Sunday, 19 February 2012

Berlinale Finale and a WDW Shakespearean Interlude

The Berlinale is over. Last night, the end of the Berlin Film Festival was marked by the closing awards ceremony. At the ceremony, Jake Gyllenhaal awarded the silver bear for best actress to the 15-year old star of Rebelle (Witch), Rachel Mwanza from Congo who was clearly thrilled. You can see the closing ceremony in its entirety here. The video of the last red carpet, which also featured Jake, is also there, just scroll through the videos.

I particularly liked the glasses, hooked over the waistcoat.

Jake also marked the end of the Berlinale with a haircut at the Jana Salon in Berlin's Potsdamer Platz. The beanie is hopefully more a result of the cold weather than a verdict on the cut...

Many thanks to IHJ for the photos from yesterday and last night. There are many more there. The Berlinale has been a wonderful event - certainly for us and hopefully for Jake. I hope it's the first of many events we can look forward to this year. If you enjoyed the Berlinale, you might want to vote for Jake here.

WDW Shakespearean Interlude

On the way back from travels up north today, we called in to Stratford upon Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare. His actual birthplace is a bit of a tourist magnet to say the least.

Talking of magnets, if you want to buy one with Shakespeare's face on it, you could try the Shakespeare Giftshop next door.

This photo is of a part of the frontage of the Garrick, Startford's oldest pub - dating back to the 1400s and... haunted.

We also popped by the cottage of Anne Hathaway - not the one from Love and Other Drugs but the one who married Shakespeare.

Photos by WDW.


BBMISwear said...

Sounds like you're feeling better and had a nice weekend away! Pretty interlude photos too!

I'm doing some catching up myself which has been quite enjoyable this fine winter day...I still have the closing night videos to watch so off to do that next. And now we hope for more exciting Jake days ahead I guess, wherever he may go and whatever he may do!


Aileen said...

Hey Kate, I hope you're better. Thanks for the videos, Jake is so cute:) it's a pleasure to see him. I hope you had a good time in S-u-A. It looks like you caught some sun there:).
Enjoy your evening and thanks for keeping us up to date during the Berlinale.

Anonymous said...

Hum... Wheres Monica?

mermon said...

Thank you for post Kate. Nice interlude pictures. Looks like weather was sunny. I had no idea that Anne Hathaway was a name of Shakespear's wife! Thx for that info.

It makes me sad that Berlinale is over. It was so interesting to watch it. All because of Jake. But I came to like other jury members as well. And a director Dieter. It was interesting bunch of people. I've never watched an Awards' Ceremony before, not knowing even one movie, actor or director from film festival :) Just the Jury. It's so odd, isn't it?
I believe Jake had good time in Berlin and met many interesting people from movie business.

That pic of Jake from behind of salon door is adorable. Sorry Jake, I read you were not happy about the pics. Those two guys marching next to Jake, look like fresh from hair salon as well:), judging by their hairdos.
I voted for Jake many times already. He's a winner so far, with Robert Pattinson behind his back.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks BBMISwear! A very nice weekend and good to see some sunshine. I'm not feeling any worse which is a relief. Enjoy the catch up! I'm going to do that too :-)

Thanks so much, Aileen! The sun was beautiful :) it's a pleasure.

If you need to contact Monica, Anon, why not go and say hello to her at her excellent Brazil Gyllenhallics blogspot blog?

I hope you all had a good weekend :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Mermon! Posting at the same time :) It really is such a strange perspective, knowing the judge, not the winner! I'm really going to miss the Berlinale and Jake being in Europe. I do hope he doesn't disappear from view again.

Aileen said...

According to this website:
Jake is attached to quite a few projects that are in development (this can take ages) and he was also rumoured for that film The Way Way Back. I'm sure we'll hear some news of new projects soon.:)

mermon said...

Fresh pics of Jake from the airport, on IHJ. So he really left? Sadly...

mermon said...

Interesting German article about last evening after gala dinner. Using translator, I understood that "The man from Hollywood doesn't smoke" :grin: and that it was in a mirror tent hall. I hope Sasha could help us with that.

Leslie said...

