Thursday, 5 January 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal greets 2012 and the lost Jonathan Ross interview emerges

At last, we have our first sightings of Jake Gyllenhaal in 2012 and it's clear that he has not been taking any of my suggestions for New Year Resolutions seriously at all. This is clearly going to be one of those hairy years that we will look back upon in future times and recall with incredulity how long the beard got by the end of December 2012. Firstly, Jake was spotted in Venice, LA, on New Years Day, having found the only cafe open in the entire northern hemisphere. Trust Jake to sniff it out. Like many of the rest of us on New Years Day, Jake had adopted the big sunglasses look but they were also accompanied by a lovely big smile (despite the possible ticket). And... The Trousers...

Jake may have seen in the new year still attached to his beloved Green Trousers but maybe he wore them a day too long and they fell apart at the seams and had to be binned. When Jake was seen again, this time on 4 January, the Trousers were gone and replaced by jeans. Please note how I'm not mentioning that the trouser leg is still tucked into the shoe. Many thanks to IHJ for ending the GyllenDrought with a Double Whammy! There are lots more there. Thanks to T for the link to the ticket article.

The lost interview!

I could hardly believe my eyes yesterday when a WDW reader very kindly posted a link to a video on YouTube which presents the long lost appearance of Jake on the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show which aired in March 2004. I never expected to see this. I am so pleased I can. Many thanks to the poster.

I may never think of Elliott Gould in the same way again...


sheba said...

OMGosh. Thank you thank you thank you. What a long, luxurious interview. I've been waiting for 6 years to see that missing interview with JR. It was fabulous!! Jake was as yummy then as he is now. Loved the instant rapport between him and Jonathan it was so fluid and easy.

What a delightful start to the year. Watching it now I am starting to recall seeing it before and wondering who this gorgeous guy was especially as he linked Jake to Donnie Darko, a movie that had haunted me for years. Also, Jonathan agrees with me about Jake's abnormally large head that looks superb on the big screen. However, having seen Jake in the flesh his head is not as big as I thought. It's amazing how JR has provided the links to Jake before BBM.

You have made my week WDW. Also love the new pictures. Jake has matured into a ruggedly handsome man with traces of the boy still present. Can't wait for what he has in store for us in 2012

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate for the "lost interview"!!!And what a fantastic post!!!...The Trousers...Are they on a beach for holidays, aren't they?!?
A nice 6th of
January, that in Italy is called Befana, to everyone!
Ps: Am I the only one that love FacePet?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad my regular searching for JG on YT paid off and not only I can enjoy this great interview. Jake and Jonathan hit if off from the first interview. I'm very glad I sent you this link, this is the least I could do as a thank you for all your work put into this blog. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great interview. he has a good sense of humour and is a great actor. Hope someday he will look like this again. The hairy beard and trousers tucked in the shoes are not so promising. Did he find his outfit in the trash bin? Maybe one day he will dress up nicely and make a new movie. Hopefully next year.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Sheba, perfectly put! I couldn't agree more. We're so lucky to be able to see this after all these years. I think he and JR get on. Always makes me think of that golden time at the BAFTAs when JR introduced Jake and he walked onto stage to Arcade Fire. What a night!

I hope you're right, Carlotta! I'm sure they're ready for a break :)

Thanks so much again 19:38 and I'm so glad you like the blog! It'd be lovely if you could think up a name so we could get to know you :)

Such a great interview, 17:50 :) I'm not so keen on Jake's present look but it is so good to see him again so I'm smiling this evening. More films would be GOOD!

I hope you all have a good evening!

Anonymous said...

what an adorable interview! I loved it


BBMISwear said...

You have me laughing, WDW, with the hair and trouser comments! I can't believe the many comments on websites, twitter, facebook, etc. re: Jake's beard - it's not too popular at the moment! We all know in good time it will come off and we'll see that beautiful face once more (not that he's not good looking with it, mind you, just saying...).

Anyway, thanks for the laugh and IHJ for the many great pics and your reader for finding the awesome old JR interview - such a funny one!

