Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Behind the scenes with the Time to Dance video and WDW's Harry Potter Interlude

Daniel Wolfe, director of the video for The Shoes' Time To Dance, has been talking about the reason for its inclusion of a very familiar face, that of Jake Gyllenhaal.: 'Jake Gyllenhaal and I had been talking about working together on something, and I got sent 'Time To Dance' by the Shoes, who are my favorite band, so I wanted to bring Jake in on that . . . I pitched the idea to him, and he liked it, which was great... My brother and I had been chatting about doing a British take on the slasher genre for a while, but as a music video, and instead of seeing it from the victim's perspectives, we wanted to be with the killer, spend some downtime with him."

Meanwhile, The Shoes themselves have been talking about the experience: 'When we released the 'Stay The Same' music video last year with Daniel Wolfe, we were so blown away by his work that we had to bring him back for the 'Time To Dance' video. No other director understood our music like he did. We gave him our track, and today, he gives us the best music video, starring one of our favorite actors, Jake Gyllenhaal. We still can't believe it!"

WDW Harry Potter Interlude

I took a trip to Hogsmeade today (along with a good 33% of the entire world's population), which is a little ironic considering that some of Harry Potter is filmed in my own hometown of Oxford and one of its stars (Hermione) is a local and a familiar face.But Universal Studios has done a fantastic job of recreating some of the most well known places of the books and films in its sun-kissed park. Hogwarts is right there, next to Jurassic Park... The only thing more incredible than the recreation of Hogwarts and its village is the line for its ride - three and a half hours!


Yesterday, I took a trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom:

 Photos by IHJ and WDW (in WDW).


Aileen said...

Good to see you're having fun Kate:) More photos:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Aileen! Glad you liked them :) And I am so happy to be spending a few days in hot sunshine.

lemniscate said...

Waves at Kate and all at WDW world. Looks like you're having a fabulous time in Florida. Love the pix. ;-)
I finally got to do the traveling I had been planning for so long. Great to be back though and visit this special place again. Hope everyone's been well.

JG sure seems to have shifted down a few gears or perhaps shifted focus to other areas of his life. Post 30 enlightenment? In need of a sea change? Who knows (maybe even he doesn't). But, whatever he chooses to focus his talents on next, we'll be here to show support and offer constructive criticism ;-)

Waves at mermon ;-) Apparently 1 in every 100 people can be classified as a psychopath:
I did the psychopath test on this page… Happy to say I scored: Relatively Normal. Phew! My mamma will be proud.

gyllenhaalic4jake said...

Walt Disney World is my favorite place on earth! I have been there a handful of times! I always wondered what it would be like if aliens landed there and thought it represented the entire planet, lol! Have a great holiday, Kate! Love the Time to Dance info, also!!

mayumintolor said...

Thank you for the post. It's nice to know that why Jake accept this role. I'm scared this dark Jake. But at the same time, I'm attracted this vid. Grown up Donnie!
Oh! wonderful photos! I really envy you!
The beautiful scenery of Animal Kingdom is just magnificent! :))

BBMISwear said...

Great to hear some of the creators speak about the TTD video and would love to hear some input from Jake (probably won't get that until his next promotional interview unfortunately).

Wonderful pictures Kate - the Animal Kingdom pics are bringing back some great memories of my last visit to Disney World (which is sadly quite a while ago now).

Have a great rest of the week!


Susan said...

Really nice pics from Florida, Kate. I'm like BBMISwear - brings back great memories but it's been too long since my last visit to Disney. Now that Hogwarts has relocated to Florida, I should make the time to go. But 3 1/2 hours line for the ride? I'll just have to bring my Nook to pass the time...

mermon said...

Great pics Kate! I can't figure out the connection between Harry Potter and Jurassic Park!
Waves back at @lemniscate! Thanks heaven I am Relatively Normal as well. Interesting article about psychopaths.:)
So Daniel Wolf likes The Shoes. The Shoes like Daniel and they all likes Jake. And Jake wanted to work with Daniel, liking his weird story. Fantastic! As a result we have interesting vid and new visage of Jake. So far vid was seen on youtube 641058 times!

LadyEkster said...

Gorgeous photos, Kate! 3,5 hours is indeed far too long a wait, but I'm glad you're having a good time. If you don't mind, please send some sunshine over, it's been bitter cold here... :-S

Waves back to lemniscate! Good to 'see' you again!! :)

paulh said...

I recently saw "Friends With Kids." The only possible Jake link was Kristen Wiig, who was probably in the Saturday Night Live episode that jake was in.

Anonymous said...

lemniscate said...

Waves back at LadyEkster ;-)

Re: 18:41, latest JG pix on justjared
Love how Jake has gone all "minimalist nomad" these past few years. I so get his "special affection" for those comfy, functional cargo pants now.
Is it just my perception, or is he seemingly more withdrawn and anxious regarding unsolicited media attention? I've been traveling for almost a year, so trying to catch up on WDW's JG news now. Maybe I just missed something... He does seems "different" somehow.

Daniela said...

I love this guy seriously!

I was reading the reviews on JJ, surprised to see so many so quickly and I soon saw why: the one where Jake will continue throughout
I made a comment there, but please! Hahaha kidding!

Beautiful photos, kate!