Friday, 18 November 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal's love of trains continues and Nailed gloom

Typically, as soon as I mentioned that all was quite on the Jake Gyllenhaal front this week, he starts getting photographed in what may well be every other subway station in New York City. To vary it a bit, he has also been photographed in the trains rather than just waiting for them. The picture below was taken by CUruchima who didn't just see Jake once this week, but twice! And who knows, by now, we could be talking three times at least!

Here is a link to Jake waiting for a train (there is a lovely account - to do with bumping in to Jake - that goes with this picture here) and another of him on a train. When Jake's not with a train - no doubt a habit left over from Source Code - Jake has also been seen in other places and here with Naomi. Many thanks to BBMISwear, Mermon and Sasha for links and to Twitter!

Edward Douglas from ComingSoon has been reminiscing about chatting with Jake at a recent social occasion in NYC - the premiere for Take Shelter on 1 November. 'You just never who you might run into at these things. At a party for Take Shelter star Michael Shannon, I chatted with Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake wasn't out and about gladhanding or looking for a gig but was between movies relaxing and wanted to check out what he may have heard was a cool movie. We got to chat with him about some of the movies we've both seen and liked this year, including our diverging opinions on Almodovar's The Skin I Live In. (Gyllenhaal's admiration for the film was enough to convince us to watch it again and give it another chance.)'


There is more Nailed gloom from Jessica Biel, unfortunately. She has told Elle magazine (here via OK!) that she's not hopeful: 'I honestly don't know (if it will ever be released). It's frustrating. It was a major heartbreak. But you know, I got a chance to work with David, and I've been heartbroken about it for long enough... I'd do anything to work for him again.' Do feel free to play Spot the Jake photo below. We have to get some fun from Nailed...

Includes photos from links and IHJ.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Have a good Saturday!

mermon said...

I think Jake has the most recognizable back, at least for us Gyllenhaalics. :)And he looks lovely from his back. It's nice that twitters don't bother him too much, don't interfere his privacy, though giving us the signs of his existence.
I like mom&daughter blog and pic. That line: "She just got this goofy smile on her face and walked on, looking back a couple of times, dazed, in love". could describe any of us seeing Jake unexpectedly.
Lucky guy, that Edward Douglas. I would love to chat with Jake about different movies.
For example I watched Breaking Dawn tonight.
I don't think it's in Jake's type, but it has a link with him - Anna Kendrick.
Have a good weekend everyone.

mayumintolor said...

Thanks for sharing these sightings! Yes! gyllenhaalics should be able to notice Jake even his back. "mom and daughter" blog is funny! :)

By the way Love and Other Drugs is released today. but it's only at Tokyo. Osaka will be on 3rd Dec. I will see it at Osaka. :)

have a nice weekend!!

mermon said...

Duncan tweeted yesterday that SC finally comes to Venezuela!
I am also very happy that he tweeted me back! Exciting.
You are so lucky @mayumintolor that you still have new Jake's movie to watch. It's not too long now, enjoy LAOD!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shots of Jake all around town. I couldn't find Jake in that shot. It is a shame about Nailed.

Has anyone heard when End of Watch is due out?


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I'm away from home tonight at my mum's in the Land that Internet Forgot - but back home tomorrow :)

Sweetpea, take a look at the guy in the white suit on the right :)

That is great news Mayumintolor!

Ooh I love it when Duncan tweets at me too, Mermon!

Catch up with you tomorrow when I'm home :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Made it back home! What a horrible foggy day but back safe - I hope you all had a good weekend! I think if I were Jake I'd be heading for some of that California sun :)

mermon said...

Welcome back Kate! Sorry you had a foggy day. In Poland Sunday was very sunny.
Who knows, maybe Jake will stay in NYC till December 19, his 31 birthday, to spend it with his family. When it will get colder in NYC, we'll have a chance to see him in winter cloths. LOL.

mk said...

its poring right now here in califorina and cold

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Mermon! That sounds lovely :) It's just as bad here today. Oxford gets a lot of fog in the winter.

That's bad news, MK :(

I'm going to see Wuthering Heights after work. It's most definitely Wuthering Heights weather...

Susan said...

It isn't all that cold here in Alabama but the dreary, damp days of November are definitely here. It's good weather for staying in and re-watching favorite movies. I think I shall indulge myself this evening.

Anonymous said...

It was sunny this morning, which was a surprise since the weather forecast was for rain, it was raining last night. So the sun was a welcome surprise. But this afternoon it started to rain and it will be raining at least until Thurs, Thanksgiving.

Did anyone hear when EOW is coming out? I thought I heard next fall. I hope Jake starts his new project soon


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! Those kind of November days have finally reached here too - unfortunately... Hope you enjoyed a good film!

Hi Sweetpea! Oh, has Thanksgiving come round again? Doesn't seem like a year. I don't think there's a date yet, other than 2012.

Sorry for no post tonight - no news except for a sighting of Jake this afternoon at the cookware store Williams Sanoma in NYC

Susan said...

If End of Watch isn't coming out until fall of 2012, I think I'll be wearing out a few Blu-rays in the meantime. On the other hand, if they wait to release it late in the year, that might mean some serious Oscar hopes. If that's the case, I could be okay with it.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Susan! That is such a long time off - I really hope it doesn't take that long. Surely it doesn't need that long?

Saw five minutes of Wuthering Heights - couldn't bear it and so hopped next door to see Ides of March instead, which I did enjoy :) Strange thinking that Jake may have been in it instead of Gosling... However, I think Gosling did a great job.

Have a good day everyone! Pea souper out here...

Paula C. said...

Hi, I saw Ides of March this week and although I could see Jake playing Gosling role I think he didn't missed out on nothing, Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a good movie but anyone could played that role, it's not memorable in any way.

Today, here in Portugal is rainy, windy and starting to get cold, but still far from normal November temperatures, I,m not working today so for me it's perfect, i love to hear the rain in the window

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Paula! I agree about Ides of March. I though it was a good film but it was a bit all on the surface for me. I think Ryan did a good job with it but I also don't think it was particularly demanding for him.

I hope you had a lovely day off :) I like curling up indoors when it's raining outside too. Just foggy and mild here.