Thursday, 8 December 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal goes alone and parts with his manager after 8 years

Inspired by the last photos of Jake Gyllenhaal at the airport, I am about to take flight myself for a few days, although I hope I actually catch the plane unlike Jake who, so the rumour goes, may have missed his. So, before I head off to Pisa and Florence for a long weekend, there's just time to catch up with the news from yesterday.

Deadline reported that Jake has left his manager Evelyn O'Neill of Management 360, who has looked after Jake's career for 8 years - a long time indeed. Evelyn described it as a “very amicable parting” and paid tribute to his work: “Sometimes people like change in their life. I think he’s amazing, I’m very proud of the work he did together, he was nominated for an Oscar, I want him back, and the door is always open. It is what it is.”

It sounds as if Jake is going to be his own manager for a while, directing the shape of his own career. What that means in terms of projects and roles may well be fascinating to watch - let us hope so.

Many thanks to IHJ for the photo of Jake in Italy back in 2009. See you in a few days with a bit of an Interlude...


too late? said...

"Many thanks to IHJ for the photo of Jake in Italy back in 2009."


How appropriate.

Jake should have dumped Evelyn the day she suggested showmance with Reese Witherspoon.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what this meant to Jake, firing his manager. Does this mean he is going to manage his own career, stick with just an agent? I didn't know what the difference between a manager and an agent is. I do hope that things go the way he wants them for his career. I can't wait to hear what his next project might be.

Thanks for the lovely photo of Jake in Italy.

I can't wait to see your pics WDW. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hmmm, 19:19, and there was me thinking it was appropriate to post a photo of Jake in Italy because I'm actually going to Italy tomorrow...

I think it does mean that, Sweetpea. I think an agent is more to do with publicity but I'm no expert. I hope that Jake gets just what he wants from his career. Thank you!

mermon said...

Kate! Don't miss your plane! Have fun and come back safely!

Jake parting with his manager is very mysterious news to me. 8 years, so they were together since 2003. Since TDAT, through BBM, Brothers, Zodiak, Proof, Jarhead, POP etc. All those great movies. He was longer with her than with any other woman. :) He spent last 3 months in NYC off work, suddenly goes for few days to LA to say goodbye eye to eye to his manager. She must have been very surprised. Jake is a riddle. :) It's like something new suppose to happen in his life. He certainly knows how to keep us excited.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Mermon! And this certainly looks like the explanation for the trip back to LA. Definitely seems like Jake is thinking about what he wants to do as he takes this break :)

I'd better get off and pack!

Susan said...

I was curious about the agent vs. manager thing, too. This is what I found online: "An agent is a person who finds jobs for actors. Agents generally have the authority to make deals for their clients. Managers establish connections with producers and studios, labels and publishers. They also guide the artist's career."

It does sound like he wants something different for a while perhaps. Let's hope this is just the next phase in a phenomenal career that will give us many, many more great films.

lillyrosesNjake said...

I was a little worried about Jake and his lack of would be different if he was taking a sabbatical from acting...but he seems as though he hasn't has a lot of opprotunities to do projects of late...even some tv...or small roles in other projects. Even if he isn't doing those bigger budget projects, some of the smaller Indie projects with meaty roles to further flesh out his acting chops would be great. I see actors such as Ryan Gosling with a slew of projects coming up, and Jake has EOW and a possibility of another job....I hope a change will be a positive step in his career!

lillyrosesNjake said...

Just as Susan commented on the differences of manager vs agent..if you hadn't already done so, following the link in WDW article of the announcement. In their comment section is a lively dicussion of manager vs agent dispute and attributes. It was informative to me.

Sigh....oh to be on a trip to jealous...enjoy!

mayumintolor said...

I'm very surprised at the news Jake parts with his manager.
and I feel uneasy a bit about his future. But I'm sure Jake can make it! I also hope Jake gets what he wants. and His career will be successful.
Everything's gonna be OK! :)

Have fun at the trip to Italy!

mermon said...

@lillyrosesNjake said..
Thx for that info.
Have a good Friday everybody!

Anonymous said...

I really hope that you enjoy my country and most of all my city!!!Welcome,welcome, welcome <3
All the best

Persimmon said...

We don't know if he went to Los Angeles to say good bye to his manager, or if this has been in the works for a few months. We only know that it was just announced.

These things don't happen overnight. If we notice, really Jake slowed his work schedule down after Source Code. I have a feeling this will be a good thing for him. I am not worried.

A lot of actors work making dozens and dozens of movies, but no one remembers the movies. Jake has said his movies always find their audience.

