Saturday, 3 December 2011

A look back to 2004 and a WDW Oxford Christmas Light Night Interlude

Jake Gyllenhaal is back in stealth mode. While we wait for the master of camouflage to emerge from his disguise, thank heavens we have IHJ filling the gap with new old Jake, including that very special soul Piilot. I know that he is a favourite of many here and so it is my pleasure to post this scrummy picture. There are many more at IHJ.

I was particularly interested to see a couple of images from Jake's attendance at the inaugural Filmmakers Showcase at his old high school Harvard-Westlake. This event took place in April 2004 but it wasn't his last at the school. In December 2004 Jake was back to talk to the students there alongside his teacher Ted Walch, who is pictured beside Jake in the photograph below the poster for the event. You can read all about that later 2004 event - when Jake was very much in Jarhead mode - here.

A WDW Festive Interlude

Last night was Oxford's Christmas Light Night. This event gets bigger each year to the extent that last night it was enormous and took over every single square metre. Wherever there could be a light, there was a light, and on top of that there were lantern processions, Christmas markets dotted all over the place, more mulled wine than you could bathe a whale in and an awful lot of hats and gloves for sale.

At the Castle, it even snowed. It might have been fake snow but it still added something very Christmassy to the mood as one munched on mince pies, supped vodka infused with elderberries and gazed at some of Oxford's ancient buildings lit up to the heavens. The museums were also all open and so you could have toured the shrunken head exhibits of the Pitt Rivers Museum by torchlight, paused over the mummies in the Ashmolean or taken a peek at Mary Shelley's handwritten notes on a manuscript of Frankenstein in the Bodleian. I may complain about the traffic (which is an obligatory thing to do if you live in Oxford), but there are times when I'm rather proud of the place. It doesn't half scrub up well. Do take a look at Conojito's account of the evening here. He was a bit more sober than me so took better photos. Many thanks to him, Ruby and Mr WDW for their lovely company.

I know that many of you have Christmas markets going on in your own cities across the world and so do tell us about them in the comments.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a good Saturday - I've been in recovery mode...

mermon said...

Those Highway pictures nicely reminded me of the movie. How young Jake looked then, which is normal. :)
He has changed a lot. He stayed boyish with a lot of charm, with some mature deepness inside.
I like your night photos Kate. Looks like you had a lovely time with your friends and hubby. I hope you feel better by now :)
In my city, Kraków is a Christmas Market in Old Town. It's always beautiful. A lot of Christmas goodies to buy, good food to eat and mulled wine sale from barrels to enjoy! I will see it on Monday evening.

BBMISwear said...

Scrummy is right WDW! (And I know you know I am one of the people here who considers Pilot a favorite)!!

Lovely pictures of the Christmas lights in your neck of the woods! My hometown in Massachusetts has many lights going through the center of town and where I am vacationing this weekend is the start of their Christmas celebration for most of the month of December so the lights and decor is beautiful. We picked a great time to come here.

Happy Saturday night to those in my time zone (we're heading out for some "cheer" real soon)!


Anonymous said...

I've never seen Pilot.

Lovely Xmas lights, WDW. I was watching a special on TV tonight about Xmas lights and it looks like the rest of the world has joined us Americans in going overboard decorating (well some people in the US go overboard)


mermon said...

@sweetpea - Why haven't you seen Highway yet? He is amazing in it. You're so lucky to have some Jake's movie to see. :)
Have a nice Sunday everyone.

Paula C. said...

Mermon,I've never seen highway either, but if you say it's good i'll check it out.

Kate, loved the photos, it felt Christmas but also romantic.

Here in Portugal no one is going overboard with the decorations because of the crisis, but i really miss it, it helps get into the Christmas spirit, but here in Lisbon there is still a lot of street decorations and i love to walk the streets at night with my son and hubby this time of year

mermon said...

@Paula C. - I like Highway very much. From many reasons. Though it's very controversial for some people and might not be for everybody. Some drugs taking&sale are involve. But it's always worth to try to make your own opinion. Team Jake and Jared Leto is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Jake appears to have brought both those green pants and beard thingy to LA. Just Jared has new pics of Jake. I think there may be news soon about a new film.

Just throwing it out there.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Just done a new post with the lovely new pics :)

Good to see you all! And great to see the love for Highway - I do like it myself - it's a grower... I know you love Piilot, BBMISwear :-) I bet where you are is lovely at the moment!

Hi Mermon! Krakow must be so beautiful :) Mulled wine is good...

You should see it, Sweetpea - well worth a look :)

Hi Paula! That's a shame. I think ironically some places here are going to more trouble because of the economical trials. My village wasn't going to have any but instead has more than normal.

Thanks Anon - I've just been putting those up.