Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 - a review! As another GyllenYear comes to an end and another one begins

The end of another year and, as usual, I don't want to leave it without a brief look at some of its highlights before we move on to the next and we can start working out in which event Jake Gyllenhaal will be competing in the London Olympics.

It's not been the busiest of years - one film to promote and another to make. But when Jake and Duncan Jones went on the road with Source Code we were spoiled with goodies. Duncan an his partner Ro blogged their way through the tour which saw them travel across the US before moving on to some of the capital cities of Europe. That meant one extra bonus - more of Jake's fans, including quite a few from here, were able to see Jake face to face and hyperventilate. In April, a few of us had tickets for the gala in Berlin, which meant we not only saw Jake but could also consume big glassfuls of fine German beer. Result.

Also in the early months of 2011, Jake was whisked off to Iceland by Bear Grylls. Despite the promise of lazy hot days on volcanic beaches, one of the biggest snow storms of the year hit the place and instead Jake had to inch his way across ravines on thin ropes, dismember rotten sheep and cross icy rivers. What we could see through the blizzard looked very frightening and it's no wonder that Jake went to Hawaii later in the year. Much more sensible. Note there's been no more talk of walruses this winter.

A probable highlight for Jake in a non-worky sense was his Railroad Revival Tour with Mumford and Sons. They travelled across a number of states in character train carriages, performing as they went. Jake earned his keep, of course, accompanying the band on trumpet and accordion during the very loud bits. Apparently, Jake wasn't expecting to travel with them and so had to wear one set of clothes for the trip. This was to serve as great training for later in the year.

There have been times over the last year when Jake has been virtually indistinguishable from the Yeti. In fact, several sightings of the Sasquatch may have been Jake Gyllenhaal. It's not known if he succeeded in imitating any other mythical beasts but this may be an indication of how good he is at it. Nevertheless, the sasquatch look had to go and Big Foot Jake was replaced by Baldy Jake for the summer.

End of Watch took up most of Jake's summer, which meant daily photos of Jake looking identical in a police officer uniform with a shiny head, with or without Michael Pena. Added interest came from photos of Jake and Anna Kendrick looking like they may have eloped - with the entire filmcrew - to Las Vegas. But, alas, these things often on't last.

For much of the last third of the year, Jake has been living quietly, moving between LA and NYC. With the exception of local film festivals, Jake has mostly been seen keeping up his calorie intake in restaurants and cafes and then working them off at Soul Cycle.

We have had glimpses of Jake through the year, largely because of his enthusiastic work for good causes - New Eyes for the Needy and Edible Schoolyard have been just two charities that Jake has been an active figurehead for over 2011.

Recent months may have been a time of reflection (he did take up wearing glasses after all) - Jake gave up his manager and there appears to be little lined up movie-wise on the horizon. That we know of. Jake's continued interest in the world of movies is shown, though, by his selection for the jury of the Berlin Film Festival in February 2012. It's not known yet when End of Watch will be released. However, what is certain is that 2012 will be a fascinating time as we watch and see what Jake will do next as he embarks on his second decade of keeping us all entertained.

I must thank you all, new and old friends, for reading WDW and for keeping me company over 2011 during a year that has had its very busy moments and its very quiet. I'm particularly thrilled that I got the chance to meet more of you in person in the spring. Thank you to everyone who sent me their own stories and photos from meeting Jake and for any emails that have made looking after WDW much easier.

And so I wish us all, including Jake, Maggie and Peter, a wonderful, healthy and happy 2012!

Includes pictures by me, Flickr, and the lovely IHJ.

My list of the best, the less good and the horrible movies of 2011 over at MovieBrit! Hope you like it!


mermon said...

Wonderful post! Thank you Kate! Great summary of one year of Jake's life. And our own. This year passed so fast. And having that summary, we may see it was quite a lot of things going on in Jake's world. Let's add his dad wedding on Hawaii and SC first prescreening. Girl tweeting about that added - he has nice chemistry with Anna and we will see some love scenes, which I'm very happy for.

To your information - today it's Kate's birthday so happy birthday to you, Kate, many happiness and let's all your wishes will come true. Thank you for running that fantastic blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Kate ! Have a fantastic day with the ones you love. Enjoy the fireworks at the end of your special day.
Thank you for this great blog and the work you do for it. It's always very entertaining to me.
Thank you also for meeting you in Berlin in April. I liked it very much (to see the other "Gyllengirls" as well). I wish we could repeat it :-)

I hope the new year will be a busy one for Jake (and for us, too, of course). May he find some interesting projects.

May you all have a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year 2012 !


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! Hope the coming year is exciting and rewarding for you!

Lovely year end summary of Jake World. It's true Jake's slowed his pace a bit, but I also recall how hectic things were leading up to it. I prefer busy Jake, but I can understand the slow down, too.

