Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal is back in Blighty!

It's so good to see Jake back in London! Jake is well known for coinciding his visits to the Big Smoke with unseasonable weather and I'm delighted to report that this visit is no different. After the mildest winter since records began, Siberian ice and wind have seen fit to drop by. Fortunately, Jake is well equipped to dealing with British weather - and Brits for that matter - after Man vs Wild last year. Judging by the second picture, Jake may need those skills.

By the sound of the tweets, Jake was followed around Exmouth Market, in the City this afternoon by salivating fans and paps alike.He was also seen in the North African restaurant Moro in nearby Clerkenwell (a wonderful bit of the City where I worked for a time).

Hopefully, we'll soon hear details about the video Jake is thought to be making here before he moves on to the Berlinale in a few days.

Photos from JustJared.


Susan said...

Yay Jake! Have fun in your travels and show us your face every now and then so the paps can photograph it and we can swoon over it.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

This is great, Susan! So good to see Jake here again :) I hope Jake has a great time here and in Berlin and I do hope we see something of him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, It's freezing cold in London, but now that Jake is in town I'm feeling much warmer:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Agreed, 19:45 :D And I do love his jacket...

mermon said...

I like his jacket too, though it doesn't look warm enough for him, he seems to be freezing. In Poland we have terrible cold weather as well and it's getting even colder.
Is that guy on pics a lucky fan using his chance?
Some similar pics here:Jake-chilly-morning-in-london

BBMISwear said... the pictures! And happy to hear paps were following him (sorry Jake but paps = photos for us to see and with no film happening we'll take what we can get)!

Jake left the north east part of the states where we are having record high temps - it's like spring! Now he's cold (and has on too many layers of clothing). Oh well, hopefully not so many layers of clothing while shooting the video we keep hearing about.

Great pictures (except for the L.A. Dodgers cap). I'm so glad his L.A. cap is solid black with a slightly hidden logo and his Boston cap is worn more proudly with a big red easy to see logo - hee hee)!

Can't wait to hear/see more!


Anonymous said...

Hey mermon, thanks for the photos, he looks cute, especially in the one where he's looking at the paps. I'm guessing the Moro staff called the press since the place is getting great publicity.
As much as I love seeing him I do feel sorry for him, he can't even have a quite lunch (or breakfast) by himself.

Anonymous said...

I meant quiet not 'quite'

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! He looks like a lucky local to me :) Thanks for the link!

Hello BBMISwear :-) I'm so jealous of your springlike weather! We've had it so mild and now in the deep freeze! It's so good to see him.

mermon said...

I think in London he has no chance to hide. He's too well known there. And he probably realises that, so he's prepared for pics to be taken and some interest. I think that British are not so bothersome like some Americans. I remember the story with Robert Pattinson. He couldn't almost breath in USA from paps and fans and in UK was different, easier. So I hope Jake will feel he's liked in London, but it won't be too intrusive for him.

Aileen said...

Enjoy London Jake! We love you here. Feel free to stay:)

Susan said...

My goodness, he does look cold! Brrr! But, hey, no green cargo pants/trousers and the khakis are completely untucked from his shoes. He's making people on at least two continents very happy with such simple fashion choices. :)

mayumintolor said...

Hello Kate and everyone!
It's really good to see Jake's photos after nothing new pics for over a week.
Lucky you Kate! and who lives in London!
I think there is a possibility that you meet up with Jake! If it would happened, please take some pics and share them with us!! I know the British is very gentle, so Jake won't be annoyed by fans there. :)

This visit to London is in order to shoot the music video like you mentioned? It's exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing it. :D

Have a great day everyone. :))

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! And today in London it's even colder! But a lovely sunny day :)

Hi Mermon! Jake knows London very well as he's lived here more than once so he knows just where to go and in most of it there are very few paps. On the whole I think people would be too polite to bother Jake. He's commented on that before!

ooh yes, hello Aileen!

He looks great, Susan! It' a good winters look :D

Hi there Mayumintolor! I hope we hear more about the video soon. Not much chance of me seeing Jake unfortunately (I live an hour from London and it's a huge place) but it's good to know he's so close :)

Have a wonderful day everyone and wrap up!

Jules said...

These pictures makes me want to warm him up :-) It's so friggin' good to see new pics of him and yes, I'm delighted to see that the beard is back :-) *ducks head*


Welcome to the Old Continent, Jakey!!

Have a good day, folks!

bastognegirl said...

Oh dear, knowing Jake is in London...just across the little pond... makes me all warm mmmmmmmm <3

Anonymous said...

There's a photo of Jake on this page:
It's supposedly taken today. The paps must have been very close to him.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello there everyone! Hi Jules and Bastognegirl :)

That pic was taken last night, 19:44 - Jake looks like the jetlag may be catching up.

New post!

Jules said...

Looks like he just had dinner with Bear Grylls. He sure looks tired and seriously jet-lagged!