Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal presents Berllin's Golden Bear to Meryl Streep - aka 'Hank's mom'

Last night, fresh from her shoe-shedding success at the BAFTAs, Meryl Streep received the Berlinale's highest honour, the Golden Bear. There to present the Bear for a lifetime's achievement to Meryl was Jake Gyllenhaal. We've heard before, during the Rendition days in which Jake and Meryl co-starred but never together, that Jake knew Meryl and her family as a child and more of this was revealed last night by 'Hank's mom'. It's been a while since we've seen Jake make such a long speech. Enjoy it!

Many thanks to IHJ for the wonderful photos! There are lots more there.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

What a great way to start the day! have a good one :)

Jules said...

OMG, he's too adorable for words!

Sheba said...

Yep, a fabulous valentine's gift. Thank you. Meryl is such a babe, so graceful and so loose and free at the same time. She's serene yet giddy too. I love her, she's fab.

Sorry I didn't drop by earlier. I was a little distracted yesterday spending valentine's day with my favourite little man, my 12 year old... playing Tin Tin on the Wii, Yikes, now we're addicted.

And thank you also for reposting my all time favourite interview with Jake and Alison. Next to the Ellen interview this is the tops.

Anonymous said...

Jake has to take care of women on Thursday in women's Carnival.
It is customary in Germany on this day women cut men's necktie.
So it is advised that women will
attack tomorrow.

Daniela said...

Good Morning!!!
I knew that Meryl was honored at the festival but not that Jake would give the prize to her, I loved, must have been an honor for him, she was so caring :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Jules!

That sounds like a great way to spend valentines, Sheba! I ate far too much pizza... I totally agree about that interview.

That's so funny 10:59!

Morning Daniela!

BBMISwear said...

Wow. Just...Wow! I had complete goosebumps from beginning to end while watching that video. Jake was absolutely amazing and Meryl was, well, typical fabulous Meryl! To have my all time favorite actor and my all time favorite actress together on stage like that was absolutely priceless. (I'm laughing a bit, too, because Meryl was my favorite actress back before Jake was even hanging out with Hank - but we won't go there - ha ha)!

Thanks for the wonderful updates, WDW. Last night, even though exhausted and ready for bed after a few busy days, I was not going to miss checking your posts to do a little catch up and I'm so glad I did because yesterday's post was full of such great stuff! Then I saw the photos of Jake and Meryl on IHJ and started jumping for joy (my family looked over with WTF looks indeed). I immediately started looking for video but none were posted yet. How happy I was to come here first thing and find this video. Thank you for your quick update!

Well I probably should stop rambling now - I guess you can tell I'm a bit excited by all this! I must say it's been a pleasant surprise to get this much "stuff" featuring Jake while at the festival. It's a tricky thing with Jurors as sometimes they are much more in the background then it seems with this festival (or it seems with this particular jury member at least). Kudos to the festival organizers and Jake for having him front and center in so many aspects of the 10 day event. And good for business too!!

I hope everyone is having a good certainly started out great!


Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful! Thank you WDW. I have a small question. In this video, it appears that we join Jake's speech after it began. Is there a chance you might be able to find the speech entire?

Eloise said...

Serving on a jury is very sensitive. The filmmakes who have films in competition want to feel the jury is giving sober and serious consideration to their work.

The festival director wants to make sure his high profile jurors are seen out and about to attract interest in the festival.

The juror has to juggle his time between seeing the films, and being seen seeing the films, and also participating in the official activities the festival officials encourage.

They must give time to get to know the other jurors so they cam have a productive dialogue when making their decisions. All of this requires diplomacy and stamina.

It is also important to assure the filmmakers who come to the fiestival that the jury's decision is fair, and arrived at with consideration. This job is quite prestigious, but it is not to be taken lightly.

Very nice blog.

Jules said...

@anonymous 14:13

Here's the link to the Berlinale official website with the full video

Anonymous said...

I am sorry. I thank you for the link, but once I am on the official site I do not find the complete video.

Jules said...


When you open the page can you see the square below that reads "Honorary Golden Bear for Meryl Streep"?

