Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal in LA, 23 January

On 23 January Jake Gyllenhaal was seen popping into a medical building in LA. Reports indicate that Jake is receiving anti-cloning treatment which, hopefully, would put a stop to the sightings of Jake Gyllenhaals in numerous places around the world at the same time. Time will tell if the treatment is successful or if it will have the opposite effect of producing even more Jakes.

Many thanks to IHJ for the new pictures!


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Who would want an anti-cloning treatment on Jake? Probably only he himself.

I could use a Jake clone for personal use any given day of the year.

Aileen said...

"for personal use'?

mermon said...

I agree, he'd better live those clones alone! I hope for one to appear in Poland. Though I would prefer an original to come here.:)
It seems to be rather cold in LA right now, judging by his blue jacket and jumper underneath. OK, I've checked it. It's around 10°C and sunny! A bit warmer than in Poland(3°)C.
3days ago(20th) Jake was also seen at the Medical Building. Pics in IHJ gallery. Maybe he's started drug rep's career?;)

BBMISwear said...

Wow...the guy gets around, huh?! Definitely hard to keep track of things on twitter and it always amuses me how people *think* they see Jake and tweet about it and he's no where near the place (I guess not everyone "recognizes" him the way some of us do)!

I like the idea of a music video if it comes together (not as much as a movie, of course, but a variety of projects is good).

Thanks for the updates and updates to the updates WDW!


Jules said...

Have I ever told you that your posts crack me up? You're hilarious, Kate, you always manage to make my day so thanks from the only Gyllenhaalic in the world who can't wait for Jake's face pet to make its appearance again LOL

Have a good day, y'all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this funny post, Kate. It made my day at work :-)
I hope this anti-cloning treatment works well :-) It's confusing with all those tweets.
Have a nice evening everyone.

Carol said...

Great funny post Kate. I'm in a bit of a sulk because Michael Fassbender didn't get a deserved Oscar nom for Shame so your post has cheered me up:}

All I can say is leave the Irish Jake clone alone!!

Susan said...

Great post, Kate; I'm still laughing.

Poor Sasha, you might not get your clone after all!

Is it any wonder that celebrities must feel like they are being stalked, having people taking pictures of such mundane things as gassing up a car or going to an appointment? Does my enjoyment of such photos make me a second-tier stalker? Uh-oh...

Anonymous said...

I think the world should only have ONE Jake G, no cloning allowed (unless they are my bedwarmers)


Anonymous said...

Oh no, why is Jake going to the doctor all the time? I hope he's healthy. As much as I love seeing photos of him I'd rather not see him go to the doctor's so often.
Let's hope he's fine.

Anonymous said...

My dermatologist and my dentist have both asked for weekly follow ups now and then. With all the exercising and juicing he does, I think Jake must be pretty healthy.

I do sometimes wonder if he over does it exercising. He injured his foot a few years ago, and he complained of shin splints from running, in an interview once. Tearing a muscle or a ligament is painful.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for the comments everyone! Been such a busy, stressy day it does me good to see you all.

Jules, thank you so much for saying such a lovely thing! I saw that on the move earlier today and it made my day :)

Congrats to Michelle for her Oscar nom! Otherwise, they were a bit random, Carol.

As for the doctor thing, I'm sure it's nothing serious, these centres offer so may different services. But as there have been a few visits in the last few days, it does make me wonder if a project is coming up. Jake tends to go to the centre a bit just before a foreign trip too. But I have no idea and simply enjoying speculating!

Good to see you all!

Daniela said...

Hi Kate, hi to everyone!
2 visits in less than one week, I also hope it's something to do with the work, by the way everyone expects

Anonymous said...

I wish Jake Gyllenhaal made ​​a movie-themed Greek mythology as Steve Reeves