Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal's End of Watch not to be a rigid 'found footage' film after all says director David Ayer

We know very little about End of Watch except for the fact that it features bald heads, uniforms and cameras stuck to the head and chest of its protagonists. Admittedly, the last is less certain but what we do know is that we don't know when it will be out. We've heard Jake Gyllenhaal and his co-star Michael Pena discuss how it's all filmed from the perspective of the actors but, thanks to Deadline's article on its director David Ayer, there's a little bit more news and perhaps a shift in perspective.

'Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena star as LAPD partners and best friends who navigate their work and personal lives. It started out as a found footage-style film, with the POV coming from everything from the camera mounted on every cop car to security cameras and other surveillance devices. Ayer said it evolved into something not so rigid, which he called a mix of “unconventional storytelling interwoven with conventional photography that creates a portrait of their lives. It’s a cross between Cops and Mean Streets.”

I'm delighted to hear that End of Watch won't be a straightforward 'found footage' film because it's quite possible that audiences are beginning to tire of what's been a popular format over the last couple of years. This mix of two styles sounds more novel and an interesting way for us to get to know characters inside and out. There is some other good news:

'It is Ayer’s third directing effort after Harsh Times and Street Kings, and he’s got a cut that he’ll test with an audience before finishing and showing it to potential domestic distributors before year’s end. The film, which was financed by Exclusive Media, will be ready to be seen by domestic distributors before year’s end.'

In other words, in less than a month.

Thanks to IHJ for the new old pics of Jake during Wonderful WonderCon back in the Spring of 2010. There are lots more there.


mermon said...

Beautiful new/old pictures of Jake from POP Wondercon. Worth to see, all of them. Jake looking his best IMO.
Good to hear anything new about Jake's work. That's fantastic they work on EoW quite fast. It's a hope that we soon will hear opinions about the movie - from first raw screenings! Isn't it excited? So maybe the movie will be ready faster then we thought?
Thank you for that post, Kate.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! Thank you so much! It's always so good to be able to post something new about the movies! I'm really pleased by all of this - the sound of the film and the fact that it's moving on so fast. I do hope it won't be that long before we can see it.

Daniela said...

Hi !!!!! :)
I'm already so excited about the launch of the End of the watch, I hope it is well received, I believe much in this movie

mayumintolor said...

EoW's news is very welcome!! Thanks Kate! for this post.
I'm interested in this film was taking such a technique.

In these new old pics Jake looks Colter Stevens!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Daniela and Mayumintolor!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Almost Friday...

Anonymous said...

Thanks WDW for the info about EOW. I hope it gets a distributor and we get a release date soon. AND we get some kind of confirmation what Jake's new movie is and when/where he starts filming that. I would love a new Jake movie but I'll have to suffice on watching his older ones (we have a new 46 inch TV I am going to be having a Jake/Heath movie marathon on soon. )


LadyEkster said...

Great news accompanied by great pictures! That WonderCon look was so gorgeous, I keep saying it every time I see pics from that event. *grin*

I'm glad EoW won't be POV material all the way. It sure sounds intriguing but I guess it would get pretty exhausting all the way through.

Anonymous said...

according to some tweeters, Jake is back in LA, he was hanging out with Scott Speedman

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea! Your new tv sounds wonderful!

I think Jake looked wonderful at WonderCon, Lady Ekster! I agree about EOW. I think it would have been too much.

Ooh, thanks, Anon!

I hope you all had a good day - Friday tomorrow!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Friday at last - and Oxford's Christmas Light Night is this evening :)

BBMISwear said...

Hello from a mini-vacation looking out at the Atlantic ocean! Great news about EoW...bring on not only the movie itself but all those wonderful press junkets, photo opps, interviews and television appearances!! Can't come soon enough, agreed?!

I'm enjoying those great old/new pics on IHJ (thank you Stephanie)! And wonderful news about Maggie and the family. All seems to be good around these parts.

Off for more vacation fun...cheers! :-)

mermon said...

Hi everybody!
I saw In Time last evening. Very good movie. Strongly recommend it.
Links with Jake - Olivia Wild - his friend, plot - about time :)
Have a nice Saturday!

paulh said...

I'd like to recommend "My Week With Marilyn" if it comes your way.
Michelle Williams, who played Jake's wife Alma in "Brokeback Mountain," brings Marilyn Monroe to life, with Kennth Branagh playing Sir Laurence Olivier. Judy Dench is also in the film.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying what is left of the Autumn before Winter kicks in.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

ooh BBMISwear, I hope you're having a lovely holiday by the sea! :-) All good news, if quiet.

I loved that film, Mermon! Glad you liked it.

Good to see you, Paul! I hope that means you're much better now. I really enjoyed My Week With Marilyn - My review is here at MB

I hope you've all had a good Saturday - had a slight hangover... ahem... ;)