Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal to be dark, edgy and double in Villeneuve's Enemy?

Hot on the heels of the movie news that turned out to be no movie news we have some more of it. But this time, let us hope that everything works out and Jake Gyllenhaal will indeed star in Denis Villeneuve's 'Enemy'. There are several reasons for wanting this one to turn out, not least the intriguing plot, but chief among them is the news that Jake would play not just one of the leading roles but the other one too. Yes. After years of talk of cloning Jake, Denis Villeneuve may be about to actually pull it off and give us multiple Jakes.

Here is the news according to Variety:
'Before directing Hugh Jackman in "Prisoners," Denis Villeneuve will helm the indie "An Enemy" with Jake Gyllenhaal in negotiations to star. Javier Gullón is penning the adaptation based on the novel "The Double" by Jose Saramago. The story revolves around a dysfunctional history teacher who accidentally discovers his exact double on a rented DVD, seeks him out and ends up turning both of their lives upside down.
Niv Fichman of Rhombus Media will produce along with Miguel Angel Faura of Roxbury Pictures, in association with Mecanismo Films in Madrid. Alliance Films will distribute in Canada and Pathé in the U.K. and France. Pathé will also handle international sales.
Villeneuve will likely shoot "Enemy" before "Prisoners" as Jackman is now busy filming Universal's "Les Miserables." Gyllenhaal would play two roles in the film, described by sources as "dark and edgy."'

Reading between the lines, this would suggest an early filming date, supported by Jake not being able to fit in Motor City.

We may have had fewer films of late but at least there's a good chance that they'll have more Jakes in them. I really like the sound of this one.

Picture of 'dark and edgy' Jake thanks to IHJ.

My review of John Carter is now up at MovieBrit


Wet Dark and Wild said...

I LOVE the sound of this - intriguing plot and a fascinating role for Jake. Many, many fingers crossed. All ten of them.

So what do you think?

Susan said...

Oh yes, this one sounds very interesting! Two Jakes for the price of one - a bargain indeed. I wonder how different the screenplay will be from the original book. Book's title is "The Double" sounding much less sinister, dark, and edgy, than the movie title "An Enemy."

Glad to have you back, Kate! Don't let work get you down after your marvelous vacation in sunny Florida!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate, you're always "on the news"!!!So if I crossed fingers for Motor City...now I'm turning on a candle (as we say in Italy)!!!
It seems to be a very interesting movie...and based on a Saramago's novel!!!Sooo, we'll see, but I'm sure that every next project Jake is going to choose, we'll be proud of him!!!
Kisses and a wonderful week1

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Susan! It's good(ish) to be back :D Not too jetlagged amazingly. Maybe it'll hit tonight.

I think this sounds great! I can see why they're not using the Double in the title - sounds overly familiar. We'll have to see what happens!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Carlotta! I really like the sound of this one. Such an interesting story. Sounds much more like my kind of story. So keep that flame burning :)


I have 20 fingers crossed, you know, toes can help.

Glad to see you back, Kate.

winterbird said...

I am super excited that Jake is returning to edgy indie!!!

I am tempted to seek out the book now.

and welcome home, WDW!

Maja79Belgrade said...

- Fingers crossed - check
- toes crossed/squeezed - check
- candle lit - check
- knock on wood - check
- water spilled (the Serb way) - check

:))) that is how much I like the sound of this movie....

Welcome back Kate :)

Anonymous said...

We must send all positive thoughts to everyone involved so that this comes true!! Glad you're back, WDW!

I am getting a sense that Jake is doing things his own way and while it proves slower it will also be more rewarding. This is a serious actor. A true artist.

mermon said...

Hi Kate! Nice to have you back! You came in the right time for news! Like Jake would wait for you to give us something exciting to hope for.
I like the plot, it's interesting. From what I read Jake's clone will be 5 years younger then him and wear moustache! That we didn't have since BBM! This time maybe the real one.
I try to be calm and wait patiently for confirmed announcement. Wishing all this would be true. Double Jake is worth to wait for!

mermon said...

I also think about buying/reading a book. Thanks to Jake I discovered Portuguese writer Jose Saramago with literature Nobel prize, honestly saying I never heard about him before.
Would be that a second Jake's movie based on a book, after October Sky? This time we have a chance to read it before a movie to imagine Jake's character and what's cooking for him.

Susan said...

Mermon, not just October Sky but also Jarhead and Love and Other Drugs were based on books. Zodiac, too, come to think of it. Sometimes the movie bears little resemblance to the original source material...

mermon said...

@Susan! You're right! I forgot about Jarhead and LAOD, didn't know about Zodiac.

BBMISwear said...

And of course there's always the famous short story Brokeback Mountain! :-)

Welcome Back Kate! Your trip sounds wonderful and I hope if the jet lag hits it's not too bad.

I love the sound of this movie role for Jake...very intriguing and double the Jakes is a bonus to any movie! Yes, all things crossed that this comes together and soon. I wonder if they will film in Portugal or Spain or somewhere completely different. Obviously films can be placed in very different places with very different people than what was implied in a book so it will be interesting to see how they handle this one. Great stuff!

*positive thoughts* :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Made it through the day, a little sleepy now...

So interesting to be reminded of the books Jake's films have been built upon. With Brokeback, of course :) Hello BBMISwear! :-)

Thanks Gyllencrazy :)

Hello Winterbird!

I love the list, Maja! I hope it all pays off so keep it up!

I think so too, 14:31 - I think this one could be worth the wait.

