Monday, 19 December 2011

Happy birthday Jake! And Jake Gyllenhaal joins Mike Leigh's Berlin Film Festival Jury

Time to get the bunting out! Today is Jake Gyllenhaal's 31st birthday, which not only means he'll get a luxurious shave (I may be making that bit up), a new pair of trousers (and that bit too) and a big piece of chocolate cake, but he gets some pressies. While some people may get a DVD of a movie for their birthdays, Jake gets a whole film festival.

Deadline announced today that Jake has been selected for the jury of the Berlin Film Festival (9-19 February), beside the president Mike Leigh. Clearly, Jake enjoyed meeting me and friends so much in Berlin back in April this year that he can't wait to go back to the city. Jake put in the hours for fun at the New York Film Festival earlier this autumn so it's good he got some practice in - he will sit through an enormous number of films and eat such quantities of popcorn that he may have to get back to the Prince of Persia regime pronto.

It's worth pointing out that Jake may be unaware at this stage of the Berlin Film Festival rules which dictate that 'jury members cannot wear green trousers tucked into their boots, nor can they be unshaven.' Rules 16 and 24, I believe.

Have a wonderful birthday, Jake! Cheers!

Includes pictures from IHJ.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Kate - very funny !
And wonderful news about Berlin film festival. Sure Jake enjoyed Berlin so much back in April because of our
presence :-) Would be great to visit Berlin in february again... I have to think about that. The "rules" for the festival are very important and hopefully Jake will be aware of them soon.
Have a nice evening everyone.

Carol said...

Happy birthday Jake.

Looking forward to another year following you and your career. Berlin 2012... maybe this is the year when I will finally get to see you in person. Although Kate the tales of your adventures make me feel like I already have.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Christina! We left such a lasting impression on Jake! Berlin was so good, I'm not surprised he wants to go back, and of course TDAT was there too.

That's a lovely thing to say, thank you Carol! I hope 2012 is the year for us all to see Jake again :)

mermon said...

Happy birthday Mr Gyllenhaal, happy birthday to you!
Such a nice gift for him - an invitation to jury of Berlin Film Festival. I am exciting already, that he will be that close. :)) It's so tempting to go there. Though I'm lately a bit like Ennis with travelling. No money and enough courage to go that far to see Jack/Jake.:)But it's still some time left to decide.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate, I'm still loughing!!!Thanks for the news also! And happy birthday to Jake, one of the best actor ever!!!

Uli said...

It is so embarrassingly long ago that I last posted here, but I had of course to come back and do it today...

Happy Birthday, Jake!! May all your wishes come true! And be happy!!!

The news about the Berlinale is also a great birthday present for us! What a surprise!! I really would like to know how that came to pass!
Maybe finally some people will "know" Jake after this in Germany!! Will have to watch the news later and see if they report about it!

LOL about the festival rules. I especially hope he sticks to the rule about green pants tugged into boots... But of course it would be great to also see his face-pet-less smile again!

Kate, you are doing such a great job here, even through the Jake-draught-times! I am sorry I don't post more often... :(

Susan said...

Lucky, lucky Berlin! Sasha, have you made your travel plans yet? :)

Kate, I'm still giggling about the rules! Hopefully Jake will be past the green trousers stage by then.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Welcome to "The Old Country" anytime!


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

@Susan - it's so tempting, but it's the busiest week at work. I probs won't be allowed to take time off. But we'll see about it. I hope Jake knows the Berlinale rules by then.

This year just flew by. I hope this next one will make his dreams come true.

BBMISwear said...

Even though I'm running around a bit crazy lately I knew today of all days I would just have to stop by my favorite "Jake Place" and see the good wishes!! I hope the birthday boy is having a great day and thanks for the laughs WDW!! I must say I absolutely LOVE the cargo pants tucked into the boots - that was a very popular style here many years ago (and is obviously making a come back)...maybe that's why I like it so much.

Great news re: the Berlin Film Festival - I thought of you "Berlin Premiere Girls" immediately when I read it - great memories for you!! It will be interesting to see just how involved Jake will be in it...a jury member can be involved on many different levels (from very involved to not so involved).
And I can't wait to hear more about the timing of all the EoW's to a great 2012!

Busy few days ahead and then it's off to the north for me (where it's colder but still no snow). I'll stop back by here as soon as I can. Thanks for all the great posts WDW!!


Winterbird said...

Happy Birthday Jake!! 31... How he has grown.

Excited about his jury gig in Berlin, it's quite a major film festival. And I love Berlin as a city.

Guess Jake got a nice birthday gift already.

Thanks for the post, WDW! Are you taking out the Berlin city map yet?

anouska said...

Great minds! All the old-timers are here :)

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Yeay! How wonderful to see so many old friends! Uli, Nouskie and Winterbird, fantastic to see you after all this time! An extra reason to love Jake's birthday :)

Hi Mermon! Maybe you should go for it - Berlin is a lovely city even without Jake in it!

Glad you liked it Carlotta!

Thanks Susan!

Hi H :)

The year really has flown by,Mrs JG. Berlin seems nor that long ago at all and yet it was months ago.

So glad you could pop by BBMISwear :-) and I love that this is your Jake place! I wouldn't mind the style if Jake didn't seem so cemented to them :) It put thoughts of Berlin in my mind too! What a weekend they was. Have a good time up north!

I doubt I'll go this time, Winterbird, as Jake won't be showing a film this time :)

So good to see you Nouskie!