Thank you for this blog.

Carol said...

Happy birthday Kate. Hope you have a lovely one. Thanks again for keeping us all entertained with your writing on this wonderful blog!!

Happy New Year to everyone here. Hope we all have a peaceful and prosperous 2012.


Daniela said...

I loved the retrospective, something tells me that 2012 will be year, for us and jake

Happy New Year to all, good health and peace and joy! : D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for the comments and for the birthday wishes! I've just come back from having a lovely lunch.

Thanks very much, Mermon! I'm having such a lovely day :) Have a lovely day too!

It was so good to meet you in Berlin, Christina! I hope we can repeat it too. All the best for 2012.

Thank you 13:16! I don't mind the quiet times but I'll be glad to see a Jake film back in the theatres :)

Thank you so much, Carol! Have a wonderful evening and a Happy 2012!

Thank you Daniela! Rally glad you liked it :)

On to the champagne...

Monica said...

Happy birthday, Kate!

Happy New Year to everyone!

LadyEkster said...

I couldn't resist visiting here before I'm off to wave goodbye to 2011.
First of all, first on Twitter but it certainly has to be repeated here :) > happy birthday lovely Kate! I can't thank you enough for all the fun you're giving me and us. My relax moments during the weeks and weekends wouldn't be complete without WDW and the Gyllenpub anymore.

On to the post: what a great way to end another year of blogging. It has been a great year indeed, with LAOD, Source Code, End of Watch, our Twitter Hunts for Jake in New York, The Face Pet... Alright, alright, that last one still hasn't grown on me (figuratively speaking, figuratively!! *grin*), but, hea, we sure had fun with it. ;-) I'm looking forward to what the next Gate will be after Trouser Gate...

Cheers to you, beautiful Gyllenladies. May 2012 hold many blessings for you and your loved ones. Gyllenhugs to all!

Jules said...

Happy Birthday Kate,

thanks for all your beautiful posts and here's to another Gyllenyear together!

Happy New Year!!!

Uli said...

Thanks for the great summary, Kate!

Even though I am still a little afraid of the long drought moviewise that we are probably having ahead of us, this look back on 2011 showed that Jake can find other ways for us to get a glimpse of him here and there. What a variety of things he did this year. And 2012 will be off to a great start with him being in the jury of the Berlinale!

And Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year to you!

Looking forward to more Wetdarkandwild in 2012 - even though I have definitely been too quiet these last months, I am very grateful for the great work you are doing here!!! Thank you so much!!

My word: candsom... Since this is about Jake I am sure they really meant handsom :D

mermon said...

Happy, wonderful New Year 2012 to all of you girls! I wish you
a better one. Full of good surprises and love.

Uli said...

Oooops, of course also a Happy New Year to all the Wetdarkandwild people here!!!!!
I hope 2012 will be wonderful for all of us and Jake and his loved ones!!

Anonymous said...

First of all...Happy Birthday Kate!
All the best and a lots of love!
Thanks for the great job...WDW is wonderful and your posts...there aren't words, really!
Happy 2012 and most of all...a fantastic gyllenyear to everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Monica! Happy New Year!

That is so lovely of you, Lady Ekster, thank you :) What a year! I hope that 2012 will be full of all the goodies that we've been leading up to this year.

Hi Mermon!

Uli! So good to see you - and can I just say I love that word - Berlinale... I'm gonna use it often and recklessly. It has been quiet an it still will be for a time but we pull each other through and I appreciate all of you for helping me with that.

Wow! Thank you, Carlotta!

I've spent a fair bit of the afternoon writing my list of the best and worse movies of 2011 on MovieBrit - do take a look and tell me which you preferred - or didn't :D

Paula C. said...

Happy Birthday kate, enjoy your day!

Such a wonderful post and I hope 2012 will be a great year for all of us and Jake and that you continue to blog for many years!

Happy new year everyone:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Paula!

lillyrosesNjake said...

Happy Birthday to you! And thank YOU to this WONDERFUL new home I discovered with your blog and all the friendly people within the Wet Dark and Wild Gyllenhaal world. Thank you for your time, pictures, links and funny looks at Jake's world and those who encompass it.

Thanks to all those who write in with their stories and links also to all things "Jake".
But one additional thing that I have most especially enjoyed was all the little glimpses into your individual worlds....all over the world.
Also, if I may call you Kate, thank you for the excursions to the many places you go to the pictures you share. It has made it a even more personal place in this big 'ole blog sphere world.

It's a few hours till 2012 hits the eastern shores of the USA, but I raise a glass of bubbly to everyone already in 2012 year and the rest of us to yet to come!

Cheers and to a blessed and wonderful 2012 with Jacob and the rest of you Gyllenhaal addicts!!!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thank you for a wonderful year at WDW - and more to come!