Hi Mermon - Jake with a moustache... oh blimey, not another of those!

Hey there Susan!

That's got me thinking, BBMISwear, about where they may film it :-) Obviously, Oxford would be the perfect and obvious choice...

mermon said...

@BBMISwear said..."And of course there's always the famous short story Brokeback Mountain! :-)"
I had to have contemporary amnesia! So at least 6 Jake's movies are based on books (including Enemy! Impressive.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

To say I was rather down when I heard that Jake would NOT come to Berlin for work, would be playing it down.
But i think, two Jake's in one movie will make up for that.

I agree with WDW's line of reasoning, why Jake couldn't do Motor City.
I hope we get confirmation soon.

Thanks Maja for the "To Do" list.
Off to check mine.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I'm not surprised you were down, Mrs JG, although I think this sounds like a much better film and it makes me think Jake had his reasons to turn it down.

My review of John Carter is now up at MovieBrit

mermon said...

Happy birthday @lemniscate!

paulh said...

I'm glad to see that you have written a review of "John Carter," WDW. I saw it last week, but didn't report on it here because there were apparently no links to Jake.

The movie I just saw more than makes up for it. I saw "Jeff Who Lives at Home." Judy Greer, who plays Jeff's sister-in-law, was in "Love and other Drugs" with jake. Heck, she was also in two movies with Maggie Gyllenhaal, and some other movies with Peter Sarsgaard. It's a quirky movie that restores my faith that Hollywood can sometimes make movies where you don'tknow how they'll end after the first thirty minutes. That's a good thing!

lemniscate said...

Glad to hear you're back in the old country, safe and sound. FLA trip looked very enjoyable.
Interesting John Carter review. Have not seen it yet, but up for dinner and a movie tonight, so might give it serious consideration now. Agree with Disney's awful marketing (need not remind you of how POP went plop due to bad marketing).

Huh?! How did you know?
Thank you! ;-)

"Jeff Who Lives at Home" synopsis sounds interesting. And, well... I always enjoy me some Susan Sarandon. Talk a bout Jake-linkage (Moonlight Mile).
Sounds like you're doing a JG movie-degrees-of-seperation tag challenge or something. I'm game. ;-)

Spot the JG-linkage:
"Frankie Go Boom" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1772271/
Teaser - Explicit Language warning!
Best not watch at work.
(Talk about awful marketing... Uh! This movie could do so much better.)

Aileen said...

Kate you're so funny 'We may have had fewer films of late but at least there's a good chance that they'll have more Jakes in them.' :))
I am glad you enjoyed your holiday in the States. Welcome back to the UK.

Paula C. said...

BBIswear, the idea of Jake coming to Portugal to shoot would be a dream, but i think the shooting will take place in Toronto during spring.

Mermon, so glad you found Saramago trough Jake, i've never read The Double, but i've read other 3 Saramago books including Blindness, my favorite, and I tell you it's very hard to read him, always very intense.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone. Ridiculously busy at work today and jetlag caught up so feeling bleurgh.

Good to see you all! Happy birthday Lemniscate and thank you Aileen!

What did you think of John Carter, Paul?

Thanks for the Toronto info, Aileen :) A lovely city to be based in.

I want Jake's life said...

Hmm, this does not sound interesting since its been done how many times based on the same book? I don't see this particular movie plot standing out from the other adapations. Its too soon to do the male version of The Black Swan and there is another movie in the works with Jessie Eisenberg in the lead based on the same book. Jake should have done Motor City, a movie based on one line could have engaged the audience better than another recycled plot from a book adaption. Still hoping Mute by Duncan Jones becomes a movie and hope Duncan still has Jake in mind for the movie. But I admire Jake for making his own choices and getting to do what he enjoys. I wish I could say the same for myself though.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks 00:28, that's really interesting to hear of another version being made too. I think the same about Mute and also about how fortunate Jake is to be able to make such choices :) He can take his time, it's the rest of us who are so impatient!

mayumintolor said...

It's so nice to know the good news like this! Thank you Kate. :)
We've been waiting for Jake to shoot new movie.
I really hope this negotiation will be work out this time.
Yes, fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Where is Jake? Do you think he started work on this movie yet?

Susan said...

About multiple movies with the same premise... IMDB describes Jesse Eisenberg's The Double as a comedy. That sounds very different from the way An Enemy has been described. Even if they were filmed at about the same time, they may not be on the same schedule for release, and with different titles they might not be immediately suspected as being derived from the same source.
There is a comedy version of Snow White entitled Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts due out soon as well as a darker, scarier version Snow White and the Huntsman with Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. I am mildly interested in seeing both of the movies because I don't think they will have much more in common than being derived from the same fairy tale.
There were two movies about Wyatt Earp that came out at just about the same time back in 1993/94 and the fact that they were so similar probably did hurt their box office performance.
Hollywood is the ultimate recycler of ideas. Sometimes it goes unnoticed, other times it seems glaringly obvious. If this is the right project at this time for Mr. Gyllenhaal, I have every confidence he will be wonderful in it.
Regardless, I am also impatient for the next project. :)

Anonymous said...

Re the other film with Jesse Eisenberg, copied and pasted a couple of comments from Indiwire

Isn't there already an adaptation of "The Double" in the works w/ Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska?

Different books. The Eisenberg one is a Dostoevsky adaptation.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone!

Hi Susan and Mumintolor! Thanks for that 19:56 :) They are indeed separate books. Although there is talk that the Dostoevsky story is a major influence on An Enemy and Black Swan, they are different and have a very different tone.

New post :)