Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal goes in to stealth mode, Maggie is 34 today! And a WDW Interlude...

It appears that Jake Gyllenhaal has gone undercover - despite the briefest of glimpses of Jake darting in and out of shops, cafes and trains (often identifiable by beard, backpack, hotness - not necessarily in that order), it has become clear that Jake has now fully adapted to life in the Big Apple. Almost like a figure from myth and legend, Jake Gyllenhaal uses his finely honed urban skills to appear as a glimpse in the corners of a person's eye, or to pop up in the shadows of coffee bars and then he is gone...camouflaged perfectly in to the city environment. Not since those sightings of a Jake Gyllenhaal-esque Sasquatch in the woods around Los Angeles, has he been quite so well blended.

The picture above is a new image from the Edible Schoolyard Fall Harvest Dinner back in October, thanks to IHJ.

Despite the reappearance this week of Jake's recipe for two-inch metaballs (first analysed - and amended - on WDW back in June 2010), the man himself is nowhere to be seen. However, this may be because he is on cakemaking duties for Maggie who today turns 34. If she and Peter are still in Italy then no doubt Jake has his hands full making papier mache dinosaurs with his niece. Nevertheless, happy birthday Maggie!

WDW Interlude

Although I am not able to bring you a new picture of Jake today, I can bring you a new picture of what I'm sure you'll agree is the next best thing - a couple of giraffes. These were snapped at the Cotswold Wildlife Park last week, a visit that was slightly overshadowed by a tapir jetspraying Mr WDW with pee.

Mr WDW was also under attack by a bunch of ducks during our beautiful autumnal walk by the canal last Sunday. Apparently, bread crumbs aren't as tasty as shoelaces.

I did come across another hero of mine - Han Solo - who was trapped in the wall of a new pizza restaurant in Oxford. For a full account of our visit, do take a look at Conojito's blog report on Excuses and Half Truths.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Happy birthday Maggie!

I hope everyone had a good day :) Is it Friday yet?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!

I wonder what Jake got her for her birthday. And if she's still in Italy.

I'm sure Jake will pop up soon


Leslie said...

NPR wished Maggie a happy birthday this morning in between the news. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

according to Tweeters Jake was out and about. Someone said they saw him on Bleeker Street among other places

So he's still hanging in Manhattan


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

I see blogger's playing up again...

Hi Sweetpea! There have been some more sightings of Jake in NYC so he sounds like he's having a busy time. I wonder where Maggie spent her birthday.

Morning Leslie! That is cool :)

Have a good day everyone :)

Susan said...

Attacked by ducks, tapirs, and who knows what else -- one almost wonders why Mr. WDW continues to risk life, limb, and shoelaces just to participate in an interlude. ;)

Thanks for the link to Excuses and Half Truths - very entertaining! And, thank goodness, Conojito knows how to spell Han Solo's name, unlike some who shall go unmentioned. For now.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! He's selfless, that's what he is :D

It is a very good blog indeed. Someone misspelt the name of Han Solo? I can't believe it. Just wait til I find out who that was. Ahem.

Carol said...

Happy birthday to Maggie all but a day late:) Wonder if she spent it in Italy.

mermon said...

Jake's meatballs seems delicious! I have to try to cook it. I never baked meatballs before, maybe that's a secret.
Happy birthday Maggie!

Lovely giraffes, Kate!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Carol!

Ooh they do, Mermon, although obviously I'd do a veggie version... Thanks! I do love most animals but it's fun to get so close to giraffes :)

BBMISwear said...

I laughed (very loudly) out loud at the comment about not having a new photo of Jake to post but having the next big thing - a couple of giraffes!! You do make me laugh WDW!! The giraffes are cute...but not quite as cute as the man about NYC. :-)

A belated happy b-day to Maggie! I've been thinking about her lately - probably because of my recent re-viewings of Donnie Darko. Such a freaking classic!

Hoping for more "next project" news soon (a little more exciting than "I had breakfast or lunch or dinner or coffee in the same place as Jake Gyllenahaal news)! I haven't read a lot about the People mag thing but do wonder who selects the person (is it the editors of the magazine or the readers)? I don't typically agree with them and based on where Jake has fallen on the list these past years makes me think they're all blind as bats. Just my humble opinion.

Happy Thursday night (or Friday morning depending on when this is seen)!


mayumintolor said...

Good morning! becouse here is already friday morning! ;)

wow! 2 inches meatball!? I think, the ordinary size of meatball is more smaller than that! It seems almost a hamburg! but It sounds taste good! :)

Thanks for the pics of adorable animals and beautiful scenery:)

btw I'm wondering that how's Atticus while his master Jake is staying at NYC so long...

Have a good day/night everyone!

mayumintolor said...

Oh! I forgot to say that Happy birthday to Maggie!! :)

mermon said...

Actually, we have some nice Jake's picture, quite fresh. Took by twitting person around November 15.
Jake, for sure :))

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello there BBMISwear! :-) I know, it's so hard to come up with suitable animal pictures when Jake is absent. I'll have to fall back on the lemurs next time... And yes, blind as bats! (talking of animals...)

Thanks so much Mayumintolor and good to see you!

Ooh, thanks for the link Mermon!