Thursday, 9 February 2012

Updated: The 62th Berlinale begins! Meet the Jury, including one Jake Gyllenhaal

Update: Jake at the opening ceremony this evening! When asked how he pronounced his name - in a rather odd way (Goolinhay?) - Jake told the interviewer how he had spent years teaching people how to pronounce his name and she had destroyed his work with 'one fell swoop'.

The Berlinale has begun! Kicking it off this morning was a photocall and press conference at the Grand Hyatt for its international jury, including president Mike Leigh, the marvellous Charlotte Gainsbourg (one of the stars of my film of 2011 - Melancholia) and the one and rather lovely only Jake Gyllenhaal. It's been a while since we've seen Jake on show like this. Let's savour the moment and the full range of Jake's facial expressions.

Unfortunately, the opening question was from an ill-informed and really rather ignorant journalist from the Boston Herald who asked Jake if he were out of place among the jury, despite having made Brokeback Mountain, because he is a Hollywood actor. Jake dealt with it well by leaving the question to his president, Mike Leigh, who also smoothed over the moment, but you could tell Jake was a little annoyed. Nevertheless, there were moments of affection from the crowd, as there usually are for Jake on these occasions, and a friend of mine who was there told me that although Jake did seem a little moody (not surprisingly) he did make a big effort to crack some jokes. I'm delighted that my friend took some photos for us and is going to send them across as soon as he's not in a cinema watching festival movies.

You can watch the whole press conference yourself here.

Thanks so much to IHJ for getting the pictures up so fast. There are lots more there.


Anonymous said...

Great summary, WDW, thanks.

Jules said...

That Boston journalist was a total jerk. I felt for Jake, he was blatantly annoyed. He looked great and beyond handsome, anyway.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks 19:26!

He really coped with it well, Jules! The only person who looked out of the place was the moronic 'journalist'.

Updated the post with a couple of pics from the opening ceremony which took place about 2 minutes ago! Jake was in a very good mood and joked about the pronunciation of his name - a reliable subject :D

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Obviously Germany is trying it's hardest to make sure Jake ain't coming back too soon. Asking him to pronounce his name.
And calling him an odd man out.

I feel embarrased for my fellow country men.

Kate, there is a girl who met Jake today (even got an autograph) and took loads of pics. She'll email them tomorrow. I will forward them to you ASAP.

Susan said...

Thanks so much, Kate for the wonderful updates. It really is nice to see Jake out and about.

BBMISwear said...

I've only been able to get in front of my computer for small bits of time here and there so still haven't watched the press conference yet but when I do I'm dying to see if the Boston Herald reporter gives his name and if I know of him. From what is being said here he sounds like a complete loser! I will say that (like most major cities) there is a reputable newspaper and a not so reputable newspaper and the Boston Globe is the reputable one in Boston. The Herald, ummmm, not so much. It's unfortunate that this is the person that was there from the New England area and he actually got to ask a question. *rolls eyes* I'm glad Jake and Mike Leigh seemed to handle it professionally.

I did catch quick glimpses of Jake on the red carpet and at the ceremony while they were streaming live (Lookin' Good!) but I don't think the archived video footage is on the website yet - something else to look forward to when I finally am in front of my computer for longer than 10 minutes at a time!

Speaking of...out the door back later I hope!


Eureka said...

Great post WDW.
Is the open ceremony being streamed? Or is it just available on satellite/cable TV?
@BBMISwear, he did give his name...*rolling eyes*

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

The stream should be available to rewatch in a couple of hours.

Anonymous said...

WDW, your friends are fantastic, at least one of them must be a very professional journalist.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate, you're great as usual!!!What a's like to be there!Thanks,thanks,thanks!
Carlotta comment on "the journalist"...I think noone can remember his name and his questions...

mermon said...

Great post, beautiful pictures!
IMO Jake is the most photogenic from all the men I know. I love all those expressions on his face.
Thank you Kate for explaining that American Reporter episode. It doesn't seem so bad when
I understand it now. Though of course that question was at least inappropriate. Jake handled it very well. He looked great at the press conference, which I still had no time to watch till the end. I like the way he was dressed.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Snowing again...

That will be fantastic, Mrs JG! Thank you! I love the personal stories from these events :)

Thanks so much, Susan :)

Hello BBMISwear :-) He was indeed - and made himself look an idiot. It is a shame that he got first question. Typical. I didn't see the red carpet. So much of this is hit and miss! I hope videos turn up later.

Hi Eureka! It was streamed - I just caught the introductions. It sounded like the next big streaming event with the jury would be the closing ceremony.

ooh thanks Mrs JG! If you get a link, could you post it here?

I know quite a few journalists, 20:37, having covered a fair few film events myself.

Thank you so much, Carlotta! What a wonderful thing to say! x

mermon said...

One more thing - I like the attention Jake's got also from American press. I think being a jury member in that Festival will give Jake good publicity. All actors makes some movies, but not many of them take part in such a important event.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much Mermon! Posting at the same time :) Yes, it wasn't an attack on BBM, just making out that BBM was the only film that made Jake suitable for a European film jury. Very rude and oh so wrong. I like the way Jake was dressed too, I o hope we get to see more!