Jake is rare because he has done more than one roles people remember and movies people remember. Every time the weather is bad people joke about meeting Jake at the Library, and Donnie Darko is a classic, and so is Brokeback Mountain.

Zodiac and Jarhead are still watched and enjoyed and people remember it, and so is The Good Girl, and they remember Jake.

When I read about Zodiac, I don't read about the other actors,except in passing, only Jake is highlighted and David Fincher.

What I love is how people will see one Jake movie and they like it so they "discover " him and watch more movies of Jake.

Like Colter Stevens says, "Everything will be fine."

Monica said...

If we notice, really Jake slowed his work schedule down after Source Code. I have a feeling this will be a good thing for him. I am not worried.

I wish I had that thought, but I'm not. I do not think Jake is slowing down because he wants to, I think he is struggling to find a good project.
Jake starred in Prince of Persia, probably with the intention of becoming a success. Success would bring him a number of proposals and he could do whatever he wanted. Unfortunately not. And we're in that situation where a talented actor is not getting good job offers.

Acting in dozens of films is not so bad. Depends on the quality of the film.

Paula C. said...

I've to agree with Persimmon and also Monica, on one hand I think Jake is deliberately slowing down until he finds a project that is really a challenge for him and lot of actors like Gosling are doing movie after movie but for me personally I don't think his doing any memorable role to the exception of Blue Valentine, but like Monica said I'm afraid Jake is not being offered good projects and feels a bit disappointed.

Katie, I'm so jealous, in a good way , have a nice trip, I expect to go to Rome in 2012.

mermon said...

Jake had a 2005 year when he acted in 4 movies [Jarhead, BBM, Proof and as a narrator - The Man Who Walked Between the Towers]. It doesn't happen often for the actor. POP was a great movie, brought the most Gyllenhaalics to WDW blog [like me], Jake did very good job in it. Budget was $200,000,000, Worldwide Gross:$335,059,676. US audience didn't appreciated POP enough, which I'll never understand.
SC Worldwide Gross:$141,712,227, despite being fantastic movie earned much less than POP. I know that budget was smaller, but when we watch the movie, we don't think about money, they spent on it. So IMO POP was a success, but not in States.
Maybe Jake should make his movies in Europe. Donnie Darko was also noticed and loved in Europe first.
I adore Jake's movie choices, no complains here, they are so different and change together with Jake's maturity and age.
I think he's very picky with his scripts' choices. There were some movies I wish Jake would play, like In Time for example. So maybe it was time for Jake to dismiss his manager. Let's see his next move.
I think R. Gosling, J.Timberlake are in fashion now, so they get many roles. But the next ones will come and then Ryan and Justine will have to fight for their roles too. :)

Persimmon said...

Monica I also agree. I meant that Jake deciding to leave his manager was not over night decision. That it is a good thing for him.

His work slowing down,I think the same as you, that he had a hard time finding good work to do. I do not included Ryan Gosling as one who makes too many movies. He is like Jake for me because he goes sometimes a long time with no movie then he seems to work a lot.

mermon said...

I wish Jake a career like Clint Eastwood has. Directing and acting in his own movies. Scripts written or chosen by himself!

WDW said...

Hello! Sorry I can't comment properly. Just on my iTouch with almost no battery. Having a wonderful time in beautiful Pisa! What an incredible city. Off to Lucca tomorrow.

Thanks for the comments, I can read them if I'm not able to comment. And thank you Carlotta. I love Italy!

Daniela said...

I was also brought by POP
I also think Jake is just waiting for a script that appeals to you in full, and he is not worrying whether it will take, but I am LOL

lillyrosesNjake said...

Mermon-you are welcome.

I wanted to comment, since I did mentioned Ryan Gosling...I did so because I had just seen his last 2 movies this week. I had followed him since the "Notebook". I, personally think he is a very good actor and his films are good too...and I think he is in the same league as Gyllenhaal-Same age group, Indie actor, looking for a wider audience....but this is not a Gosling blog, but I wanted to explain why I singled him out.

I really love Jake's choices and his films...but I also am aware there is some discussion of his box office totals, which in turn is connected to what he can ask for movies and movies and other projects he is offered. I loved Source Code a lot because it was a good vehicle and the movie made more than what it cost to make and publicize. But this movie also owed a great deal to Duncan in direction and post-production.

I too agree with somethin Monica wrote "we're in that situation where a talented actor is not getting good job offers.
Acting in dozens of films is not so bad. Depends on the quality of the film."

sheba said...

