Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal surfaces! Heading out for a cuppa in LA. So is he in town for the Advocate bash?

Jake Gyllenhaal has surfaced! He was seen back in LA yesterday (26 March) at what is arguably the home of the best cuppa in the city: Urth Cafe in Beverly Hills. I can also personally vouch for their oatmeal and fruit. This is necessarily a brief visit due to the Paul Newman tribute in NY on Monday 2 April but it does mean that a little bean of possibility may take root and grow into the distinct chance that Jake may appear at the Advocate's 45th birthday celebrations after all! They take place this Thursday, which leaves enough time for Jake to have words with the Face Pet.

Many thanks to IHJ for the very welcome new pictures!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Now that's what I call a good start to the day! Have a good one, everyone :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate!!!When you're in your office, with a sunny morning outside but also a lot of work to do..nothing is better that these news!!!
A lovely week to everyone

Susan said...

Jeans in LA, green cargo trousers in NYC?

Nice to see the Face Pet in full bloom... would be even nicer to see the Face it is attached to...

BBMISwear said...

Love the update and the idea that we may get to see Jake at two events instead of just one within 5 days (with hope that he does in fact make an appearance at the Advocate event). I also love seeing him at Urth Cafe again. I have great memories of that place - nothing like sitting at one of their outside tables taking in the California sunshine and doing some great people watching!!

I personally would be happy to say goodbye to the face pet but I do like his creativity when it comes to his black hats. Blacked out L.A. Dodgers cap while in NYC, Blacked out NY Yankees cap while in L.A. Nice idea Jake...except where is the blacked out Boston Red Sox cap, hmmm?! LOL! Sorry...couldn't resist.

It was great to have new pictures this morning...I needed all the help I could get waking up after a very late night at the Bruce Springsteen show last night...whoowheee! Always a great experience!

Here's to more pics from L.A. (maybe a quick stop at the medical center for a pre-filming check-up and then off to film next week)? *just wishful thinking*


LadyEkster said...

which leaves enough time for Jake to have words with the Face Pet.
Kate, I adore you, you know that? I spat out my coffee reading that! :-D

Yes Jake, please have a last, serious, deathly goodbye session with that Face Pet of yours. I can cope with the Trousers, the Beanie, the Baldie and whatever next trend you wish to throw at us, but PLEASE, stop hiding that gorgeous face of yours!! Please!

mermon said...

@Kate "which leaves enough time for Jake to have words with the Face Pet." - what a subtle way you have to let Jake know, what you hope from him for.
@Susan "Nice to see the Face Pet in full bloom... would be even nicer to see the Face it is attached to.." - that's what I call a true Gyllenhaalism.
@BBMISwear- Thx for pointing out that cap's thing. I would never notice that. Jake's sense of humour? Despite the rather serious beard.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking he stopped in LA for a med check up before he starts filming. I do hope he will be at the Advocate event, then he'll have to be back in NY for the April 2nd event.
LOL about the face pet. I wonder if Jake knows how we feel about it?


mermon said...

If you are interested - Maggie Gyllenhaal on Planned Parenthood

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Been a busy day and back at the Oxford Literary Festival this evening listening to the legend Ian Rankin. Amazing.

It would indeed, Susan!

I hope you had a good time with Brucie, BBMISwear :-) What a fab night. That's funny about the hats, not noticed that. It does look like he's having a laugh.

Ahhh, Lady Ekster, that makes me happy!

Hi Mermon! The hat thing isn't something I think we'd notice over here so I'm really glad BBMISwear pointed it out :D Thanks for the link!

I wonder that too, Sweetpea - it would be good, wouldn't it? :)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for that funny post, Kate. I read it this morning, but couldn't comment then.

@Sweetpea: I wonder if Jake knows how we feel about it?
I think he knows pretty well, he once said on a talk show that his PR people were worried about the beard with him having a movie coming out and he didn't seem to care much.

I just hope for "Enemy" to require a more visible face, although I read one of the two Jakes has a mustache.

But at least the jeans are back!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mrs JG! I don't think Jake cares at all what anyone thinks of the bear. It just always surprises me he grows it so long when he use to complain about it being itchy :D The moustache is indeed a frightening thought!

Lureen said...

That would be so cool if he did show up at the Advocate Celebration in the Jack Twist moustache.

mermon said...

Actually, I would love to see Jake with real moustache in the movie. I liked him in fake ones in BBM :))
Why it takes so long to give us some news about The Enemy?

Aileen said...

You're so funny Kate.:))

paulh said...

The Face Pet is probably for camouflage, though you never know. They say that an actor has to suffer for his art. Well, Jake suffers from itchiness apparently as he daringly goes out for coffee, knowing that people with cameras or cameraphones are waiting to immortalize his appearances. But, he is a true artist. He knows that the simplest everyday errand contains the seeds of thespian greatness!

paulh said...

There are no small roles, only small cups of coffee.