Thursday, 3 November 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal with Michael Shannon (and an awful lot of wine) at a Take Shelter screening in NYC

Continuing his project to support the film industry, and his friends in the film industry, Jake Gyllenhaal yesterday attended a screening of Take Shelter at the 57th Street Screening Room in NYC. Jake was photographed alongside the star of this dark, psychological drama, Michael Shannon. Please note how I'm not mentioning all those bottles of wine.

I'm delighted to say that there was a GyllenHug. Many thanks to IHJ for the lovely new pics.

You might note from these pictures that Jake's Face Pet is looking extremely well coiffed and the taches in particular look like they might have undergone some twirling. I wasn't surprised, therefore, to learn that Jake has been attending a fine barbers in NYC, Franks Chop Shop. The evidence, as they say, is in the pudding. Looking good, Jake!

Thanks to BBMISwear for the headsup on the tweet!


mermon said...

The interview in the last post was very cute,if I may say so. :)Jake is so sexy talking about his love for food and gardening.

Looking on those pics from Take Shelter screening, it seems to me, that Jake looks like he's in huge need for hugs himself.(I volunteer!) I see some deep sadness in his eyes. Not for the first time. Maybe it's because of his beard. Gives him more serious look. And we see the glasses again!
The pic from barber place shows us, that Jake takes good care of his facial and head hair. Indeed he looks good. After all that bald time on EoW set no wonder he wants to have some hair.

mermon said...

I've just discovered, we have Maggie Gyllenhaal movie on TV tonight - Stranger Than Fiction.
I have to check it out.

BBMISwear said...

Loving the great new photos and more sightings of the man about town (or should I say the man about NYC).

And if you won't mention the bottles of wine, WDW, then I will: Whoowhee - can we open a few?! Of course I know you were really mentioning it by not mentioning it as we have shared many bottles together - which seems like quite a while ago now. :-(

Speaking of, I love this from the last post: "Jake also mentions his farmer friend in Martha's Vineyard. Having eaten one of his tomatoes (and actually bought the t-shirt), I can vouch for the quality of his greens (and reds)". What a great memory - I have pictures of those very tomatoes sitting in our hotel room - Hee Hee! And what a quiet, peaceful, setting for a farm stand. It makes me crave a vacation.

Great updates these past few days WDW - thanks!


Susan said...

A movie about a young man experiencing apocolyptic visions and a coming storm that may or may not be real? The protagonist isn't sure if he's crazy or if the visions really have significant meaning? This new Take Shelter movie seems to be reminding me of something I've already seen... No, really, it sounds good and I'll definitely be looking for it.

Jake certainly seems to be enjoying a "high end grooming experience for the modern gentleman of leisure," thanks to Frank's Chop Shop. So much better than the Sasquatch/Lumberjack look!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Good to see you Mermon, BBMISwear and Susan! A bit internet-challenged thus evening but wanted to say hello. I'll catch up in the morning. I do agree about Take Shelter - sounds well worth seeing, Susan.

Hope you enjoyed the Maggie film, Mermon!

Those are wonderful memories BBMISwear :-) we did live that tomato...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

'Love' even... ;)

Have a good night everyone!

Paula C. said...

It's great to see Jake support is friends and perhaps doing some net working, but I totally agree with Mermon, the first thing i notice was the sadness in his eyes, it could be the beard or maybe his just tired of so much spin cycling.

mermon said...

Unfortunately, Kate,I didn't enjoy Maggie's film. It was weird or maybe I was not in right mood. Though, Maggie herself was good.
@Paula C. said... I laughed from your guess, that Jake looks that way because he's tired of so much spin cycling. There were so many Jake's sightings from those classes, that it could be. But I bet he likes to get tired doing sports.
Take Shelter looks like Jake's kind of movie.
Rodene has some latest news from her and Duncan's trip to Japan.

Anonymous said...

On Jake's emotional state based on how Jake's eyes are looking. I don't think its sadness maybe a little of "I just wanted to come watch a fiend's work...not be photographed" or just tired eyes. That appears to be alot of bright lights for someone who may be having eye problems.

I want that guy's tshirt.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello Paula, Mermon and 0:25 :) Soooo close to the weekend. Running out as off to see In Time :)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I did sense that look in his eyes too. I'm not sure if it's really sadness, but I have gotten this vibe of "longing" or "looking for something" lately.
Maybe Jake doesn't know what to do with him at the moment. He doesn't have (at least none that we know off) a project at the moment and while it's a good thing that he's picky, because this means he'll continue to give us high quality films, it can also backfire because he's got less to do. He seems to be someone who draws a lot of pleasure and fun from work, so maybe he's missing it too.
Maybe he'd like to do some directing as well and it's not going the way he'd like to see it. And he's gonna turn 31 in a couple of weeks and there's still no sign of a wife and kids. If it's really as important to him as he mentioned in interviews, I guess that can be frustrating too.

But it can be simply being tired or having eye problems like some suggested.

*Ranting mode off*

Have a good weekend everyone.

mermon said...

I agree with you @Sasha. There may be many reasons behind it, but it is something, showing in his eyes. I wish him so well. Maybe that 30th year was a year to think his life over. In solitude. But certainly he knows how to spend his time off. There were so many things he did, almost too many. Probably just to kill the time before he will be occupied again with the next project.

Kate - In Time seems to be a very good movie.
I hope you enjoyed that.

Leslie said...

I'm not seeing sadness at all. He seems content, relaxed, and not pressured. Maybe since he's been taking a break from the paps . . the sudden onslaught of flashbulbs and picture popping kind of catches one off guard a bit. To me he looks like a normal guy with a normal look. I don't read into things that I'm not personally aware of - that just starts rumours.

Leslie said...

Oh, and also . . remember . . he's not wearing any makeup. They definitely put makeup on him when he's out for a photocall or shoot. This is him without any prepping.

mermon said...

@Leslie "I don't read into things that I'm not personally aware of - that just starts rumours." - Actually you're right about that.

Paula C. said...

I would love to take some time ( six months would be nice) of my job to hang out with my friends, go to my favorite restaurants, read, watch movies and enjoy my family just like Jake is doing. He's lucky to be able to take that time off and enjoy life.

The temperatures are starting to go below 20ยบ here in Portugal and i'm starting to get depressed!