Now all we need is more pictures and some movie news. *starts a chant*


mermon said...

Great post Kate! Nice to see new pictures. Jake can't hide his fantastic wide shoulders!
Video is such a fun! I had no idea there was any missing video, cause I didn't know Jake then.
JR and Jake go together well, pleasure to watch. It was before BBM time and Jonathan treated Jake like a real star, which he was of course already then.
@Anon 19:38 - Thank you for a treasure video. You could choose some name, so we could know you :)
@Anon 19:28 - I can't say that I love FacePet, but I accept it as a Jake's choice. Like he said "a beard happens to grow when a man stops to shave." :)

Susan said...

My thanks as well, Kate, and also to the reader who delivered that yummy interview clip! What a treasure!

mermon said...

I read today in Polish newspapers that on Sunday in NYC is a No Pants Subway Ride Happening. People don't wear pants/trousers being in metro.
I wish Jake went to NYC again then and take a ride and let someone to take the pics. :))
The same tradition is already in Amsterdam, Tel Awiw, London and Prague. And first time this year in Warsaw, Polish capital. I wonder if my country-fellows will be brave enough.

Karen said...

Brilliant old interview with JR - I have always wanted to see this as I missed it first time round. Thanks so much x

Daniela said...

Hi everyone!
2012 started well
Jake surrounded by friends, love it
I think I'll scare me when see the first photo of Jake without a beard, I'm getting used
What does the love! lol

winterbird said...

What an adorable interview that was?!? Thanks for bringing it here!

..... But I don't understand why so many think he has a big head?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Friday - phew :) Great to see so many of you here this morning.

Morning Sweetpea :)

Glad I gave you a chuckle, BBMISwear :-) I think I'm very ready for the 2012 Shave now... Yes! *joins movie chant*

Morning Mermon!Over the years when Jake's appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show, we've talked about this episode so it's a huge treat. I'm not certain I like the idea of the No Pants day! In the UK that would mean something else entirely!

Morning Susan and it's a pleasure!

Hi there Karen! Me too :)

Hi Daniela! It would be a shock, but a very nice one. Hopefully, it'll be at the itchy phase very soon...

Morning Winterbird! I think Jake went through a real phase of thinking he has a very big head, possibly because for BBM, for the first time, he had to wear really big hats... I suppose about the time of this interview, Jake was getting to know Jack Twist. Ahh it does me good to write that name - been too long.

Have a good day!

BBMISwear said...

WDW said: "Jake was getting to know Jack Twist. Ahh it does me good to write that name - been too long."

BBMISwear says: "You bet."

:-) xoxo

Paula C. said...

What a great find, I thought I'd already seen all of Jake's interviews, so it was a wonderful surprise.

Kate, now that i know what pants are in the UK it really takes a new meaning!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I got a little teary with that, BBMISwear :-) It's lovely looking back to those days.

I know, Paula! Surely, it would be too chilly?

Have a good evening everyone - so glad it's the weekend :)

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment that Jake Gyllenhaal fight in Hollywood against violent movies of past historical eras. As Gladiator or about Crusades etc. ..that leave people ignorant more disorientated they and thirsty this violence scenes as spectators of the Circo Maximo de Rome.
It is terrible to listen to an ignorant person talking about historical facts that she can't aware nor have knowledge to analyze.
Leaving the population more disoriented that ja is currently.

mermon said...

Good Morning!
I've watched that hilarious interview with Jonathan Ross again. It gave me a good laugh and set me in a good mood. I like this kind of ping-pong interview and both of them are good in it. Jake looked so well then!
Focus Features has a poll for their movies of 10 years. There is BBM among them, so we may vote and make BBM win!
Let's vote for BBM! Focus Features Movie Poll

Paula C. said...

My vote is in, Mermon!
I also shared the link in another blog, so let's hope BBM moves up to first place

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! Thanks for the link! It missed today's post, so I'll put it in the next.

Hi Paula!

new post :)