Uli! Great to see you! I've missed you! Good to know Jake's heading back to Berlin, eh?

A great day, seeing you all! I have two weeks off work now - fab :)

LadyEkster said...

Happy birthday Jake!! Cheers, gorgeous! *opens the champagne*

Should you be foolish enough to read your most fantastic fan blog and scroll through the comments, please know how much your work has given me over the last 1,5 years, not in the least new friends. A testimony to real talent!

It's worth pointing out that Jake may be unaware at this stage of the Berlin Film Festival rules which dictate that 'jury members cannot wear green trousers tucked into their boots, nor can they be unshaven.' Rules 16 and 24, I believe.
WDW, you are on a roll these days! :-D I totally LOVE that rule book and I wholeheartedly agree. But let's be careful... He might punish us with a return of The Beanie, or (in your case, worse) The Baldie. I'll endure the trousers as long as I can see that beautiful jaw line again...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thank you so much, Lady Ekster! What a lively thing to say. And I love the contribution you've made to WDW over all this time. I am such a lucky happy Blogger. And I'm so glad you had a laugh here, but the Baldie?! Please.... NO!!!!

Daniela said...

Kate, you forgot another rule, can not wear glasses, I think it's Rule # 21 Haha

Happy Birthday Jake! again

Karen said...

Hi Kate, still reading your blog every week but don't get a chance to post nowadays (WDW's 1st baby is now a 1 year old toddler!)

Thought I would just say Happy Birthday to our lovely Jake, here's to another year watching all the new and exciting projects he will be working on :)

Hui said...

Hpaay Birthday!!! Jake!!
I love you :)

mayumintolor said...

Thanks for the great news about the Berlin Film Festival! And glad for all gyllenhaalics who live in near Berlin!
Oh! Mermon! I hope you can go to see Jake at there!! and then please tell us all about it. :)

Nice rule about the festival! yeah,now I want to see Jake wears something else. :p

Happy Birthday Jake! again. It seems still 19th Dec. in US.

Have a good day everyone!

lillyrosesNJake said...

Thanks WDW for the information and links to "trifle and jelly". Must say its much different than what I imagined. Jelly = Jello. Funny how things are different from country to learning these little differences!

Glad to hear of news of Jake and Berlin Film Festival jury. I look forward to new articles....and perhaps a change in clothes. I must disagree Daniela..I kinda liked the glasses...maybe not everyday. Gives Jake the "professor" look.

Well a glass of wine, a trifle, a jelly, jello and chocolate cake to the birthday boy Jake!!

sheba said...

Ugh I fell asleep waiting for you to put up the birthday post Kate. So sorry to have missed his day and the party here. Happy belated birthday Jake. Love, laughter and fun be yours on your special day. Its too early to have a drink on you so I'll have a cupcake instead :D

Exciting news about the Berlin film festival. I feel a visit coming on.

Kate I don't say it often enough but thank you so much for this fun, effervescent place to visit.
*Waves to all the old/new cyberfaces.*

Eureka said...

Hi WDW, you made me laugh with the rules book.

Cumpleaños Feliz Jake! ;o)

I can't say any more best wishes that you have already said ladies. :oD

BTW,There's a Spanish movie in the Berlin festival: La chispa de la vida, Spain. By Álex de la Iglesia

Wet Dark and Wild said...

It is wonderful seeing all the old and new faces here today and last night - thank you!

Hi Daniela! I think I could write the whole rulebook - make a great Christmas gift for Jake :D

Yeay, Karen! I can't believe the WDW Baby is now a Toddler! And I remember them as just PoP Bump. Time flies... Good to know you're still reading!

Hi there Hui!

Evening Mayumintolor! I know, we must encourage Mermon!

Hi Lily :D I love learning these things too and foisting Englishness upon you all as well :D I just don't think jello has the same ring to it...

Morning Sheba! Ooh cupcakes sound good. And so good to see you! And thank you so much - love to have WDW described as effervescent - reminds me of bubbly... Thanks for reading for all this time, long long time :)

Great to see you, Eureka!

Have a lovely day everyone - very nice being off work :)

Anonymous said...

31 Sexy Jake photos Just thought I'd share


Anonymous said...

@sweetpea: Thank you very much for the link - very nice pics :-) Liked them very much

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Sweetpea :)

Hi Christina!

I saw Take Shelter today - here's my review

Margot said...


mermon said...

Happy Hanukkah, Jake!
December is packed with celebrations for Jake.
I had 2 Christmas Eve parties at my work. I had very good time. We celebrate Ch. E. the most. We give presents, sing carols and eat delicious, though not meat food. Pierogi, fish, red borscht soup etc.

lillyrosesNjake said...

Couple of US sites reporting Jake spent his birthday "soul-cyling" in the morn and spent the evening with sis, mom, Oliver Platt (co-star Love and other drugs) and other friends. Said he was dressed in "lumberjack chic". No pictures though. "Lumberjack Chic"..hmmm..?

Anonymous said...

Great post, was too busy to react earlier. Let the green trousers, boring knitwear and bushy beard disappear and he and we will smile again. In Europe we want our men to be groomed and shaved. Berlin will welcome him in a great outfit!!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Margot!

Ooh, that sounds goo, Mermon! You'll be partied out :) No work parties for me but probably just as well considering the work Christmas lunch knocked me out with food poisoning... I'm looking forward to Christmas Eve as we're having a meal out in a lovely restaurant with both my parents and step parents.

Hi Lily!

Hi there Anon - it'll be great to see Jake in Europe again!

New post :)