Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Jarhead Video Flashback!

As we immerse ourselves deeper and further into the world of mysteries that will become known to future generations as '2012', one thing hasn't changed from the end of last year - the Jake Drought. Yes, at the moment it's easier to see a flying duckbilled platybus than it is to espy Jake Gyllenhaal amongst the coffee bars of American cities. As a result, this post takes us back to 2005 when Jake was, as I remember, everywhere. Sometimes at the same time. On one of those days, Jake attended the Variety Screening Series gala for Jarhead along with Peter Sarsgaard and Sam 'Bond Director' Mendes.

Back in January 2008, four years ago almost to the day strangely enough, I did a major post on this screening - do read it here - but links in it subsequently packed in. I have replaced the main podcasting link which will let you listen to the full Q&A (and it's a goodie) but a video of part of it is now available. And that wasn't originally featured. You can watch that below or find it here.

Many thanks to BBMISwear for finding the new links! Photo thanks to IHJ.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hope you all had a good day, getting back into the swing of work *sobs*

mermon said...

I am in Jarhead mood lately, having bought DVD, waiting for common watching with gyllengirls. So, Kate, thanks for that post and a link to the old one. Had too stressful day to write anything more right now though. :) Goodnight!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

You're the best, Kate. Even Jake is giving us a hard time to drool over him, you still manage to find something new and interesting.

Come February we should be able to see more of him, when he's in Berlin again.
Until then we have to remain content with what we have.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

Hi Mermon - I hope you have a better day today :) I had a stressful one too - first day back at work. Ugh.

Thanks, Mrs JG! Jake certainly doesn't make it easy for m at times but I do try :)

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

A little offtopic, but recently I discovered an old clip of Gyllenhaal on Jonathan Ross Show! I read your blog regularly, and love it!, so I thought I'd share it if you haven't seen it.


Susan said...

Wonderful flashback, Kate! It has put me in a "Jarhead" mood as well.

Thanks for the link Anon 9:48! What a lovely, funny interview. Loved the reference to Donnie Darko in the midst of Day After Tomorrow promotion.

I'm back in the old work grind as well, but my mind is there even less than my heart at the moment... Would much rather be in Gyllenland!

T said...

Hi Guys

Found this from what looks like the 2nd Jan, i think its recent as the beard & khaki trousers are present, Looks like he's getting a ticket..


mermon said...

I read that old Jarhead post with pleasure! It looks like they had quite fun on a set.
I found it very lovely that Swofford(real one)liked Jake in Donnie Darko and Good Girl and was pleased with Jake acting him in the movie. He gave very interesting impressions from his visits to movie set and from Jarehead screening. Very good read. Must be nice for the writer and a person who really experienced that all to watch making the movie and a finished effect.

BBMISwear said...

I have to say I've been enjoying some "new/old" bits over the last few days and you certainly do always make everything (even the old stuff) entertaining WDW! I guess it's the best we can do while we wait (patiently?!) for word on EoW for 2012 and any new projects, right?

*trying to be patient*

Hope you're enjoying your evening!


T said...

Hey guys
Just jared as some pics of jake out and about yesterday in LA and looks like the khakis are in the wash as the jeans have returned, though he doesn't look happy to be photographed without them ;)

Susan said...

Oh, Kate! The Just Jared site has photographic evidence that Mr. Gyllenhaal has been listening to your pleas - sort of - halfway - to untuck the trousers from his shoes!
Seems he does like to tease you a bit! :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Sorry for absence last night - out with Ruby and Conojito :)

9:48! Thank you so so much for commenting and for that link! That's a famous interview which is particularly famous for being lost! I've wanted to see it for years - thank you!

Thanks for the link, T!

Hello Susan, Mermon and BBMISwear! Jake is about and so a new post :D