the entire film. Casting Jake in that role would have made it even better.

I nominate Jake Gyllenhaal as the most underutilized actor in Hollywood! :)

mermon said...

It's so funny like that news about Olivia and Jake's dinner spread on twitter. Nobody even mentions the other 6 people being with them together. Jake likes to get cozy and touchy with women he talks with. As we know he's a hugger. It must be nice to be in his close presence. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello BBMISwear :-) I hope you have a great Thanksgiving - can't believe it's come round again already! I hope Jake has a good holiday too (and then gets straight back to work... :D)

Thanks Susan! I was thinking of Jake in that role too as I watched it :) I really would like to see Jake and George Clooney act together.

he does, Mermon! Love that :)

I hope everyone's had a good day!