Been trying to Post a comment for ages from my BB but I figured out I have to go to the full web site here to do it. Persimmon, don't know who you are but fallen in love with you for your comments :D. So true. Jake makes memorable movies that you want to watch again and again. He's doing what's right for him right now. Who knows? Maybe he needs a break from the movie business right now. Its almost heartbreaking when a movie is filmed for weeks and yet 3 years later it still doesn't see the light of day. People like Daniel Day Lewis make a movie every 4 or 5 years. If you're good you'll never be forgotten. However I shall be bereft if he stays away from the big screen for too long.

The amicable parting and lovely words Evelyn spoke of Jake demonstrates the respect they have for each other. Its not easy letting go but it should be exciting for both of them. I know it's controversial but id love to see more of jake on tv. he would be as big if not bigger than the likes of Alec Baldwin and Simon Baker. Both of whom are the highest paid actors on TV.

So WDW have a great time in Italy

LadyEkster said...

Hi all, I hope you are enjoying a nice weekend!

Very nice discussion going on here.
Regarding the Ryan Gosling topic: I think it's worth mentioning that Ryan didn't get one single movie out between 2007 and 2010 (!). That must have been a very, very long drought for his fans. But after that long period of time he came back with great films like Blue Valentine, Drive and Crazy Stupid Love. Look at how much has been talked about him this past year. The guy was everywhere.

So, you know, it just shows that a (big) break can be good for an actor.
Me being a Gyllenhaalic who was introduced to Jake by PoP, have LOVED his career choices so far. Like everyone else I wanted PoP to become much bigger than it did, but thanks to Jake I've seen movies I'd never have chosen if he hadn't starred in them. Films that made me think and cry and shout and shiver and fall in love. Based on those experiences, I have no fear that he'll guide us and himself to more amazing projects in the future. Let's give him time to breath and think and find his way.

Susan said...

LadyEckster: Well said, my sista-friend!

mermon said...

@LadyEkster - you're so right! About Ryan - he had 3 years break(I didn't know about it)and came back with few great movies, just like Jake in 2005.
About Jake you are also right. After POP I watched Jake's movies that I wouldn't never watch if not for him. And those are great movies. As much as I'm eager for his next film, I'm ready to wait, if he feels like having some break.
But we saw him with some script, so maybe the break won't be too long.

Paula C. said...

I only disagree on something, when Ryan took that break he was not on the career level that Jake is today, Ryan at that time was mostly know for The notebook and although he had a oscar nomination on his hands he was not a actor on high demand, I´m also a Ryan fan , I think he is great but I also think he's hurting his career by doing so many projects at the same time, maybe I'm wrong, only time will tell.
Like Mermon said if he feels he needs a break so be it, we still have EOW to look for and Jake is like a fine wine , the longer you wait the better it tastes

LadyEkster said...

Five films in just over 1,5 years is A LOT, definitely. Maybe they were filmed over a larger period of time?
I agree that overexposure can hurt a person's career. Although I'd much rather be overexposed to Ryan than, let's say, Bradley Cooper... (no, I won't go into complaining about Sexiest Man Alive 2011 again, I promise *grin*)

I find it quite funny that we've been talking a lot about Ryan recently, both on the blog and in the Gyllenpub. Jake once said how Ryan's career is one he admires. The more I see of Ryan's films, the more similarities I see between him and Jake. I hope there'll come a year in which Jake will be everywhere like Ryan has been this year. I couldn't possibly tell if that's what he wants, but audience-wise and box office-wise he soooo deserves it.

Susan said...

I agree, Lady Ekster.

And I think you make a very valid point about the number of movies released in a certain span of time. I don't believe the actors have much, if any, control over when a movie gets released to theaters. An actor may star in 3 different films that he performed in over the course of 3 years, and for various reasons, they might all get released within months of each other. I think those decisions are made by the producers, directors, "business" people.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Sorry I can't properly comment - but last night here in Florence and back home tomorrow night. We have loved Tuscany :)

Love the discussion about Jake and Ryan. Interesting how the two are so frequently considered together these days.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! I'm back! Knackered.... so I'll catch up with you all tomorrow. Hope you all had a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love Florence! Did you get an opportunity to go to the Academia to see David? With due respect to Michelangelo, there is only one living man who surpasses him in beauty!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there 14:33 - I did! I particularly wanted to see the unfinished slave sculptures which I've studied and written about. Seeing them was unbelievable for me and I actually wept! The power and beauty of art.

14:33 said...

I LOVE the Slave sculptures. He was a genius! It's unreal how he could "animate" his work and convey movement and life. The slave sculptures are
very powerful and very dramatic.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I love them too - loved them for years and they seem so familiar. But seeing them 'in the flesh' - mindblowing :)