Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Berlinale jury's love for Mike Leigh and WDW Interlude - Five years on!

You'll be delighted to hear that, according to president Mike Leigh, his Berlinale jury is 'very well-behaved'. That might well be because, according to The Hollywood Reporter, its members all want to work with him. As for Jake Gyllenhaal: 'I was incredibly excited to be asked because I am a big fan of Mike Leigh... I loved his films when I was a young boy. Being in a room with a number of artists and just talking about other work, I consider it a privilege and honor to be part of it.'

Thanks to IHJ for presenting these beautiful festival portraits. There's a lot to catch up on with the Berlinale and so watch this space!

WDW Interlude

I can't let 11 February pass by without mention, especially not this year. Today is five years since the most incredible adventure - the first time I saw Jake in person and met good friends who are a hugely important part of my life today. I can count my life-changing days on one hand and this is one of them. BAFTAs 2007. I've seen Jake quite a few times since over the years, as a fan and as press, for an instant or for an hour, and in all sorts of wonderful cities, but I doubt anything can compare with that freezing cold very long day in Covent Garden. It's not every day you ask Helen Mirren if she would budge so that you can get a better view of Jake Gyllenhaal... Thanks to Ruby, Anouska and Jake for such an amazing, unforgettable, perfect day!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hope you're all having a good day! Minus 12 here toay - that is just not on! Cold in Berlin as well, I think.

Aileen said...

Aww, your post today was so sweet. And thank You Kate for doing such a great job and keeping us up to date with everything important about the lovely Jake. Keep up the good. work:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Aileen! Posting at the same time - thank you ever so much! I feel really happy today thinking back on it all. A very nice feeling and I can remember just how excited I was as if it were last week. And it's a pleasure. Thank you!

mermon said...

Hi Kate!
So you even remember the date of that first time :)Jake looks heavenly on that pic from the Bafta meeting. Really like a shining star. Helen Mirren' story is very funny,
I bet it was worth to see:)It just shows what Jake does to fans' hearts and minds.
Such a huge Jake's portrait hanging on the wall. Very good picture, would be nice to have a picture taken next to it.
No today's news about Jake? Germans don't tweet too much or Jake doesn't go out. Maybe it's too cold ;)

mermon said...
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Anonymous said...

SweetHomeBerlinSweet Home Berlin

Ciggie break without Jake rather boring. However, anyone judged on his very 90s jean shirt tonight?? Noone dared? Did anyone?? :)

4 hours ago

SweetHomeBerlinSweet Home Berlin

Ciggie break with Jake Gyllenhall - but what if I'd rather met the other Jury member???#nevergetwhatyouwantevenonsaturday

5 hours ago

SweetHomeBerlinSweet Home Berlin

@katjaruge I felt enbarressed in the end, but it was fun I guess. Wanna talk to Jake Gyllenhall? Can pass him the phone too... crazy days...

5 hours ago

SweetHomeBerlinSweet Home Berlin

All the girls of every age (also all the men) stare at Jake Gyllenhall at Clärchens Ballhaus tonight. #Berlinale

5 hours ago

Leslie said...

So much current news about Our Guy . . . we're gonna get spoiled! (insert here where Jake does the stop, stop motion with his one hand and the c'mon wave with the other!)

Sheba said...

Ha so true. I too have seen him with my own eyes do that to us and encourage us to call his name. That's different from the photographers, very different. I admire his calmness he must be so used to it now.

I should have been there at the BAFTAs that year but flulike symptoms and snow made me bail. It would have been magical I know. BAFTA Jake was a great year.

How does the Berlinale work. They watch all 400 films or a selection? They discuss them all and vote which was the best? Is there more than one category?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Jake smokes. Does he?

Sweet Jake said...

Jakes's pose seems awkard in the group photo. I had a difficult time finding him with his head bent that way.

I have seen pics of Jake with a cigarette in his hands and yes it was lit. Alot of hollywood people smoke but not in public. I would like to think thats why Jake has all those medical office visits, maybe he's trying to stop.

Anonymous said...

Will they live stream BAFTA? Twitter says the stars are arriving on the Red Carpet now.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone, just doing a post now! Been watching the BAFTA red carpet - some big stars there tonight. Michelle looked beautiful

Jake certainly used to smoke - I've no idea if he does now or not although you'd hope he doesn't :)

Thanks for the links and good to see you all!

Ooh, my word is 'deddly'... scary ;)