Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal to go 'Way, Way Back'?

It's always a good day when we have rumours and speculation about The Next Job. Today, thanks to Variety, we hear that Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks with assistant director turned producer Kevin Walsh to star in 'coming of age' drama 'The Way, Way Back'.

Details are scarce but when the screenplay of what was then just 'The Way Back' first grabbed attention back in 2007, Variety described the plot as follows:
'Rash and Faxon's script tells the poignant story of a teenage boy who comes into his own over the course of one summer though an unlikely friendship with the man in charge of a local water park. The boy is able to reconnect with his mom and find the courage to stand up to his bullying stepfather.'

One wonders if Jake's work with youngsters in urban gardens, in schools and in remand centres is influencing Jake's script choices.

This is another of those projects that has done the rounds and who knows how it might end up - and when - but just the words 'in talks' are enough to brighten my day.

Please note that the pictures in this post is the best I can do when the post calls for Jake In A Water Park photos (thanks to IHJ).

Thanks to BBMISwear for the heads up!


mermon said...

That news brightened my evening too. :) It's nothing sure, but it's always nice to think about Jake focusing on some new movie project.
I like all his movie characters. I'm ready to like another one.:)
Jake in water park? Yummy! Helping a teenage boy in his problems? - sounds perfect.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Finally, at least there's talk about something new. Even if it's just a rumor.

Let's see if this one will be more succesful than the "Now I see you" talk.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

It's good news, Mermon! It sounds pretty good and I can see why Jake would want to do it.

I do hope it fares better than that, Mrs JG! Fingers crossed :)

Critic said...

Well the subject is timely.

LadyEkster said...

I like rumours like these! :) And I like them even better when they allow us to have real (and imaginary!) pictures of a soaking wet Jake.... Mmmm. Night night everyone.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the "Way,Way Back" sounds very interesting. It sounds like four or five other movies I remember, and it seems dull compared to movies like Source Code or Zodiac.

If Jake was talking to someone about it back when he was making movies like The Good Girl, then I could understand, but he seems too mature now. It wouldn't be a step forward for him. That's just my opinion. I bet he's talking to other people about other prohjects. I was sorry he didn't go for the magicians one. I liked his look in Source Code and Brothers. Of course I liked his looks in Love & Other Drugs too. So the JAke I see from those movies is not someone I want to work at a water park and act dumb. He needs to be with adults, not teenagers.

winterbird said...

Sounds like a good script!! I'm catching up on your posts... Christ, how tall is that Michael Shannon????

Carol said...

Any new projects are good to hear about:) I like the sound of it.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey there Lady Ekster! Pleased to oblige with the Wet Jake!

Hi Anon - I don't think that Jake would take a role that requires him to act dumb.

Talllll, Winterbird! Good to see you :)

Yeay, Carol! And for me too!

Had a wonderful night out tonight with my dad and Mr WDW - a pure treat. And a rare one.

mermon said...

@Anon - "It wouldn't be a step forward for him."
I personally, don't expect Jake to take always a step forward. He may take different directions. Whatever he'll choose would be interesting to me, cause it's a reflection of who he is at the moment, making that exact choice.
I read a bit about that plot and I wouldn't call it dumb.
But let's wait for more informations.

Anonymous said...

There are several movie parts which Jake would be good in...I have several of my own which I know he would make a good character for. Maybe someday he will direct and develop his own screenplay(?)

Anonymous said...

I read that he participates in a spin Class; get out of that class and get your hinnie on a real road bike...much better than just spinning in a confined room.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to agree with me. I just don't get enthusiastic about this particular movie. I don't have to love everything he does to be Jake's fan, and I love Jake.

And maybe he don't think it is dumb at the time he does something, but it can apear so to others, and even to him later on.

Also, yes, he should be taking steps forward for his career to grow, not backwards. But that is strictly my opinion.

mermon said...

@Anon, don't feel offended by me. I just expressed my opinion, just like you did. Giving the others the rights to different thinking.
InMyOpinion not taking a step forward, doesn't mean always taking a step backward. And what for someone is not so good for others is great. Like the thing with POP. Some love it, some don't at all.
Obviously, loving Jake we don't have to like all his movies. I feel fortunate. So far I like all of them. So I trust his choices.
I regret he's not a part of Now You see Me. It sounds like a very interesting movie.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Just got back home from getting an award so quite a night!

I do wish anons would pick a name. It makes it hard to have a conversation or a debate. But yes there is room for more than one opinion :)

Susan said...

Congrats, Kate! What was the award?

I'm happy to hear rumors about the next project as well. It could be just a rumor at this point, but at least it's something. Whether it will be a step forward, sideways, or back, at least it's activity. I feel like I've been waiting decades for a new Jake project and End of Watch is taking waaaaay too long.

Daniela said...

Excuse me, can I butt in?
I think one should wait a little longer to discuss the script, do not know if Jake will do it for now all we can to find it is interesting, I just think it strange to be set in the 80 years
We can have a big surprise, as I think we have to "End of wath," some still turn up their noses at him.

LadyEkster said...

I think it's far too early to be judgemental about such a rumoured project like this one. I mean, certainly it doesn't sound like Source Code and I'd definitely jump much higher if it were a PoP 2. ;) But anything new is interesting and worth investigating. Remember how some were not at all into the idea of End of Watch until they learned about the camera use? :)

'Nuf said for now, typing on my phone is still quite the challenge! Hugs to all, Friday tomorrow!

Carol said...

Congrats Kate. What award did you get?

Well deserved.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for the congrats! It was quite a night - a bit scary and very posh.

I'm certainly with everyone saying it's too early to judge. For one thing it may never even happen and secondly we know about one sentence about it!

Hi Carol! It was just for work but still rather grand :)