I don't know, maybe it's just me but Jake on the red carpet at the end of the festival was quite different than the opening. He was spunky and all smiley the first day, but last night looked like he was a bit tired and just was ready for it all to be over. I'm sure it's been a demanding and exhausting week+. He'll be glad to be home. Some snuggle time with Atticus. :)

Sasha said...
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MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

It's really a pity Jake already left us. It was such an amazing time to have him close and working again.

Thanks, Mermon, for the link ( It's a really enjoyable article about Jake's last evening in Berlin.

Here is the translation for all of you to enjoy:
On the last evening of the Berlinale the Festival always invites to it's bear dinner. After the gala award ceremony the jury, the filmmakers and Berlin's high society gather for an elegant and cheerful dinner, this time held in the "Mirrortent" at the Martin-Gropius-Bau.

I especially wanted to meet the actor Jake Gyllenhaal. To hopefully find out a bit about his ten days in Berlin, which he had spent with watching and judging movies. Smoking in the smoking section, we started talking, although the man from Hollywood does not smoke. First question: "Was it hard?" Good humored and relaxed the young man (31, best known from the movies "Donnie Darko" and "Brokeback Mountain") replies: "We had an awful lot of discussion! Not because the Berlinale film festival is political, "he says," but because our jury president, Mike Leigh, is British. And the British love to debate!" Even in extreme forms. "Once we were seated twelve fucking hours around a table and debated." What he or others decided, criticized or discussed upon specifically, Mr. Gyllenhaal does not reveal, that's not what a Berlinale juror does. "But it definitely was always clear and interesting to see how different actors and directors analyze films." And: "We eight jurors were always very sure right away, what movies we found good or remarkable. We never had to argue wheter a competition entry gave enough to wonder about it."

Before the smoking/none smoking-break ends and we move back into the mirror tent room - where guests such as BMW man Hans-Reiner Schroeder, tenor Jonas Kaufmann, model Franziska Knuppe, the arts-and-artists professors Peter Raue and Joachim Sartorius enjoy Zander with lentils and eggplant lasagna - I want to know something about Jake Gyllenhaal's "Brokeback Mountain", the Oscar-winning masterpiece from 2005. After all, thanks to this movie the gay world has, what the heterosexuals have with "Titanic": an irresistibly beautiful, tragic love story.

How, Mr. Gyllenhaal, do I convince a non-gay friend to finally watch it? "Tell him it is a universal, although special love story. Told in a uniquely great film! "

@Leslie: If Mike kept them up all night discussing, it's no wonder Jake looked tired by the end of the Berlinale.
But it's nice to know that Jake was up talking too, while we Gyllenhaalics chatted the nights away on the WDW board and twitter.

@Kate: I hope you fully recover soon, thanks for taking the time to update us anyway, sharing those lovely pics from S-u-A.

@Aileen: That site does not make a very well informed impression. We already know that Jake is no longer attached to "Now I see you." and there is no mention of a new project we haven't heard of yet.
But with him having been surrounded by directors and filmmakers for 10 days, I sure hope there will be news shortly.

I'd just love to see Jake work with Francois Ozon. Maybe shooting in France. Having him close again.

(Sorry for the long post.)


Thanks for the translation, MrsJG.

It's nice to know a little bit about what happened behind closed doors. I hope Jake will open up about it, maybe in an interview when he gets home.

And I totally agree about Fran├žois Ozon, I saw all his movies and I would love for Jake to work with him.

Have a good day, folks!

Anonymous said...

Besides Mike Leigh, there were three other directors on the jury, and it would be wonderful to have him work with any of the four of them. Also some interesting writers and directors who participated in the festival. It is like entering a different dimension for Jake. I hope Berlinale gave him new energy.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Monday - So busy and not happy about it!

Thanks for the translation Mrs JG - I'll include that in the post this evening.

I hope Jake can put his fet up for a few days now :)

mermon said...

On my way to see "The Descendants", just dropped by to say thank you Sasha for translation! And hello GYLLENCRAZY, welcome here!


@mermon Thanks ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

hello! Just want to greet Gyllencrazy! Sorry I didn't do that yesterday - I've been all over the place - and not just physically! Good to see you here!


Many thanks for the welcome, Kate!