Sunday, 12 February 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal in Berlin - videos, pictures and tweets - and helping Maggie out at her co-operative? Plus Maggie and Ewan McGregor

By this stage it is possible that Jake Gyllenhaal is not only square eyed, he may also have overdone the popcorn and have a cinema seat-shaped bottom. Yes, the Berlinale is well and truly underway and, judging by the tweets of friends over there watching the movies, the films are - to put it politely - varied in quality. With Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie probably on the way, Jake is continuing to cause a stir in the Berlin media and among lucky tweeters.

Many thanks to @Lisa_Glamkitty for sharing her experiences of the red carpet with Jake and Diane Kruger, not to mention some great photos! Lisa reported that: 'he said to some fans standing next to me that everyone looks so similiar with all these winter clothes because they had asked him if he remembers them because they met him before.. when he was right in front of me, signing stuff, some people asked for autographs including their names and he seemed a bit sorry but said he can't do this because he wants to sign as many photos as possible in the few minutes he's got and it's too loud to understand the different names, too. He was pretty lovely, honestly, and seemed so relaxed even though it's been busy like hell! ;)' Thanks also to Mermon for her investigations!

We also have a twitter exchange from SweetHomeBerlin about sharing a ciggie break with Jake. Of course this raises the inevitable question over whether Jake was participating in the puffing but it does sound like he's having a relaxed and friendly time in Berlin.

Many thanks to Monica for uploading the videos!

Maggie and Ewan McGregor

Maggie has been filming a HBO drama The Corrections with Ewan McGregor in NYC and I couldn't resist these pictures from JustJared. Also, the NYP has been talking about the co-operative at Maggie's neighbourhood in Brooklyn. It seems Maggie has been doing her shifts and has even been known to bring Jake along - although behind the scenes to 'avoid spills in the aisles'.

My review of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is now up at MovieBrit.


Eureka said...

Very nice post WDW.
Thanks for sharing Lisa, how exciting. He's so polite with his fans.
I just read yesterday's post too about your "first time" ;o). What wonderful memories to cherish WDW. I have planned as you did, when the date comes I will reminisce it.

Thanks for all the documents.

PS. "cinema seat-shaped bottom" LOL. I would offer as a masseuse for him, no charge *big grin*

Anonymous said...

Great Vids Kate, thanks for another great post. I feel spoiled. Every day is rich in Jake news and pictures and he seems to be enjoying the festival. I'm also glad Asghar Farhadi is in the jury, I loved last year's Berlin winner, A Separation. Too bad it didn't win the Bafta.

mermon said...

@Eureka! Similar thinking. "a cinema seat-shaped bottom" You're hilarious Kate, I have very vivid imagination, can imagine that shape. Offering massage as well. I take my huge pleasure as a fee.
Thank you @Lisa for your story. It's so nice that Jake chatted with his fans. Not only signed autographs. When he's on duty he's more accessible and open for fans admiration. Like you said Kate in a last post. I'm sure he prefers his fans' screaming from paparazzi's. There are screams from heart, not for the money.
Thx Monica for videos!

I'm going to watch Bafta now, it's starting in 5 minutes. It should be here, so good it's at reasonable time.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Largely offline as watching and thoroughly enjoying the BAFTAs! So so funny :)

Hi Eureka! Some days you never forget :)

Thanks 20:34! I do wonder about these awards - my favourite movie of 2011 was Melancholia - won the Cannes prize but nothing at the awards. Jake is in great company in Berlin :)

Glad you liked it, Mermon! It was such a lovely story (and pics) from Lisa! Thanks for chatting to her about it. And you're right - screams from the heart - I think an actor must like those on a red carpet :D

I hope you all had a good Sunday! Please no spoilers anyone about the BAFTAs - there's a timelag showing them on TV. I know they're already over but they're only just showing on TV.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

My review of Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullocks' new film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is now up at MovieBrit

BBMISwear said...

Oh how nice this was after a very busy weekend to come here and catch up on so many wonderful things. Thank you WDW and everyone who passed links, videos, etc. along!

I am finally finding some down time to sip a little red wine and scroll through the many pictures on IHJ from Berlin (how frustrating it has been to know they are there but not be able to look at them closely). A nice way to relax before the new week starts I would say!

And before I'm off to do that I have to say I enjoyed your mention and photos from your BAFTA experience in yesterday's post, WDW. Always good to think about that - I know how wonderful that experience was for you! (I'm still so disappointed about the lack of love for SC - I thought at least the BAFTAs would have shown some appreciation). *sigh*

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Until next time...


Anonymous said...

thanks for all the Jake news. I wish Jake would do something for TV like Maggie is doing. Be bigger exposure for him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Kate. Have been kind of offline this weekend and now I feel withdrawl symptoms.

