Monday, 7 November 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal chose Bear Grylls above Gordon Ramsey and Soul Cycle more popular than ever!

Jake Gyllenhaal is in the news today. Bear Grylls has been talking about making Jake balance precariously above a precipice, revealing that it could have been so different. It could have been a cookery show instead. “He was joking about what it was like being famous. He said ‘it’s great, if I ever needed something, I’ll ring up my friend Gordon Ramsey. Or if get lost in the wild, I’ll ring up Bear’,” he says, adding that even though he didn’t personally know Jake, he sent him an email inviting him to travel with him. “He just went ‘yes, that would be fun’.”

“When I’m on your own, I don’t need to double check a knot. But when suddenly I have Jake Gyllenhaal hanging off it, I have to triple check it before letting him commit to it,” he says. The exploration expert travelled to Iceland with Jake, apart from touring New Zealand and Borneo. Recalling some of the toughest situations that he and the actor wriggled out of, he adds, “We were 5,000 feet high, when we hit hurricane winds moving at 160 kph. The other was crossing a huge gorge, which had a 150-foot drop. We had to balance on top of this and pull ourselves along. Jake was really nervous. He’s pretty scared of heights.”

With no format preparation, the two headed out into the wilderness few months ago. “I always say ‘just trust me and we’ll be okay’. But with Jake, it was definitely one of the worst conditions I’ve ever had on my own. He really got thrown in at the deep end, but I thought that he would love that; he’d never been there. And it made sense to both of our schedules,” says Grylls. The episode featuring Jake airs on Wednesday at 9 pm on Discovery Channel.

The GyllenFactor has been having a great impact on the fitness levels of the citizens of NYC. Jake's appearances at Soul Cycle have caused such a stir that there are so many people going now that there isn't room for JakeHe’s always there,” a source said. “And he gets a lot of female attention.” This Friday, though, they were on their own. Where next will exercising Jake strike?

Jake has been keeping up with his mission to work through the restaurants of NYC though, this time with his mum. Nice shirt!

Includes pictures from IHJ.


mermon said...

It looks like Jake's episode is on Discovery quite often. Is it normal for Man vs. Wild with other episodes as well or just that one? Judging by Twitter people like it and watch it more than once.
Seems that everything Jake touches become popular. The same with SoulCycle. I never heard about it before and now on the other side of the world even my daughter knows. :)
Too bad that Jake had to change his plans. Too much of female attention? Or maybe he had something better to do. Some new thing to follow by fans? LOL
Lovely pic with his Mum, I spot some honey and jam? Nice shirt.:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! The episode is certainly spreading around the world - hopefully it'll reach the UK at some point even though I'm very lucky and have a disc from BBMISwear.

I enjoy spinning but I've never heard of Soul Cycle either - Jake's making it famous and getting everyone fit! It is a lovely picture :)

Daniela said...

Hi everyone!
What I still do not understand is why no one had a great idea to take at least a photo of these classes would not be an invasion of privacy because they have everything in tuwiter, he did not need to know

Daniela said...

sorry ,twitter

Margot said...

Is the Twitter pic somewhere else? It's not showing up on my computer for some reason (I know, I feel like such a stalker.)

Leslie said...

Poor guy, everyone wants a photo of him no matter where he goes. No wonder somebody tried to take a picture of him while he was in the men's room. I'd like to think I would at least be a bit tactful in his presence, if I ever met him, and not be grabbing for my cell phone for a pic. Maybe that's what most people do also.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

That was such a funny article about the women missing Jake in their spinning class.

I sure hope that Jake only had a different appointment and will come back eventually. It would be too bad if all this twitter attention kept him from going.

I would assume not a whole lot of people take their phone into class. It's not like you can answer it while working out anyway and if you have an expensive phone you don't want it to get damaged or stolen while you work your but off.
I only have my phone with me on the treadmill using the music player.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! What a grey day...

Hi Daniela :) I think I'll have to disagree in this one. I doubt anyone would want their picture taken in a gym class and then circulated round the net!

Hi Margot! It should show up if you hit the 'show media' button.

Hey there Leslie! I like to think I would too - one reason why I like red carpet events.

It was very funny, Mrs JG! And all this is reminding me of how I need to get back to the gym!

Have a good day everyone :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jake! It's nice that you do, but you don't need to know Gordon or Bear! If you ever need anything at all. (waves to Jake.)

Daniela said...

I know it's very annoying, but is not the first time someone takes a picture of him without him wanting, even in the gym, so for me it's strange not to see the photos of this class

Daniela said...

I am a reasonable fan would not have the courage to take a picture of Jake without it or want to know, but sometimes I incorporate a fan fanatic, I do not know where it comes haha

mermon said...

@Daniela, I think that in a SoulCycle class, when it's a bike next to the bike - would not be possible to take a pic of Jake not taking a pic of someone else next to him. I don't think anyone would have a courage to take out the phone in a crowd of sweating people. It wouldn't be taken well.

Paula C. said...

Daniela, I know what you mean, it's horrible to break into Jake privacy like that but come on people if there was a pic of Jake shirtless in a soulcycle class who wouldn't want to see it!