Saturday, 7 January 2012

Buy a piece of Source Code - including Jake Gyllenhaal's suits

How much did you love Source Code? Or do you just fancy dressing up? Do you have a few hundred dollars to spare? For a dollar short of $2,000 you can buy Colter Steven's airsuit. Fortunately from before the accident and not after it.

For half that price you can buy the suit, as worn by Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Straight from the set of the new thriller, Source Code, this is Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) screen worn, grey, black, and brown tweed with chocolate suede patches on the elbow 'Daniel Hetcher' jacket, (size 38R) blue button front oxford style long sleeve 'B.D. Baggies' shirt, (size L) grey, chine 'Madison Ave.' tie, dark navy blue 'J.W. Brine' pants, (size 48) and dark brown suede 'Hugo Boss' belt.'Interestingly, if you don't mind the scuffs from Jake's jump off the train, you can buy another set for $100 less.

Other props for sale include the trenchcoat for $499: 'Straight from the set of the new thriller, Source Code, this is Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) screen worn, beige double breasted button up the front long sleeve with self tie belt 'Rene Lezard' trench coat jacket. (size 50) Includes wardrobe tag!'

You can also buy Michelle Monaghan's coat, bag, pen and notebook, as well as her train ticket. You can see all those here.

Many thanks to friend Alex for the link!

My review of The Iron Lady is now up at MovieBrit.


mermon said...

Hi, everybody!
Hahahaha! What the prizes! Not for the mediocre movie fan.
Colter suit/jacket is very specific, I would recognize any guy in it! I would like to meet a guy wearing that. Would be funny!

Jake was spotted today in San Francisco at the ferry building farmers' market. (from tweets)

mayumintolor said...

Ohhh! I don't know why my heart is throbbing to read this post.
If Colter's suits or jacket would be mine, I embrace it everyday! But it's impossible... :(
btw Thank you Kate! for the information. :)

and Thank you Mermon! for the Jake's news!

Have a good day everyone!

tpe said...

Thsnkd for the link, WDW!

I am SOOOO tempted to get the flight suit!!

LadyEkster said...

Haha, it ís very tempting indeed... But I guess they will have (dry)cleaned it so it doesn't have Jake's scent on it anymore... What a shame. ;-)

I hope you are all enjoying a nice weekend! The Dutch have once again battled the elements this week; wind and water. A couple of towns in the north had to be evacuated due to the high water, but it seems like everything is going to be ok.

LadyEkster said...

OMG the Wossy interview! You've just totally made my Sunday, WDW. THANK YOU!

He looks divine... So close to his gorgeous looks in Proof. His voice was a bit higher than nowadays, and compared with that cheeky young smile... I almost crawled into the computer to get to him. Lovely, lovely, lovely. *swoon*

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! Sounds like Jake is very busy in SF from the tweets.

My pleasure Mayumintolor, I hope you've had a good weekend!

That airsuit is so so cool, Tpe! Good to see you :)

Hi there Lady Ekster :) Sorry to hear about the weather, we had quite a bit of that here last week. Horrible. And I'm so glad you liked the Wossy interview!