Lisa really was very lucky meeting Jake and her other idol - Diane Kruger.

Kate - yesterday I got a phone call from Anne from France. The girl you gave our other Source Code ticket to! She's in Berlin also, but so far wasn't lucky to meet Jake. If she does she will share her experience.


Leslie said...

That's interesting that Maggie is filming while pregnant. Not that it's never done, I'm just wondering if it's part of the story now or if she signed on before the pregnancy and they're trying to cover it up.

LadyEkster said...

Exciting days!!
I must admit I've missed most of the fun during the first days of the Berlinale, but this week promises to be more quiet. :) Thanks to the Gyllengirls on Twitter I've been able to see some wonderful pictures already.

So I'm catching up, and what a catch up!!
He looks totally divine... The hair, the clothes, the zillion facial expressions... So lovely. I'm curious what he'll think of all the movies he's seeing. One would start to wonder if he's not going to mix them up!

The BAFTAS were wonderful, indeed. I wish all big award galas would simply be broadcasted on British tv and GMT time. ;) And be hosted by Stephen Fry, for that matter!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! What a busy day... Too busy. So good to come here and see you all :)

I'm so glad you're able to catch up, BBMISwear :-) The BAFTAs were absolutely wonderful last night. Only one thing could have made them better - Jake and SC.

Hi Sweetpea :) It would be good to see Jake do more on screens of all sizes...

I was wondering about that too, Leslie :) It is a big coat...

The BAFTAs were so so good, weren't they, Lady Ekster?! So dignified, funny and a pleasure to watch. The time zone was definitely a bonus. I wonder what Jake thinks of the Berlin films too - some of them sound terrible! Good to see you catching up!

Have a good evening everyone!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for the update, Kate. Have been kind of offline this weekend and now I feel withdrawl symptoms.

Lisa really was very lucky meeting Jake and her other idol - Diane Kruger. You can actually see her in one of the videos, the girl with the light grey hat.

Kate - yesterday I got a phone call from Anne from France. The girl you gave our other Source Code ticket to! She's in Berlin also, but so far wasn't lucky to meet Jake. If she does she will share her experience.

mermon said...

Kate, I always like to chat about Jake. Not having chances to meet him, so far, at least I may enjoy some others stories :)
I asked a girl on ciggie break with Jake if he was smoking with her. That's what she was so nice to answer.
"@mermon7 Pfff, I didn't watch him all the time :-). He rather joined his peeps out there. He added a nice sparkle to a grand Saturday night."
So she didn't really see him smoking. I believe he quitted, from what I see, he tries to live healthy, but as an ex smoker, I know it's not that easy to quit.
By the way what "peeps" from a tweet means?
Maggie's working with Ewan McGregor is interesting. She makes many movies lately. I was wondering about her pregnancy as well. Looks like she covers her belly with flowers.

Anonymous said...

Hey mermon, so nice of you to ask her. I was quite curious about the smoking. I'm glad he's not smoking. Thanks for finding out:)

mermon said...

You're welcome @Anon! But I don't know if he smokes or not, just that girl doesn't confirm that. We don't see him on pictures with a cigarette any more, so he could quit or doesn't want to be seen with a one :)

Jules said...


"Peeps" is short for "people" / "person" ;-)

Have a good day, peeps!



mermon said...

Thank you @Jules! New word for me, funny one! Nice afternoon, peeps! :))

Jules said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jules said...

Anytime @mermon ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone!

Ooh that's great about Anne, Mrs JG :D Waves to Mrs JG, Mermon and Jules! Unfortunately not able to chat at the moment, so I'll be back!

Jules said...

*waves back* SYL Kate!

paulh said...

I'd like to wish everybody a happy Valentine's Day. I sort of thought today's post would be a retrospective of love scenes from Jake's movies, but maybe WDW has done plenty of those in the past.

As far as Jake's relationship (or nonrelationship) with cigarettes is concerned, I think he said that he has no desire for the things when he's exercizing heavily. Exercise gives one such a natural high that nicotine has no attraction.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Jules!

Great to see you Paul! Hope things are good with you - and I hoe you have a good day :) I think I've done a few Valentines posts over the years because, well, Jake is WDW's valentine :)

paulh said...


Thanks for the good wishes. I'm doing much, much better than I was a few months ago. I hope to drop in here more often from now on. [Crosses fingers].

The thing is, I'm afraid of missing a Jake movie. Hopefully, that won't happen if I come here often enough. ;-)

I still look for Jake links. I saw "Big Miracle" a few days ago. Drew Barrymore was in "Donnie Darko" with Jake, and John Kasinski was in "Jarhead."

Anonymous said...

Nao queres me visitar estou quinta feira no Carnaval das mulheres em Landsberg.