Thanks so much to everyone for sharing all this!

Jules said...

The journalist practically told him "what the hell are you Hollywood spoiled half-actor doing here?" It was as bad as it looked, IMO. And Jake handled it well but was annoyed and he had good reasons to be.

Good to see his killer smile back in full force, anyway. I sure missed it!


Anonymous said...

Can he get any cuter? I love the photos, thanks Kate for keeping us up to date on the lovely Jake.:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

It was extremely rude and made the journalist look like an absolute idiot, Jules. That is indeed what he was making out. Incredible! So great to see Jake though :)

Thanks so much, 21:30!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful post, Kate. I like all those lovely pics.
Just watched the press conference. Would have been nice if the introducer had learned his lessons before he went to work and pronounce Jake's name correct. The journalist from Boston was incredible rude.
I hope Berlinale will get "Jake-friendlier". Otherwise I think Sasha is right when she says, Jake won't come back to Germany too soon after this.
Tomorrow I am heading off to Berlin. I still hope to get a glimpse of Jake "eye to eye" there during the next few days. I get my fingers crossed.
@Carlotta: It's a pity you had to cancel your trip to Berlin. Would have been nice to meet you there.
Have a nice evening everyone.

mermon said...

I wonder what was the goal that reporter had. It was not too smart of him to ask such a stupid and nonsense question. If he doesn't appreciate Jake's work, he could guess somebody does, inviting Jake to Berlinale Jury. I bet he's work won't be appreciated in his journal. And it's better that he is an American as his compatriot, than a German. I think Jake feels well there. I like how jury seems to stick together. Jake behaves so naturally, at ease.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ooh Christina! Good luck and do let us know how you get on! So exciting - wish I were there. I think Jake will be fine with Berlin. He's been to the festival before and with SC last year. He knows the place. He'll have a great 10 days :) Good luck!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! Yes, Berlin isn't too blame for the comment. Jake's professional and graceful. He'll move past it. The journalist may not be quite so fortunate.

Daniela said...

Hi, today is the first day of the festival and are already so many pictures I'm loving it, except an ignorant fool, who only wanted to show up, he wanted to erase the brilliance of Jake, but is born to someone who can.
He is wonderful! ! :)

Anonymous said...

Stephen Schaefer is the name of this stupid "journalist" who works at the Boston Herald. His question was very rude and absolutely NOT necessary!
Jake's reaction was great

I love Charlotte Gainsbourg as an actress (and I adore her father Serge Gainsbourg who was a brilliant singer and songwriter)


Uli said...

Hi everybody, can't believe Jake is really in Germany for so long now - and I am not in Berlin... Here is a link where you might be able to see the opening gala. At least I hope there are no country restrictions... :( It's from the mediathek of the channel that showed the gala on TV here in Germany.

In case you want to fast forward to the important bits... :D The introductions of the jury with little movies starts at around 44 minutes - with Jake's bit being on at 50:50. I had to LOL that they used Bubbleboy music for his film... :D The little interview with him is then on at 58:15.

For the non Germans: The presenter is actually a very successful (and funny IMHO) comedian here in Germany. I think the weird way to pronounce the name she uses is from an interview of Jake himself where he was asked how to pronounce it and that was how he explained it then. Can't remember which interview it was, though. I don't know how the life stream was done, if it was dubbed or subtitled. Anyway when she turns to the audience she then kind of quietly confirms with the audience in German that we of course all call him Jake Gyllenhaal (but with the G pronounced wrong - not sure if that was part of the joke... Probably not, I am afraid... :D) but then tells the audience that in fact it's pronounced in that silly way...
Not everybody might find that/ her funny, but I thought it was good - and I think it make the audience love Jake (in case they didn't before :D)! :D

Shit, I am just watching a repeat on TV now, and just realized that the link above is actually dubbed in German... Err, shit, maybe not so helpful for many of you... :D
But who knows - maybe the link is not working outside of Germany anyway... :-/

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kate. Wish you were there, too. It's been so nice last year with you. For sure I will let you know about my "operation Jake".
Can't wait to see all your posts during the festival. I will catch up next week.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

mayumintolor said...

Thank you for the great post, Kate! "the full range of Jake's facial expressions" is very nice! :D When I watched live video of press conference yesterday, I couldn't find a Jake's big smile.
So, these pics make me happy!
I'm looking forward to your next post as always!! :))

BBMISwear said...

Thank you, Coco, for the name of the reporter from Boston. I am in contact with a few reporters in the Boston area when I'm involved in certain work projects and was hoping it wasn't anyone I've dealt with before (and I'm happy to say it is not). Not to dwell on him any further but I checked his two articles on the Berlin festival so far and they are about two films - nothing at all about the jury or Jake. So as said here a few times already what a waste of a person being at and getting to ask a question at that press conference. WDW should have been there instead (and would have a GOOD question to ask)!!

Be back later I'm sure...


Anonymous said...

Agora que tu estas na Alemanha vem me visitar aqui! Ok!