Monday, 20 February 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal on Mike Leigh's Berlinale Jury: 'The British love to debate!'

Jake Gyllenhaal has left Berlin and it's quite likely he's going to need to put his feet up for quite a while. Approximately 30 awards are decided and handed out by the Berlinale Jury each year and the time taken for that doesn't even include the time taken to watch the films in the first place. Take a look at the list here. And read below to see just how difficult and time-consuming all this decision making was.

An account of Jake's last evening in Berlin - at the bear dinner (I'm assuming no bear was actually consumed) - has been published and I'm grateful to Mrs JG for taking the time to translate it for us all: 'After the gala award ceremony the jury, the filmmakers and Berlin's high society gather for an elegant and cheerful dinner, this time held in the "Mirrortent" at the Martin-Gropius-Bau.'

'I especially wanted to meet the actor Jake Gyllenhaal. To hopefully find out a bit about his ten days in Berlin, which he had spent watching and judging movies. Smoking in the smoking section, we started talking, although the man from Hollywood does not smoke. First question: "Was it hard?" Good humored and relaxed the young man (31, best known from the movies "Donnie Darko" and "Brokeback Mountain") replies: "We had an awful lot of discussion! Not because the Berlinale film festival is political, "he says," but because our jury president, Mike Leigh, is British. And the British love to debate!" Even in extreme forms. "Once we were seated twelve fucking hours around a table and debated." What he or others decided, criticized or discussed upon specifically, Mr. Gyllenhaal does not reveal, that's not what a Berlinale juror does. "But it definitely was always clear and interesting to see how different actors and directors analyze films." And: "We eight jurors were always very sure right away, what movies we found good or remarkable. We never had to argue whether a competition entry gave enough to wonder about it."

Before the smoking/non smoking-break ends and we move back into the mirror tent room - where guests such as BMW man Hans-Reiner Schroeder, tenor Jonas Kaufmann, model Franziska Knuppe, the arts-and-artists professors Peter Raue and Joachim Sartorius enjoy Zander with lentils and eggplant lasagna - I want to know something about Jake Gyllenhaal's "Brokeback Mountain", the Oscar-winning masterpiece from 2005. After all, thanks to this movie the gay world has, what the heterosexuals have with "Titanic": an irresistibly beautiful, tragic love story. How, Mr. Gyllenhaal, do I convince a non-gay friend to finally watch it? "Tell him it is a universal, although special love story. Told in a uniquely great film!"'

The British love to debate? Surely not... Do we? Can't believe that... Maybe just a little bit. 

Many thanks to Mrs JG and to IHJ for the wonderful pictures! I hope Jake has a good flight home (with good movies)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks very much, Mrs JG, for translating such a great article!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

You're very welcome, WDW. I thought it was so nice to have at least this bit of news on Jake's week off camera.

And I was curious to see if you'd agree that Brits love to debate.

Read a tweet today that Jake was seen in Paris. Let's see if other people recognise him too.
Wouldn't it be great if he met with Francois Ozon for a new project?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

We do indeed, Mrs JG! We're known for it - and for our committees. I wouldn't be surprised if Jake's flying back to NYC from Paris - a lot of flights from the US to Europe come in there. Thanks again!

winterbird said...

You mean apart from queuing and tea drinking? :-)

BBC should invite Jake to join the Question Time panel...

Seems like Jake had an interesting time in Berlin!

Carol said...

Thanks Mrs JG and Kate for the lovely interview and insights.

Twelve hours around the jury table that's a lot of talking:)

It was lovely to see all the pics and video clips of Jake (back on the red carpet) and his fellow jurors over the last week:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

We'll have to ask Jake about the queuing, Winterbird!

That's an awful lot of discussion, Carol! Too much I'd say... But it has been such a lovely week!

anouska said...

I'd quite like to see Jake in a Mike Leigh film, come to think of it.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to know they spent such a great amount of time to seriously consider all the films and their aspects. Jake looked so pleased and happy for the young girl whom he presented with the Best Actress award. It was warming to see the photos of this presentation. I am also finding it interesting to discover Jake is in Paris. He met a number of people at Berlinale from France, and might find a visit very appealing. The weather is better there as well.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

So so good to see you her, Nouskie! xx

Those pictures are lovely, Anon :) Jake should be very proud of his good work.

mermon said...

"Jake looked so pleased and happy for the young girl whom he presented with the Best Actress award." - like actor to actor. She's so young - and already with a Bear!
I have to admit I don't know any movie of Mike Leigh or François Ozon, but would be interesting to see Jake in French or British production and to have him in Europe for longer.
Thx for translating Sasha, it was a good read. Glad that they had a party on the last evening after such a "hard job". It should be more pics from that evening. I'm glad - an interviewer mentioned about non smoking Jake - as if he read our discussion here about it :)

mayumintolor said...

Thank you Kate and Mrs JG for the great article!! It's very interesting!
and so good that bear was not consumed at the Berlinale's party.
I agree with Mermon! I'm glad too that Jake didn't smoke at there. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! A lovely day out there :)

Morning Mermon and Mayumintolotr! I am particularly relieved bear wasn't eaten...

Have a good day!

Anna said... Jake is really in Paris :) Why?

Anna said...

I know ... Léa Seydoux :)

BBMISwear said...

Thanks for the update WDW and it looks like the man is on the move in Paris now!, pleasure, or a little of both?! Hopefully time will tell.

Thanks for the translation to the article Mrs. JG. And it's been great to see so many "old" and "new" readers commenting here these last couple of weeks! Fun Stuff!

I'll be stopping by again soon...


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Anna and BBMISwear :-) Paris, eh? :D Sounds good to me. I hope Jake has a good rest (not to mention some tasty pastries).

I saw Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance this evening - My review

By the way, I'm not happy with these extra word verification from Blogger, so may remove it for a while.

sass said...

Getting crosseyed trying to keep up with Jake via Blog...TY VVV much!
trying to copy non robot words.
fingers xed

Anonymous said...

Jake definitely has a "type." Lea Seydoux has similar features to Taylor and Kirsten.


Looks like he had lunch with Léa Seydoux two days in a row, the twitter picture is of Nanashi restaurant. I still hope business has something to do with this stop in Paris but if it doesn't then I say go for it Jake and have fun, she's sexy and doesn't seem brainless, at least. I wonder if they already knew each other before the Berlinale.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

It's a nice feeling to have Jake still on the continent.
As Anon03:03 pointed out Lea Seydoux would fit his type, and I saw some of her movies and always enjoyed her performance.

I'd be so happy for Jake to finally find someone. And if she were french, maybe he'd spend a bit more time in Europe.

BTW - I'm sure I'm not a robot, but some of these words are really hard to decipher.

Wet Dark and Wild said...


It is good indeed to know Jake is still in Europe :)

I've got rid of the comment word verification as a test - as the words have been getting ridiculously hard to read. I'll see how it goes because the verifications does keep most of the spammers away.

Have a good day!

Leslie said...

I don't think he knew her (Lea) . . and he also had to sit through two of her movies at the festival, so I'm sure he had enough exposure to her to know he wanted to meet her. Looks like he's more of a sexy ladies man than we thought, eh? I'm sure he's having a fantastic time . . with all that French reputation and everything. ;}