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for posting this video, Kate. Because Memon had posted the link I saw the show yesterday evening in the background, doing other stuff and couldn't believe it when I heard them announce Jake.

The video you posted is not really missing that much.
And it has my fav. part (around 07:00 min) in it: Jake is laughing about Meryl's joke and she looks at him a bit grim. The way it makes Jake flinch, like he's 12 again - priceless.

Also that pic you posted, where Meryl cups Jake's chin. Wonderful picture, so full of love and friendship.
I love how she took the time to talk about Jake, when clearly it was her night. Both of them are so humble about their own person. Adorable.
I hope they will do another movie together.

We are getting to see so much of Jake, but I hear that one does not really see anymore of him, when in Berlin.
Anne (who was at the Source Code premiere with us last year), has been in front of his hotel every morning, but wasn't able to catch him once yet.
Other girls from Berlin mention too, that Jake is hardly seen anywhere outside a theater or official events.

Carol said...

Fantastic pics. Meryl Streep is my all time favourite actress. She is amazing.

Looking forward to checking out the videos when I get home later.

What a nice Wednesday treat:)

Eloise said...

There are twitters of Jake in parties and clubs. He has done a substantial amount in only six days. Just because some have not seen him doesn't mean he is so restricted.

Also, in his position as the jury, it would not be good for him to be seen to be always hanging around the nightlife. I admire the dedication of people standing around in the frigid temperatures.

mermon said...
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mermon said...

Thank you Kate for that post, vid and great pics. I had such a exciting night, accidentally discovering that event. Thanks Goodness I like Meryl, that's why I wanted to watch that ceremony and when the host started to name the movies made by the actor who's going to present the award I almost fell of the chair, cause I knew right away it would be Jake! And I must tell you that almost at the same time I had BBM on my Polish TV and I was watching it mute, peeking from time to time at the screen, concentrating on Jake's speech. My blood pressure was probably very high then. Especially that in between we were tweeting with Sasha - commenting what we saw.
I'm very glad we have that vid available today, cause I may understand it more fully now, and appreciate Jake'e speech even more. As his fan I'm so happy he added some news about himself, from his teenage years, however still keeping Meryl on a first place. And she said so many good things about him. I was surprised, she spent so much time of her speech talking about him. I was so pleased by that. Amazing woman and actress by the way.

Thx you @Jules for that link to the whole video.
At the beginning the host introducing Jake said - one of the most exciting actors from Hollywood and I bet we all agree with that :)

I'm happy Jake has so much to do at Berlinale and does it so well.
THX @Eloise for explaining us Jury's duty. Interesting.

Let's wait for tomorrow's Women's Carnival.I would love to hear about women cutting Jake's tie, hoping for some pics or a vid:)

mermon said...

One more thing, have you noticed how Berlinale's director stopped Jake on a stage when Meryl came up, it looked like humble Jake wanted to leave. And it's a great pic on IHJ when a director catches Jake's ear. It was so funny! He seems to like Jake very much, since the beginning.
Director catches Jake by ear

Eloise said...

I wish only to add,we hear the word, festival,and think of celebration. This is true. A film festival is a celebration.

It is also the intersection of art and commerce. To a city, it is a blessing for tourism, and prestige of being a cultural center.

For artists,reputations are made or broken depending how they are received. Also, there are many films here looking for market distribution arrangments.

Film distributors from countries all over the world in Berlin to review and decide on many films.

Berlinale has always been very serious about the art and the commerce. It is a prestigeous cultural event.

I think Jake is conducting himself exactly the right way as the only American, and the youngest jury member. He was a very correct,very attractive choice. There is nothing crass or shallow in him. Meryl said he has Grace. This is very true of him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, mermon! This is so cute. It seems Jake and Deiter really hit it off! Looking at the rest of these pictures their expressions are delightful.

mermon said...

Sorry to post so many times.
I've watched now Meryl Streep's speech and she is just marvellous. She thanked so many persons, was so nice to Jake. Made it all with a charm, a humour, at ease. The whole trio was great, the ceremony was fantastic, worth to saved. It was touching and funny, full of grace and charm.
I would love to hear more about 13 years old Jake's bad influence :))Like Meryl said - he inherited his parents charm - what a nice thing to say on her own big day.
Director is a funny guy, it shows how he likes his duty and his famous Guests. He creates a specific atmosphere there. I've never watched any film festival that closely and this one I like very much.