T said...

Happy New Year everyone, Heres to a happy & heathly year for us all.
Thanks Kate for a wonderful blog & also some great film & book reviews xx

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Lily, that is wonderful! Thank you so much and thank you for joining in and commenting :) I'm so glad you enjoy it here and the fact that it does go off in all directions. Happy New Year over there across the pond!

Thank you, Mrs JG, and thanks for being such a bug part of it x Happy New Year!

Thank you, T! I'm so pleased you like the movie and book reviews too!

Happy 2012 everyone!

mermon said...

Thank you Kate for 2011 movies review. It was an interesting read. Have you forgot about Drive or it doesn't fit to any of your lists.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Mermon :) I didn't forget about Drive - it didn't make my lists - I didn't particularly like it or dislike it.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks for commenting on MB, Mermon!

BBMISwear said...

I always love your recap type posts so much WDW - and this was another great one recapping 2011! It was a different year than what we've been use to when it comes to Jake and movies but you have always been able to keep things so entertaining around here even when there is a bit of a "drought". Thank you so much for all you do for all of us all year long! And although I wished you a happy birthday directly yesterday I didn't get a chance to do so here yet so happy belated birthday - I'm so glad you had a wonderful day/night! I feel like even though it's your birthday it is all of us here that love spending time on this blog that continue to get the gifts (from you). Doesn't seem fair. Please know how much we all appreciate it!!

I'm looking so forward to 2012 but remembering some great parts of 2011 - which started for me only 2 weeks into the year with a Gyllenhug on the red carpet of the Golden Globes - I didn't expect that! Wow! I can't wait to see what 2012 brings and hope that you have some wonderful Gyllenexperiences WDW that you (of course) will share with us here!! For the many Jake encounters each of us has been lucky to have separately I truly can't wait until we finally get to have one together.'s taking too long!

Happy New Year to all the WDWers here that have been here for a while and have just started visiting. It's the best Jake Place to hang out anywhere on the internet IMHO!!

Sorry for the long ramble...Cheers! :-)

mayumintolor said...

Happy New Year! everyone.
Belatedly, Happy Birthday Kate!
I hope you'll have more blessing to come this year!
And Thanks such a great post!

When I found this site WDW, one year and six months ago, I could hardly read all the texts. I was only able to see the pics there.
I wanted to understand what the written about Jake, so I've studying English everyday by myself.
All of you here helped me to learn English by your comments with the posts.
Now a days, I'm nearly able to understand articles, though, it's difficult to express my thought precisely in English.

I'm really grateful to you for letting me join in WDW. I'm so happy to have great friends of Gyllenhaalics!

Wish you all have a wonderful new year! and Hope Jake continues to be a great actor and keeps us exciting! :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Last day of the holidays...

Morning BBMISwear :-) And thank you!! It's a pleasure it really is. What an amazing year you've had - I can't believe the Globes were a year ago now... so let's hoping for more of that in 2012.

Mayumintolor, that is fantastic! It made my day, reading that! Your English is so, so good. I always feel so proud of the the international community here and very grateful for the effort that so many make to comment in a foreign language. Makes me realise I must do better. Maybe in 2012 I'll set myself the task of improving my French, which certainly could do with it. Thank you Mayumi!

Have a good day everyone :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you WDW for keeping us all informed about Jake and what you've been doing (lovely interludes)

Happy Birthday Kate!

I hope we get some kind of word soon as to what Jake will be doing next.


mermon said...
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mermon said...

@mayumintolor - your story is unbelievable! I didn't realise you're so fresh in English, cause you are so good in it! Congratulations!Isn't it fantastic? I also learned a lot because of WDW.

Susan said...

Kate, hello and Happy (belated) Birthday! My brain is just starting to function again after an extended busy holiday with multigenerational family get-togethers, too much good food, and not enough opportunity to visit here.

I'm adding my thanks to you for the superb job you do keeping us all informed about Mr. Gyllenhaal in such an entertaining way. I love your humor, your wit, your interludes, and your enthusiasm.

My very special thanks to you for making it possible for me to "meet" and make friends with so many international followers of Wet Dark and Wild. We seem to be able to keep the forum especially active even during a Gyllendrought and it's all because of your wonderful blog.

Here's to 2012 and hopes that it will see the start of the busiest string of Jake movies ever... :) says the eternal optimist in me. Regardless, I know there's lots of fun in store for all of us Gyllenhaalics. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Sweetpea and I hope so too :)

Thank you so much, Susan! My brain is just about working again... I'm with you on the optimism - this could be the start of a very special time in Jake's career. An a very personal thanks to you an everyone else for all their great work at the forum!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Kate! And congratulations to you that you live in the land of Downton Abbey and will be able to see 3rd season in the fall.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much WDW for all your posts keeping us up to date.

Happy New Year.