Friday, 10 February 2012

Berlinale! Video and photo recap of Jake Gyllenhaal's first day of jury duty as day 2 gets underway

Good days indeed! Today the Berlinale jury gets down to its serious movie-watching work, which means that we can do some catching up. Firstly, many thanks to my lovely friend at Filmaluation for thinking of me when he was at the press conference yesterday as part of his coverage of the festival and took some pictures. He was so close! Thanks to him for letting me share them. Filmaluation is covering the Berlin Festival so do pop by and cheer him on as he sits through what might be kindly described as a mixed bag...

Highlights of the press conference can be seen here

There is another video of the conference here. Here is a brief video of Jake's arrival:

Yesterday evening the opening gala took place - Farewell, My Queen about Marie Antoinette starring Diane Kruger whom, as you might recall, appeared on TV with Jake during the Cannes Film Festival back in 2007. Jake walked the red carpet, posing for pictures and signing autographs and mingling with, among others, Max von Sydow. Thanks to IHJ for the pictures! So, so good to see Jake walking a red carpet again.

In the theatre, Jake and the rest of the jury were introduced and interviewed on stage. Jake's surname broke the ice and, as seems to be the case in 9 out of every 10 live interviews, gets some scrutiny. You can watch the interview here. If you can't see the video below, here is the link.


There are some other videos around. Here is one of Jake and the jury in Berlin (thanks to Monica for uploading):

All in all, a great start and so great to see Jake Movie Star Gyllenhaal back! Thanks again to IHJ for the photos - there are many more there.

As mentioned before, today the work proper starts and early this morning Jake was in his seat ready to go:

Thanks must also go to BBMISwear for the much appreciated help!


Maja79Belgrade said...

Nice to see JG enjoying Berlinale after yesterday's upset at the Pres Conference.... Did my best not to comment the Boston Herold "journalist" as I was afraid I'd be forever banned for the use of foul language on this great blog. Thanks for the updates Kate! I look forward to seeing who gets the Bear :)

Daniela said...

I think many people used foul language to describe one journalist, including myself but not here lol but that is past, only to see his smile in the ceremony already left us relaxed

Anonymous said...

Is there a picture of Jake with Max Von Sydow? That would be most memorable.

BBMISwear said...

Great update WDW and I'm sure you'll have more and more to add as things keep rolling in!

WDW said: "So great to see Jake Movie Star Gyllenhaal back"

BBMISwear says: Absobleepinglutely!!!

I'm slowing getting to watch the videos on the festival website and it has been so enjoyable to watch and listen to Jake (and the jury as a whole seems like quite an interesting group of people). I'm happy Jake is getting to have this experience (and for us to see him doing more than getting breakfast, lunch and dinner). Yay!

Happy Weekend all!

Lookin' Good! :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Such a good day! Thanks so much Maja! Be great to see Jake present The Bear :D

He looks much happier in these pics, Daniela :)

It would, 20:33 - must keep the eyes peeled!

Thanks so much, BBMISwear and thank you for your brilliant help! :-) It is a great experience for Jake and yes, it's certainly a big improvement on wondering what sort of coffee he's drinking!

mermon said...

I have the same feeling, that Jury seems to be a bunch of interesting people, kind of liking each other. On that pic from the theatre Jake is at such a ease talking probably to Charlotte Gainsbourg. It looks to me that he attracts the most attention, but maybe that's how I see it.
I think we all agree that we watch Berlinale mainly because of Jake. I'm sure he brought many of his fans to catch up on the B. news. So again he's the reason people learn things.
It's good to have those little vids all together here and watch them in the row. Thank you Kate!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! I love the pics of Jake an Charlotte together in particular. So lovely. And it's a pleasure!

Becca said...

Check out this Jake Gyllanhaal look-alike! He's in a YouTube movie that kind of abit Fight Club and abit Inception. His HOT!!!

Susan said...

Thanks so much, Kate! I really love it when you can spoil us with so many updates, photos, and clips so frequently.

Big thanks also to everyone else who have provided links and photos

Jake does look happy to be involved in the Berlinale, and that's nice to see.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated but I thought you'd like to know . . the videos you post on this blog can not be watched on an iPad, and it's not just this post either. Maybe you can put a note up about this or try using other videos that are multi-platform? Flash doesn't work on most Apple products.

mayumintolor said...

Such a lots of pics and video clips keep me excited!! Jake was sooooo Hot! It's incredible that every day we are able to see fresh Jake. :)
Thank yo so much to Kate and to WDW pals who is sharing those great videos and links with us. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! Coldest night of the winter so far here. Flippin ridiculous...