LadyEkster said...

Can you believe I actually have butterflies flying around in my stomach, watching that video?! It's like PoP time all over again...

Beautifully done by both Jake and Meryl. Like others already wrote, they both are excellent examples of modesty, allure and grace.
I know it's stupid to say this but Jake, I'm so proud of you! :)

mermon said...

Nice things said about Jake's outfit:
Jake Gyllenhaal's Nice New Look (and Suit to Match)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone, thanks for the comments and for the links! I've just been watching the video - lovely to see Jake talking on a stage again after such a long time. Really wonderful hearing the affection from Meryl. Also shows Jake's Hollywood heritage.

I think it's fairly clear that Jake is heads down working seriously here - it's quite a responsibility, although I expect there are a lot of parties and other events going on behind the scenes.

Welcome, Eloise, glad you like the site :) Film festivals are extraordinary - love them (so long as I don't have to see all the films myself).

Thanks so much for such a long lovely comment, BBMISwear :-) It is so exciting!

Waves as well to Jules, Mrs JG, Carol, Mermon and Lady Ekster! Such a good day!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post, Kate. Since I came back from Berlin on Monday evening I am catching up and enjoying every piece of your posts.

Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to see Jake in Berlin :-(
It would have been soooooooo good to meet him again. Maybe there'll be another chance someday...
Nevertheless I enjoyed my visit to Berlin as it is such a lovely city.

I'm looking forward for more pics and videos from Berlinale.
Now I am going to watch the interview of your last post. I don't know this video and I am very exciting because some of you say it's your favourite interview of Jake.

Have a nice evening everyone.

Uli said...

Oh, this was one of the sweetest, most wonderful things I have seen of Jake in a long time! How great to come home to such a lovely and cute speech from Jake! Loved, loved, loved the whole thing! So sweet how Meryl Streep touched his chin and still referred to him in her acceptance speech!

Thanks so much for the links Kate and Jules!

And it was so great how the audience was cheering when Jake was announced and got on stage! Yay! They seemed to love him! And it is a weird feeling for me to see people I see kind of everyday on TV responding like that! I feel like "Yeah, see? That's my Jake!" :D :D :D

Uli said...

LOL, and yeah, what was that about "Deeder" grabbing/ pulling Jake's ear?? :D :D Thanks for the great pic of that moment, Mermon!!!

mermon said...

You welcome @Uli and @Anon17:58! On vid it rather looks like "Deeder" was pointing Jake's head toward the front, for photographers maybe. Seconds before Jake was looking at a side. So maybe he just accidentally grab his ear and photo captured that moment. Anyway it's very funny.

For those who didn't understand much - an article with many quotes from the speeches.

Jake Gyllenhaal Presents Meryl Streep

Eureka said...

I believe all I want to say has been said already. Wonderful speech, loving, warm and full of respect, personal and professional admiration at it's top. All mixed so well.
I personally love Meryl's mention of Naomi and Stephen. We are indeed so much what our parents have given us, teached us. So with that in mind if Meryl liked them for sure she sees In Jake their hand.
Thanks WDW.

Susan said...

I just have to add one more thank you:
Thank you, Meryl Streep, for so graciously providing us an opportunity to see Jake make a lovely speech. Can you please tell us more stories about him when he was a wussy punk kid?
Oh, and congrats on the cute little bear.

Anonymous said... ... Hungarian blogger meeting with Jake Gyllenhaal :)

Jules said...

@anonymous Thanks!

He's just the most charming man in the whole world, isn't he? Lucky blogger!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Such a busy stressful day, so it's good to read all your comments. Thanks as well for the links! Will the day ever end.......?

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for the link.

Does anybody here speak enough Hungarian to make any sense of this?
I get that obviously they were in a ballroom and Jake asked to not have his picture taken, even if it was the birthday of the blogger.

But I don't really get the last part with Lea Seydoux. Was she trying to hit on Jake (who could blame her for that?)?

Anonymous said...

Anything new?