Friday, 3 February 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal films video in Dalston and out for dinner with Bear Grylls and... Ant and Dec?

Jake Gyllenhaal is back at work! At the builders merchant Leyland in Dalston, North London, of all places... Just the kind of place one would expect to see a movie star in London as we head in to the BAFTA weekend. Jake has begun filming the new video for The Shoes directed by Daniel Wolfe and, according to a production company, the shoot will last three days. Of course, this means that Jake will be able to combine working with buying carpets and chairs. Always a bonus.

Last night, Jake was seen back at The Wolseley on Piccadilly dining with his old friend and torturer Bear Grylls (he's behind Jake in the picture above). It's believed that Jake may have been asked to slaughter and prepare the food first while hanging upside down on a wire hung between two London tower blocks. Joining Jake and Bear was TV presenter Dermot O'Leary and - leaves a pause for suspense - Ant & Dec??? The evidence.

Watch this space for the latest from Dalston's Leyland.

Thanks, IHJ, for the pic!


Eureka said...

Except for Bear I don't know much about the rest of the people mentioned in the post. The Shoes group is it famous? Is a group Jake likes?... Jake is so wrapped up we can't see much of him. Cold go away now! He,he.
Thanks for the post :o)

Leslie said...

I think the headline was just a summation of famous people they had pictures of, not necessarily that Jake had dinner with them.

What's up with everyone in London? Reese Witherspoon is there too.

BBMISwear said...

I'm still laughing at him being able to "combine working with buying carpets and chairs" - too funny WDW!! What an interesting place for a music video. And an interesting band...from France, lots of percussion and some what of a dance beat. Maybe Jake will be dancing in the video? That would be great (however quite doubtful)!!

He seems to be getting out a lot while in London and seeing old friends...Bear, Gwyneth and hubby Chris, bunch of others if the sightings are!

Thanks for the update...I look forward to more. Happy Weekend!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Eureka! The others are British TV personalities an not really whom I'd expect to see munching with Jake :D So cold...

Hi Leslie - I know that, I was having a joke about Ant & Dec (they're big stars over here). Dermot O'Leary was having dinner with Jake an Bear as you can see him in the pic.

What a cold cold night! Wrap up everyone :)

mermon said...

So, it has started. Seems that this song is Time to dance. [THE SHOES
In london. Shooting Time to dance vidéo with Daniel wolfe. This gonna be amazing.]
So at least three days for Jake in London.
Looks like he meets interesting people there - Bear Grylls [isn't it great?] and judging by his own tweet - with Laurence Connor - a theatre director.[Wow, what a week! Fantastic rehearsals in the room. Drinks with Jake Gyllenhaal last night and Sam Barks gets Eponine! You gotta love it!] I think he's involved with Les Miserables. Taylor Swift gave up or missed Eponine role lately.
I wonder if Jake would like to be a part of it. And is it any chance. But maybe I imagine too much :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey BBMISwear :-) Posting at the same time! Well, I know how much Jake likes to shop for household stuff, seemed ideal :D I know nothing about The Shoes except that they're French. It's good to see Jake having some fun here! Not may stars visit Dalston, though, as far as I'm aware... ;) Though I may be wrong!

Eureka said...

Thanks for the explanations about the people and music group. Jake dancing would be fantastic. Or doing something fun like in Vampire's Weekend video.
Yes, cold,cold,cold.

BBMISwear said...

So now that Mermon gave us a title we only need to imagine what Jake will be doing in this video (I would pay money to seem him dance to this song - ha ha)! A copy/paste Link:

(Sorry but I just can't get links to work the right way on certain sites for some reason)


mermon said...

Thanks for a link @BBMISwear. It's strange, cause that song is not new at all. Is it normal to make a video to not fresh song? So maybe that's not this one?
Maybe we should let Jake to have some secrets? And wait patiently :))

Daniela said...

Hi everyone!
I just heard a song this band shoes on youtube and thought it was beautiful, very anxious to know what will be the music for this clip, I hope it does not take long to launch

Anonymous said...

According to this website Jake has a girlfriend:
Of course I don't know how reliable that is but it's in line with the tweets.
Izabel Goulart maybe?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info WDW and pics. I can't wait to see this video, he looked good in the other video he did (with that Vampire group) I wasn't crazy about the one he did with Jamie Foxx (not Jake's fault just didnt' like the song)

I hope we might get a release date for EOW soon


mermon said...

@Sweetpea - first time watching I didn't like the song Blame It too much as well. But after few times, I got to like it. It has something to do with the specific rhythm. It puts me in a kind of trance. :)
Can't wait for a new video.
Day 2. @theshoesmusic are you ready? Gonna be wild..." - sounds promising.

Anonymous said...

I hope people are safe with the weather being so serious.

Anonymous said...

It's snowing in London. I hope Jake is well dressed and I hope his work on the video is going well. Maybe he'll dance a bit to warm up.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Been out all day cycling and then through a blizzard to see my dad. So glad to be home and safe and warm'ish'. Keep warm everyone! Nothing will get me out tomorrow...

mermon said...

Kate, what do you mean by cycling? On two wheels? I hope not outside in that blizzard. :)

mayumintolor said...

Hello! today is warm a bit and sunny day in my place. I hope the weather won't be freezing cold again.
and I hope the blizzard have already stopped in your place, Kate. Take care!

Here is a news with some pics of Jake!

Have a good day everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link mayumintolor:) You have a nice day.

Anna said...

Jake looks like so cute when he wears glasses.xD Izabel Goulart is a lucky gilr. Hope Jake won"t be alone in Valentine's day ;)

Paula C. said...

The Weather is crazy, did you see Rome! Amazing!
I hope Jake can fly to Germany because I've heard Heathrow is canceling some flights, but right now he's having a good time in London, that smile says it all !

Kate, cycling in this weather?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Thanks for the links and the info! After a hugely busy 24 hours I'm now not moving for the day, just looking at the snow outside. Paula, I saw the pics of Rome, amazing! I think Jake'll be fine getting to Berlin - the snow's not going to last long.

I cycled before the snow an it was absolutely freezing! I can barely move today :)

Thanks for the comments! Good to see you all.

New post :)