Thursday, 22 December 2011

Jake 'Lumberjack Chic' Gyllenhaal's 31st birthday and WDW's Florence Interlude

Jake Gyllenhaal is back in NYC. On average he spends 2.375 days in LA for every 16.816 days in NYC, earning enough airmiles that in 2018 he will be able to travel to the International Space Station and test its nosh in person. Meanwhile, there have been a few details on how Jake spent his 31st birthday on Monday. Unlike last year, it wasn't spent scuba diving with walruses in Arctic waters.

This time, Jake burnt off some calories at SoulCycle in Union Square before heading off to the Peter Luger steakhouse in Brooklyn, where he was joined by his family and Love and Other Drugs mate Oliver Platt. Apparently, the steakhouse is better at steak than cakes because Jake's mum Naomi had to bring her own along. Jake blew out the candles at the bar while dressed in 'lumberjack chic' (aka Sasquatch Swank). More details at the New York Post. It would appear Jake's vegan phase may be in hiatus.

Despite the Lumberjack Chic, or maybe because of it, Jake has made InStyle's list of the twenty Most Stylish Men in 2011. You can find him at No 11. Jake fared even higher in the poll of most stylish man in green trousers.

Picture thanks to IHJ.

WDW Florence Interlude

I'm delighted to inform you that the myriad of Florence photos have been sorted, a selection of which can now be put in front of you. I advise that these photos are best viewed while scoffing a pizza and indulging in a drop of something red. But to be forewarned, the first pic is me on the Ponte Vecchio, a mere stone's throw from the largest bunch of ice-creams I've ever seen (second to last photo). The David in the photos is not the original. This copy stands on the site where the original use to be, just by the Uffizi (second photo), before it was moved to the Accademia a short distance away.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Evening everyone! I hope you're all enjoying the holidays - if they've started yet of course.... Sorry for inflicting more pics on you.

Susan said...

Once again, great post, Kate! Our fashion-forward Jake seems to be trying his best to make flannel and plaid (not to mention green pants -- ooops! meant TROUSERS) the latest must-have style. I want him to know that his efforts are apparently working quite well in my part of the country; the local WalMart is overrun with men (and women!) of all shapes and sizes doing their best to carry off that signature look. A pity, but most of them are failing miserably. No one can rock that look like Jake!

Birthday dinner at a steakhouse sounds yummy and it's so nice that Naomi went to the trouble to bake a cake for her boy.

Love the pics from Florence! I'm envious!!

BBMISwear said...

Well after countless hours of holiday and vacation prep I am taking a well deserved break and what better way to do it than to eat lunch in front of my computer screen with WDW front and center?!

Sounds like a nice laid back birthday celebration for the birthday boy - I would love to see some pictures (sorry Jake)!

Ahhhh...Florence WDW! Wonderful! Your pictures brought back so many great memories. Although I'm not "indulging in a drop of something red" I did so last night (and am eating Italian leftovers while I read) so I thought it safe to carry on - LOL! Oh...and the photo of the statute to the right of "David" made me smile from ear to ear as I have a photo of me leaning against it and it was deemed "Jack and Ennis" by the people I was traveling with back in 2007! It still makes me smile every time I see it so thanks for the memories!!

Well, back at it for me...nice break though...hope everyone is holding up during the busy holidays.


mermon said...

Wow! Florence looks charming! So do you Kate!

It seems - more complains about Jake's outfit, the more stubborn he is to look like he wants. :) Bravo! Maybe he has fun reading all our dressing advices? And teases with us, giving us a ch ance to discuss things while waiting for his next movie.
I'm glad Jake has a break from vegan food.:) Steak sounds yummy.Man needs some protein to keep his muscles in shape!
I wonder what kind of birthday cake Naomi made for Jake. I will make a coffee&walnut cake + cheese cake for a Christmas Eve. My mum will make the rest. My gifts are bought and wrapped, ready for Saturday.

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL!!!! Florence has the best gelatto in. the. world.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! Jake is quite a trendsetter for sure!

That's brilliant BBMISwear that you know those statues and square so well! I loved it there by day and in the nightlight. Good luck with the holiday prep! I'm quite worn out by it. I never want to set foot in another shop.... :-)

Thanks Mermon! Florence made me very happy :) I wonder about the cake too. I think i'd want chocolate or lemon. I do all the Christmas cooking in my family, which means it's a veggie one. I hate cooking!

Thanks so much, 21:27! The gelatto was magnificent. Mr WDW had the most incredible chocolate orange ice cream. Wonderful.

lillyrosesNjake said...

I actually laughed at loud, WDW at the term "Sasquatch Swank"...never heard the 2 terms together...I believe it is truly the exact opposite of "lumberjack chic". I do believe his inclusion on the Instyle list may have more to do with his stylist choices while promoting SC than some of the re wearing of 4 or 5 pairs of "trousers" he presently has in rotation. Well, not exactly daily rotation (as we have noted here), as opposed to monthly and bi-monthly

I did view the pictures with a drop of something red..cough here very dreary and temperatures are fluctuating between 50's in the day and 20's at night..has lead to a very nasty cough. Hope your food poisoning is getting better...esp for holidays. Your pictures were a ray of sunshine. Continue to see the beautiful places I only see in magazines and travel tv logs. I really am jealous! Keep up the great blog!

LadyEkster said...

Kate, you look so happy in Italy! Looks like it's perfect for you. :)

I hope Jake has recovered from his birthday meal by now and is ready to have a merry Christmas; part of which should definitely be spend unpacking presents in the form of a shaver and new jeans (I'm totally lost in the trousers/pants/whatever language problems. In Dutch it's all just called BROEK, much easier *grin*).

To you all: have a wonderful Christmas weekend! I hope it is to be enjoyed in the company of all your loved ones.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I'm so glad I gave you a laugh, Lily! And I do hope you feel much better soon.

Hi Lady Ekster! I loved Italy - it really does agree with me. Ooh, a new word - broek! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too :)

Monica said...

Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Kate.
I also really enjoy your interludes, especially the Italian ones.

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates. Have a good time with all the ones you love.


T said...

Great pics Kate, love sharing these adventures with you and thanks for an great site.
Merry Christmas keep safe everyone xx

mermon said...

Merry Christmas to all of us! Have a good time with your families and friends.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate, I'm so happy that you enjoyed Florence!
Merry Christmas to everyone, your families and friends!
Lots of love

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for the comments and good wishes! I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas Eve! x

Carol said...

Great pics of Florence, Kate.

Merry Christmas to all of you. Hope you have a lovely one:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Carol!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!