Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal's back in LA, a video tribute to the troops and a WDW Pisan Interlude

I'm back! And it's not just me who's had the wandering bug this week. As I was flying back from Italy, Jake Gyllenhaal was also in the air, but he was flying back from NYC to LAX and, by the look of it, meteorologically speaking, it was a wise and sunny decision. Many thanks to IHJ for photos of Jake arriving at the airport - still not having untucked his trousers from his shoes - and then leaving Murakami Sushi in Hollywood.

Jake has also given the Face Pet its first official appearance in a video Tribute to the Troops, a timely reminder that not everyone is able to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones.

It is great to see Jake in a public role again.

WDW Italian Interlude Part 1!

We had a wonderful trip to Italy, not least because of chianti, Michelangelo, beautiful architecture (leaning or otherwise) and great rivers with bridges to match. It didn't hurt that it was a good 10 degrees centigrade warmer there too. It would obviously be hugely amiss if I didn't throw a few photos your way although not wanting to overdo it, I thought I'd be geographical about it and start with some Pisa. Having said that, though, here is me with one of Florence's most famous and shiny residents.

It's a miracle I have photos of the Leaning Tower - my camera has a rather annoying habit of autocorrecting Towers that Lean...

You'll be 'glad' to hear that there are more to come! Thanks to Mr WDW for a couple of the pics...


Susan said...

WOW! Kate, what a fantastic trip it must have been! Did you get enough sun and fun to sustain you through the coming winter?

I am especially glad to see Jake sharing his thanks to and support of all the troops who make such sacrifices for the rest of us. The holiday season can be an especially tough time on both the men and women away from home and the families they left behind.

Now I'm wondering how many days it will be before he jets back to NYC. Wonder why all the backing and forthing so often?

mermon said...

Hi Kate! Nice to see your pics after some Italian tweets. Very pretty.

Jake's constant travelling is so mysterious and kind of funny. Good to see his fresh photos. He looks good and in a shape [New York SoulCycling?]. He definitely has his style.
So kind of him to send holiday's wishes to the troops. Maybe he went back and forth to tape it.

So nice to read your post, Kate. You definitely have your style as well. :)

Daniela said...

For the baggage he brings, I hope she has returned to stay and that is because of a new project
Kate, beautiful photos:)

Daniela said...

Sorry, he

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! I brought a cold back with me unfortunately! But I had a marvellous time. All this travelling of Jake's is wearing me out!

Thanks so much Mermon! I'm so glad you like it. Jake looks in great condition and he looks like he's relaxed and enjoying himself too.

Thank you, Daniela! I hope Jake is in LAX to stay for a while as it's so good to see more of him. I wonder where he'll be spending his birthday.

I hope you've all had a good day!

Anonymous said...

A big thank you to Jake (and the other celebs) for their holiday wishes to the troops.

I don't think Jake stayed long in LA. I saw a tweet saying he was at the Oakland airport. It seems he goes to LA for like 24 hours, then up to the San Fran area and back to NY. I think he might have gotten himself a place in NY (make sense) and is spending the rest of the year with his family. I figured he'd want to be there for his birthday and the holidays.

I am hoping he might have had business in LA, maybe about a new project?

mayumintolor said...

Welcome back Kate! Thanks for the beautiful pics of your trip. The woman in the photo is you?! Hi! nice to see your face! :D
Italy is one of the country where I earnestly want to visit. Foods, fashion and architecture are great!
I'm sure you had a wonderful time at there!
And thank you for the great newest video of Jake! I'm really happy to see it. I hope Jake has a wonderful time with his family for his birthday and christmas.

have a good day everyone!

T said...

Welcome back Kate, sounds like you had a fabulous time and keep the pictures coming i love seeing all the sights, Italy is a country im desperate to visit.
Great pics of Jake, he certainly likes to wear his favourite clothes to death but thats one of the reasons we love him as he is very down to earth & unconcerned with material possessions.
Have a great day x

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Got a stinking cold - penance for having such a good time away :D

I hope so, 22:34.

Thanks Mayumintolor! That is me, I'm afraid :D

Thanks T! That is so true - he's done this for years - wearing out his favourite clothes. Mr WDW does it too. It's quite endearing :)

have a great day everyone! Christmas lunch at work today so I may not be very compos mentis this afternoon...

Paula C. said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a SC nomination today for the GG, maybe will have a nice surprise like last year.

Glad your back Kate,even with a cold is worth it! I'm planning my trip to Rome for the spring, although i'm still debating on Florence or Rome, all I know is I can't do both at the same time :(

This short trips have to do something with a future project, otherwise it just doesn't make sense, unless Jake has some weird fetiche with planes.

Winterbird said...

Welcome back! The Pisa Tower looks rather clean... Have they recently given it a scrub?

It's winter, if I were Jake, I'd stay in LA more. In fact, I'd stay in LA more whatever season!

Paula C. said...

Sadly, there was no nomination for Jake or Source code.

Well let's hope he will attend the Globes to support Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Seems you had a wonderful time in Italy, Kate. Very nice pics. Good to see you on one of them again.
I hope you feel better very soon.
Did you enjoy your Christmas lunch ?
I like those new pics of Jake. Hope there will be a new project for him soon.
Have a nice evening everyone :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Paula! I love Rome so much - I think that'll always be my favourite Italian city but if you've not been to Florence I really recommend it. So beautiful and easy to travel around. Although it looked quite easy to travel between the two by train.

Not surprised by the lack of GGs. I never understand GG nominations...

Thanks Winterbird! It was all really clean and lovely - looked particularly good at night. f I were Jake I'd stay in LA during the winter too.

Thanks so much, Christina! I ate far too much so suffering for it now... :D

BBMISwear said...

Between my mini-getaway a couple of weeks ago and your recent one, WDW, I feel like I haven't "seen" you in ages! But I'm so happy to hear that it is for a good reason - you got to spend time in Italy - yay!! I love your pictures and look forward to more. You bring back wonderful memories for me but unfortunately it's also a reminder that I haven't been to Italy in 4 years and it's one of my most favorite places. :-( Maybe in the not too distant future.

I've had a lot to catch up on with many posts here as well as IHJ and on the web in general and it's been fun to find new stuff. Great pictures and video, etc. Hoping for more soon, of course!

I caught up on some comments here too over the last couple of weeks and thank you WDW and Mermon for the Happy Birthday wishes! I like saying that my birthday and Jake's are exactly 2 weeks apart (I just don't mention that it's 2 weeks and a number of years - ha ha)! Oh, and I love your very nice thought, Mermon: “many fruitful Jake encounters!”! I certainly hope so!! Bring on 2012!!

Happy holiday prep for those who are dealing with that...back at it for back soon I hope!


mermon said...

You welcome BBM!
Did you hear anything about End of Watch screening?
Probably it's very good movie!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kate!I hope you enjoyed Tuscany and you'll be back soon!!! Have a nice weekend!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Lovely pictures of both Jake and Italy. Did your hair grow since we met? Looks good!

I hope that trip gave you enough warm memories to help you through the upcoming winter. It's supposed to snow here tomorrow and then finally stay white. Let's see.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Great to see you BBMISwear :-) It's been way too long! Glad you had a good birthday too :)

Hi Mermon!

Thanks Carlotta, you too!

Hi there Mrs JG :D It seems to be snowing everywhere but Oxford at the moment, which is good because it all sounds like mucky snow for the time being. Hope it's ok where you are. And thanks! The rain must be making my hair grow faster than normal :D

I hope everyone's having a good day - weekend at last!