Monday, 23 January 2012

[Update] Jake Gyllenhaal never left LA after all and is a music video on the cards?

[Update] Well, it looks like Jake may never have been in Sundance after all.... Thanks for everyone putting me straight. I'm particularly grateful to Jeanne for telling me that Jake was at LA Satellite on Saturday, a club in LA, to see a band called Papa. Quit Mumbling is the concert promoter.

Of course this also means that Jake was not at the WME party...The WME party was so rumbustious that it had to be shut down by the police due to what sounds like a gatecrashing issue. Here is the Quit Mumbling tweet and another tweet here.

There have been tweets today from three London models talking about how they were called in for a casting  in a pub by the sound of it) for a music video directed by Daniel Wolfe that would also feature a 'Hollywood star'. It turned out that the star is Jake Gyllenhaal! You can follow the twitter feeds here and here and here. By the sound of it, if this, whatever it is, comes to pass, then it may be filmed, or at least some of it, in the UK. Time will tell. Jake's certainly got the coat for the place. Thanks to Mermon for the links!

Please note how I'm not mentioning The Trousers, nor the fact that they are tucked into the trainers. Harumpf. Very nice jacket though...

If you don't mind watching pap videos, then X17 has a video of last week's sushi outing with Jake, Austin Nichols and Adam Levine.

Many thanks to IHJ for the pictures, there are more there!

My review of Carnage is now up at MovieBrit.


confused said...

I' m sorry maybe I have not understood. Was Jake to the Sundance or no? I know that your posts are always amusing and ironic, but since the English is not at times my first language I find it hard to understand if you are serious or no as in this case, aspect explanations, apologize and thank you

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Confused - and sorry to confuse you. Jake was at Sundance at the weekend. He did go to at least one concert. It's just not known if he was at the WME party. I am sorry for not being more clear. I'm bad at that sometimes. Thanks for reading WDW!

minnie said...

The concert you are referring to was at a club in Silverlake district of Los Angeles at a club called Satellite. Quit Mumbling are music promoters.

Why do you keep saying he was in Sundance? When was he there. YOU say he was in for a very quick trip, but how do you know this? There are many pictures of him shown to be in LA every day with actual photos. All this tweeting is very, very confusing. I am at the point not to believe anything without a picture.

mermon said...

Those fresh pictures and the others on IHJ, especially, when to make them bigger are excellent! I like when Jake smiles, but
I think I prefer when he's serious. Sorry Jake, maybe you were not pleased at all to have those pics to be taken, but I like the way you look! Very masculine :)
Very exciting news about that possible music video. So new agency, new project? Let's hope we will find out soon. Let's wait till those girls will come back from casting. Maybe they will tweet something.
That party in Sundance sounds wild and crazy.
Video seems a bit intrusive, but they all look like a bunch of good friends, having good time together.

Jeannie said...

Yes I have to agree with Minnie above. Jake was at the club LA Satellite to see a band called Papa. Quit Mumbling is the concert promoter. You can check out Papa the band's website or Quit Mumbling's website to see a poster for that show.

mk said...

yea he was pictured on friday in LA and sunday in LA and the concert i believe was saturday night i dont believe all the tweets out there there are so many false or mistaken identiy tweets so i take most tweets with a grain of salt

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Minnie - it is very confusing. Especially for me who is a huge timezone away. I did see tweets saying Jake was at Sundance but as you say it is hard to fathom. So, I'm not saying this to cause trouble, I'm saying this as I thought it was true - so please don't get at me...

Hi mermon! Sounds good, doesn't it?

Thanks Jeanne for the update.

I'll update the post...

mermon said...

With Jake is always difficult to say where exactly he is! Very easy to make mistake.
That's very good for him. He leads as normal life as possible in his case and we got some glimpse of it. Sometimes being fooled by mistaken news. That's why it's so exciting. It's almost like being Sherlock Holmes, that original one. :)
By the way, Kate, I like the way you updated this post. It may sound funny for those who haven't read its first version :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Mermon! I hope the update will do as I don't think I can update it again!

minnie said...

Thank you,dear WDW. I was doing even more checking, and I read on some other blogs about the weather in Los Angeles was not good on Friday or Saturday, and also another thing I read to say that there was a blizzard at the Sundance on either Friday and Saturday, so travel would be difficult.

Yes, it is like being a detective to figure out twitter. If you just see so many tweets it is like Jake has clones and he is everywhere in the world at once! LOL!

Anonymous said...

alot of people get Jake confused with Tobey Maguire because of those big doey eyes. TO this day, people still think Jake was Spiderman.

mermon said...

@Anon - that's something
I completely don't understand!
I like Tobey a lot, but sorry Tobey, Jake is so much more handsome. IMO
But maybe from the distance, in a cap or a hood...?
I saw today two tweets from people seeing him in Toronto and on a bike in UK (London?)
So maybe Jake was so greathearted that let the medics make his clones for Canada and Europe as well! LOL

Carol said...

That new music video project sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing more on that one.

@Mermon I think one of those clones lives in my town. My friend swears that she has seen a guy who is a dead ringer for Jake around several times. Unfortunately never when I'm around though:)

Daniela said...

LOL I do not understand how people can confuse Jake with Tobey

I do not understand the casting twiters on with it, music video.
Just waiting to see.

A question that troubles me
Do not know if jake gets better smiling or serious the way at the gas station, very difficult! haha!

Aileen said...

Yay, I live in London, I'd love to run into Jake, haha.

mayumintolor said...

Hi everyone!
Thank you for this interesting post.
I'm really thrilled by that new music video project.
Hope it will be real!
Oh! I wish one of Jake's clones would being in my country.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Jake seems to like to make the most out of his trips to Europe. Last time he went to Iceland with Bear, this time it seems he'll do a music video before or after the Berlinale.

Maybe Jake should move to Europe, if he likes working here so much.
Not that would have anything to do with the fact that I'd love to live closer to him.

Jake has been seen at the medical center again yesterday - Just Jared has posted some pictures.
I hope it's just reg. check ups, nothing serious.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! New pics! And you know what that means.... new post :D

Anonymous said...

I saw Jake at Sundance on Monday twice! I saw him walking once on Main St. during the afternoon, and he was having dinner at the restaurant, Purple Sage, also on Main.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ooh that's so exciting Anon! He was photographed in LA during the day on Monday so he certainly gets around! Good for you!