Hi Becca :) Thanks for the link

It's really good, Susan!

Hi 0:54 - Apple products are well known for their inability to play flash. Videos of Jake are few and far between most of the time and so I don't pick and choose. Most are YouTube and should be fine. There's a flash one in this post and as you'll see I post a link with it so people can look for an alternative. It's a pain in the bum and it's just as well there are now lots of alternatives to Apple! If I had to show videos that iPads could see, there'd be very few of 'em. Apple rant over!

Thanks so much Mayumintolor!

Have a good day everyone and wrap up!

Anonymous said...

Jake is getting a lot of attention at the festival. This is good for the festival and good for Jake. Thank you for all the postings.

Leslie said...

I honestly don't know if I could handle people yelling out my name like that non-stop. Seriously, this is the second video now I've watched and I've started noticing that I'm flinching slightly when the yell his name out over and over.

sheba said...

I know what you mean Leslie. It's like they're a piece of meat.

Just wanted to say a special big thank you to Kate for all the video interviews and fun goings on at the Berlinale. You've saved me a fortune in plane fare, hotel, transport, food and retail therapy fees. I love the way this blog collectively transports us all into the heart of the festival. So thank you very much.

It is fascinating to listen to Mike and the other actors, writers, winners, singers etc give their perspective on the importance of film festivals. There were some good questions asked and lost opportunities for members to answer. I loved the question Mike answered on Hollywood's stranglehold on the film industry and the shift in domination and acceptance of other formats/genres into mainstream. He comes across very direct, yet diplomatic and eloquent. There's a quirky fun side to him too that I hadn't seen before. The respect and admiration that the Jury Members show to each other is also cool. Being a jury member at a variety of film festivals would be my dream job - no doubt about it.

It was great also to see the great Christopher Lee and also another actor I greatly respect, Matthew Modene.

Oh, and Jake .... he's a'ight :DD I mean he's just simply stunning. Falling in love with him all over again. I hope he gets so much out of his experience. And bleep, bleepity bleep Boston Herald journo (if you can call him that - the art of journalism has greatly diminished). Jake is very much in his comfort zone as this type of role is a huge part of his life and one that he seems to enjoy.

Susan said...

I totally agree about the name yelling. It's unnerving, even if it is part of the job or "the price of fame" or any other cliche you can quote. There's an element of being stared at like a zoo animal that creeps me out. Kudos to anyone who can tolerate it much less deal with it gracefully.
I think I would have to call out "Mr. Gyllenhaal" just to be polite, and to show others how to pronounce it to correctly. :)

Susan said...

I totally agree about the name yelling. It's unnerving, even if it is part of the job or "the price of fame" or any other cliche you can quote. There's an element of being stared at like a zoo animal that creeps me out. Kudos to anyone who can tolerate it much less deal with it gracefully.
I think I would have to call out "Mr. Gyllenhaal" just to be polite, and to show others how to pronounce it to correctly. :)

mermon said...

That name yelling annoys me as well. They call him to make him look at their cameras, to take
a photo, but the thing is they shout from all possible corners, so it's not possible for Jake to please them all. And it gives that awful jazz.
But I think it belongs to photo calls, red carpets etc, so all the stars are use to it, a part of their jobs.
It means they are at some important event and something exciting goes on. Who knows, in a way maybe they even enjoy it a bit. I think Jake can't complain ;)he causes the biggest stir IMO.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the shouting, one of the reporters at the photocall yelled 'Jake baby' and made everyone laugh. I thought he was hilarious. But it's true that it's like being an animal in the zoo. Quite unnerving.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Interesting the discussion of the name calling. At these events I've seen Jake with my own eyes encourage people to call his name and he clearly loves it! After all this isn't an every day event. And as someone who has risked the wellbeing of her lungs yelling Jake's name I'm so glad I did it. If you don't, you don't get his attention - it's such a noisy environment. But I've also seen Jake at press events and then I wouldn't dream of being anything other than polite and professional. The same as if I saw Jake in the street.

So it's the red carpet - it's very special and it's pretty wonderful, although stressful! You don't appreciate on these videos how loud the whole thing is. But also, how in to it, the stars often are. Very interesting!

I did call Harrison Ford Mr Ford on the red carpet but I still had to yell it!

The 'Jake baby' is brilliant! I remember a good friend of mine yelling out at Jake 'We love you, Jack Nasty!' and you can bet that made him laugh!

New post :)