Thursday, 19 January 2012

Jake 'do you like my new big truck?' Gyllenhaal pops out for juice, 18 January 2012

It's been a while since we've seen a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal exhibiting his famous multi-tasking skills, but today we have pictures of Jake carrying a minimum of five drinks while negotiating an extremely large vehicle. Jake was photographed leaving Beverly Hills Juice yesterday (18 January). I hate to say it but I do think that Jake may be in talks to bring back the Face Pet.

Many thanks to IHJ for the new pictures!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good day :)

mermon said...

Hello! Actually I'm having a bad day, being and feeling sick.
But seeing Jake on pictures made me feel better. That's so sexy and cute IMO, that we don't see him with beer or other alcohol(though, it wouldn't be bad), but always with something healthy, that we could give to a child. :)I'm glad he takes good care of himself.
In the meantime new pics showed up with Jake and Adam Levine, the same day, same clothes.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better, Mermon

great pics of Jake. X17 has photos of him taken on Weds having lunch with Adam


Anonymous said...

oops Sorry, Mermon, I see you posted the link already


LadyEkster said...

"I hate to say it but I do think that Jake may be in talks to bring back the Face Pet.
...and the Trousers!
Yup, I'm afraid you're right, WDW. But I'll be silent for now and indulge myself in the Golden Globe pics and vids as long as I can. He sure looks good with that scruff. :-)

By the way, meh to the truck. Why would one need such a vehicle in the city? Only massive shopaholics would need that big a trunk for all their bags, and we all know Jake's clothing regime when he's not working. *grin* Same thing goes for the Q7 of course, but I like that one much much mĂșch more!

mermon said...

Thank you @sweetpea!
Jake looks nice at his truck IMO.
I would like to see him behind the wheel, through the window, like in BBM!
We don't know why he has it, probably he needs a truck for some reason. Maybe some expedition? Maybe it doesn't belong to him.
Beard is slowly growing, but so far, as a scruff - looks great!
Beard goes together with a truck, don't you think so? :)

Anonymous said...

You assume Jake lives in the city. I picture him living outside a city, in a place with a lot of land and possibly a big vegetable garden. Almost like a small farm.

Also, I once saw an interview of Jake and he said he made a table for his mother. He must have a workshop or someplace to do his wood working as well.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha. You assume this is Jake's truck. Maybe it isn't.

Susan said...

OMG! Are we possibly at the leading edge of another scandal?! Could we be about to witness - "truck-gate"?!

Why would he possbily need such a huge vehicle? Could it be simply because he wants to haul around massive quantities of healthy juice wherever he goes? Is he going to build a log cabin in the woods where he can live in peace with nature, organic vegetables, and the Face Pet?

It couldn't be just that guys like big trucks, right? I mean... that's kind of boring...

lillyrosesNjake said...

Ha, ha LadyEkster, my first thought when I saw WDW picture was that the green "trousers" were ALSO back...I had already concluded the razor was gone when I saw the Globe segment. I beginning to wonder, with the well-worn work boots, does Jake have a side job doing carpentry, working on a farm, lumberjacking-esp with the big truck in the picture...? :)

Anonymous said...

He is cute whatever he does!

Anonymous said...
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Leslie said...

It looks like Austin Nichols was with them also, and that older gentleman is back. I don't know who he is but Jake's been seen with him recently.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Leslie, you're right. That's definately Austin Nichols.

I really wonder who that older man with them is. He was seen with Jake earlier this year already. I wonder if he is a personal friend of Jake or someone he's going to work with.
I wonder what it would have been like to sit at a table next to the them. Could one even look away? Or just stare at Jake, Adam and Austin?

And I like the truck. Seems to fit Jake. But those pants!
On those pics with Adam - Adam tucks his jeans in his shoes too!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all!

I'll get these new pictures up shortly.

So sorry you're poorly, Mermon :( I hope you feel better over the weekend.

Morning Sweetpea :)

Totally agree about the truck, Lady Ekster - totally excessive and extremely impracticable in a city. It was good to go to Florence with all the teeny cars.

Hi 21:03 - it's likely that Jake made that table for his mum while living in their family home in LA or in Martha's Vineyard. But Jake I'm sure has gardens wherever he lives.

He is at least using it, 22:33... ;)

TruckGate - love it Susan! The list grows while we wait for more movie news. Maybe he is reverting to Sasquatch *gulps*

Those would be very suitable second jobs for Jake, Lily!

He is 1:00 :)

As always, anything that looks like house information, real or not, about Jake or anyone else will be deleted.

Thanks Leslie, I'll take a look now! I can never recognise anyone...

Morning Mrs JG! Adam does it too? That is not good! Jake needs to associate more with people who don't tuck their trousers in their shoes...

Have a good day everyone. Friday!