Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal undercover in LA

Now that Jake Gyllenhaal is back on home territory he's being seen across the town, sometimes undercover... Yesterday (27 March), Jake was seen at Gelson's Supermarket, which has branches across LA. See if you can spot him.

Earlier in the day, he was spotted buying gas - no doubt in sympathy for those people panic buying fuel in the UK at the moment.

This is an Emergency Post and so brief. There may be more...

Pictures thanks to IHJ and JustJared.

My review of Wrath of the Titans is now up at MovieBrit.


Susan said...

Thanks for the update, Kate.

It's so nice to know he's covering the basics - even though he may look like a homeless street person, he can afford food and transportation. :)

mermon said...

Thx for the update, Kate!
Ha! The same story. LA means pics, NYC - tweets. I don't know what I prefer. Probably tweets. They don't bother him so much.
He looks very serious in the store, maybe he's just focused on his shopping. And getting in mood for a depressed history teacher role?

Anonymous said...

I wish he didn't look so serious or sad, I'm just going by body language obviously I don't know if he really feeling sad.

Thanks for the updates, Kate. I wonder if he'll have to shave the beard? I thought I heard the character has a mustache


Anonymous said...

Kate, is there really a gasoline shortage in the UK?

sass said...

WDW, he's still gorgeous even if he does insist on wearing as you put it his "face pet." :lol

took me >5 times to publish this handstingetli

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Ooh, the blogger comments have changed yet again...

That is so so funny, Susan! You did make me laugh! It really is not the best of looks...

Hi Mermon, I know what you mean but I do like the occasional pic :)

Hi Sweetpea! The moustache would be bad! I do wish he would shave the beard.

Hi 22:15 - there's a good chance that the fuel tanker drivers are about to go on strike and so there is some panic buying going on.

Sorry you had troubles, Sass - thanks for persevering :) Good to see you!

Have a good day everyone - and let's see what happens with the Advocate party!

Anonymous said...

New pictures at IHJ. They make me very sad.

He's smoking.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Anon - there are new pics at IHJ but he is not smoking in them. He's holding a car key. Unless you been he's 'smoking hot', which of course he is.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Sorry Anon - you're quite right, there are new pics of Jake smoking on IHJ - but they're not in the gallery yet which means there may be trouble with publicising them.

Anonymous said...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I thought those had been removed but you have to log in to see them. Thanks for the link Anon

daisyB said...

Well, all I can say is while I'm not at all happy to see him smoking, at least he looks uncomfortable doing it. He looks like he is "trying."

To me it means this is not something he does regularly, and it isn't a natural fit for him, thank goodness! Maybe one of the people he was with was smoking and he asked for one.

I hope he is just getting ready for a movie or something. How can anyone who exercises so much smoke cigarettes.

BBMISwear said...

Great to see Jake out and about (and I'm loving the long hair!) but it's so strange to see him smoking again. Takes me back a few years...hmmmm.

Hope everyone here is well and that we get that movie news we are all waiting for soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate!!!And thanks Anon for the link! Btw I agree completely with BBMISwear...anyway he's so lovely with this look!!!(but no cigarettes please!)

mermon said...

Who knows, maybe he felt a draw to smoke having to smoke in vid Time To Dance. As an ex smoker, I know how is it. If you feel again that ritual of lighting and drawing on a cigarette it's easy to suck in again. I hope he's strong enough to keep it occasionally.
Anyway it's nice to see him in good mood. Or maybe it's his usual mood, we just see him mostly in paps pics, when he's not happy from their presence. Tweeters which have a chance to talk to him are rather pleased.

Anonymous said...

I do´n`t like Jake Gyllenhaal when he don`t make the shave.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! Friday :)

Thanks for comments and I certainly agree that he can lose the cigarettes please, very unattractive, unhealthy and smelly.

I can't see any sign yet that Jake was at the Advocate party. I'll keep on looking.

I was in a small country pub last night, a beautiful one, and Kate Winslet came in! Managed not to choke on my risotto...

Have a good day everyone!

Anonymous said...

I need to move! No one ever comes into my neighborhood bar and burger place.

paulh said...

"How can anyone who exercises so much smoke cigarettes?" [DaisyB]

I guess it depends on the type of exercise. Of all athletes, swimmers are the most likely to be smokers. It must be something about the deep breathing that swimmers have to do.

In any event, although smoking makes exercise harder, at least the exercise lessens some of the damage that the cigarettes do. Not much comfort, granted, but active peole seem to thrive, everything else being equal.

I wish that Hollywood didn't seem so fixated on stories set in the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's, when smoking was so prevalent. A lot of actors have to smoke while filming these movies. John Lithgow played so many smoking roles that he had a devil of a time getting off cigarettes afterwards.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi 14:52!

Hey there Paul! It's such a horrible habit. I know that RDJ for example uses completely harmless fake cigarettes if he has to 'smoke' for a role. So there's not much of an excuse for Jake. I think he just wants to smoke.

My review of Wrath of the Titans is now up on MB!

Daniela said...

Hi, how are you? enter news blogs, but I saw the news most spoken jake was having smoked a cigarette.
People know how much it hurt, I hope you're just doing it socially.
Since there is no denying the news talks about "an enemy" I conclude that is still standing.
Hoping for better news!
kisses! :)

mayumintolor said...

Hello! Kate, everyone :)
In these days Jake is out of sight again.
It's good for him though dull for us.
I agree with Daniela :) I'm expecting Jake to come on board "An Enemy" !

Have a great weekend everyone.

paulh said...

pinentiol paithe"there's not much of an excuse for Jake. I think he just wants to smoke." [WDW]

I'm not necessarily disagreeing. I just think it's harder to stay away from the bad stuff if you work in Hollywood. Not impossible, but harder. Anyway, what influence would I have over Jake regarding smoking? None. Lance Armstrong would not be happy to see evidence that jake was smoking. It was Lance's organization that pushed to make bars in Austin Texas snokefree. I mention that to show that Lance cares a lot about this.


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