Friday, 11 November 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal spotted more often than not in NYC

A cursory glance at Twitter today reveals that Jake Gyllenhaal has been seen in three out of every seven shops in NYC by eight out of every ten people. A good three out of every three meals were eaten out.

This morning there was this: 'breakfast with jake gyllenhall at bubbys. okay, he was across the room but we were both eating breakfast'. I think you'll agree from the website that this is a fine place for breakfast although it is mostly known for its pies, I believe. Jake was also spotted in my least favourite type of shopping establishment: 'Standing next to Jake Gyllenhall while he tries on shoes like yeaahh'.  At one point Jake was spotted in a cunning disguise: 'Saw Jake Gyllenhaal trying so hard to look like Jake Gyllenhaal that even tourists were like "Okay, yes, I notice you, Jake Gyllenhaal."

Last night, tweets put Jake at the after party for the Victoria's Secret fashion show, along with Adam Levine. This morning there were more reports from the event, which revealed that Jake was warmly dressed for the event in a woolly hat.
Also sizing up the models was Jake Gyllenhaal, dressed down and almost incognito in a wool hat and sweat shirt, who “chatted up [Brazilian model] Izabel Goulart for 30 minutes,” the spy said. “Security wouldn’t let anyone take pictures of them together. He had his hand on the small of her back and she leaned into his ear to talk.”

Personally speaking, I would have thought it obligatory to try and chat up the models and movie stars at an after party following a fashion show for underwear. And then there are the canopes... More to the point, could this mean the Return of the Beanie?

Includes pictures from IHJ.


Susan said...

Yep, I'm guessing the Beanie has officially returned.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! It was just a matter of time... ;D

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I like the Beanie so no problem with that. I do have a problem with VS underwear models though. How is a girl supposed to comped with them?

mermon said...

Wherever I see Jake in Beanie, it seems to me, he has longer hair underneath, like in POP times. I may always imagine he's getting ready for a sequel, but it's just probably autumn time responsible for that.
I don't think Jake was in "pick up a girl" mood at the VS after party. It would be strange to wear a beanie for that occasion, but of course we know his charm, so no wonder that Brazilian model was whispering closely to his ear. 30 minutes chatting with Jake that close, sigh...
Funny post Kate. All those Jake's sightings it's like a hunt for Jake. :)
How to understand Jake's trying to look like Jake?
I try to picture that, I would like to see that.:)
I like that tweet about Jake trying on a shoe. That would be worth to see for sure. Maybe we will see new shoes? :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello Mrs JG! What does 'comped' mean? And should one be doing it?

Hi Mermon - it reminds me of the longer hair too and those PoP days. I thought that was so funny about Jake looking like Jake - hmm... Shoe shopping... *shudders*

My review of The Help is at last up at Moviebrit as I catch up!

Anonymous said...

I wish someone had taken a photo. I had never heard of this model and I was curious as to what she looked like. Jake seems to like blondes but to my surprise she is a brunette.

I'd love to tour Manhattan with Jake, he knows all the interesting places to eat.

I saw on Just Jared that Maggie and Peter are still in Italy so maybe Jake is staying someplace else so he's not alone? (just speculating)

WDW I liked your review of "The Help" I saw that movie a few months ago and it was gripping, moving and it angered me in some places.


Susan said...

Hi Kate! I enjoyed your review of The Help and am so glad that you liked it. You're right when you say it seems at times a trifle too patronizing and simple, but I can easily forgive that considering the great performances from the entire cast. Besides, the subject matter of civil rights in the south in the 1960's is too complicated to be explored in a single movie. The Help gives us a tiny glimpse into what the era was like for a specific group of people - wealthy white women and their maids. And every single one them has a unique story to tell.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Sweetpea! I wonder if Jake is housesitting... But he's clearly not getting bored of exploring and eating his way round the city. Thank you! I had a similar reaction to the film.

Thanks so much Susan! I knew that you liked the film and I really hoped I would too. I was surprised by how much, actually. I tend to prefer something a little grittier on a subject like this but it was good enough that I let it flow over me and I did enjoy it very much. But absolutely fantastic acting.

mermon said...

That's Brazilian lady Jake was chatting with at the party.
Izabel Goulart
She likes to cook, so they have something in common! :))

Carol said...

I like the beanie so no complaints from me on that:)

Jake and Adam Levine are enough to raise a girls temperature. Definitely this girls anyway!!!! I think our invites got lost in the post ladies...

Anonymous said...

"I don't think Jake was in "pick up a girl" mood at the VS after party"

You're obviously not a hot single guy. Why in the world wouldn't he? She's gorgeous and thank goodness not blonde. Please stop think Jake is this hermit who only dates one girl at a time. He's a single guy whose famous, rich and hot. Of course he picks up girls at VS parties, restuarnts, book stores etc. Jake ain't lonely, get over it.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

@WDW: sorry for that. I ment "compete". And no - I guess it's not something one should do.

@Anonymous 03:41
I sure hope that Jake is not lonely because it would be rather sad if he were.
But honestly I don't think one is only happy with a (beautiful) human being in bed.
If that were the case no celebrity would ever need to find comfort in alcohol or drugs, because they are all able to pick up "strangers" because of their money and/or fame.

For my part Jake can date or pick up as many girls as he wants, but IMO that doesn't equal he's happy.

mermon said...
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mermon said...

Wow! @Anon! You sound like Jake defending himself.LOL
I'm obviously not a hot single guy.:)
You misunderstood me. Picture Jake dressing for a party, wanting to pick up a girl. Would he choose a wool hat? Well with Jake we never know, that's true. And IMO, he could charm a woman in balaclava even. :)
But being at the event and a party, talking to hot lady, he could easily get a pick up mood.
But I may be wrong since the beginning till the end. It's just guessing, a chance to talk a little about guy, who I like.
"Jake ain't lonely, get over it" - you seem to know him very well. If this is true, I may be only happy for him. I hope he's not lonely.

Well said Sasha!

LadyEkster said...

Wherever I see Jake in Beanie, it seems to me, he has longer hair underneath, like in POP times. I may always imagine he's getting ready for a sequel, but it's just probably autumn time responsible for that.

I was about to write something similar, mermon. :) The Beanie looks so good in him in my opinion, but that may just be the link to PoP. ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Had a lovely day out in Oxford eating too much with writing and reading buddies! Burp... Jake would love the pizza restaurant we went too - decorated in objects from TV and film from the 60s onwards. Even had a Transformer in there as big as a person.

Thanks for the link, Mermon!

I definitely agree, Carol!

Hi 3:41 - I don't think anyone here imagines Jake's a hermit!

Thanks Mrs JG! I imagine Jake's just enjoying himself - sounds good :)

That is true, Mermon! But as you say, maybe Jake's one of the few men who could chat up a girl in a beanie and balaclava :D

I do love the PoP link, Lady Ekster :)

I hope you're all having a good Saturday! I need to rest my stomach...