Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal in Toronto to prep for An Enemy and some NYC Soul Cycling

Jake Gyllenhaal is in Toronto! And speaking as someone who has been in Toronto when Jake is in the city, this is a lovely place to be. Great restaurants, shops, architecture and a wonderful atmosphere. It looks like Jake has already been doing the rounds of some of the restaurants. He was seen at one at the weekend by a tweeter who also posted a picture. The restaurant is Canoe, which apparently is very Canadian while also being very NYC. So none the wiser... But it does look very good.

According to Pop Goes the News, filming on An Enemy begins in Toronto on 22 May, and so it's likely Jake is in the city for some pre-production. Here's hoping that involves a quick shaved and haircut. It will be interesting to learn who the other cast members will be although, obviously, Jake's co-star in this film is Jake Gyllenhaal. Let's hope they get along.

And finally...

Jake has been putting his time in NYC to good use. It turns out that Jake has taught at least one Soul Cycle spin class in Union Square. According to the New York Post:

The “Source Code” star cycled on a stage next to an instructor Monday in full view of an afternoon spin class. He even mouthed the words to a Jay-Z song playing on the soundtrack while wearing “a black tank top, shorts and full beard dripping in sweat,” a spy said, adding Jake even lip-synced, “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.”

Apparently, spin has never been so popular. Can't imagine why.

This post includes rather lovely past Toronto pictures :)


Susan said...

Yay! Let the pre-production activities begin! I wonder what kind of research Jake will have to do to play his own double? Or if he could negotiate to get two paychecks? :)

At least now, hopefully, the long dry spell is starting to come to an end. Thanks, Kate, for making even such a dry spell so entertaining and fun.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Susan! That would be odd research - maybe he'll practice talking to himself... Oh I do hope so and thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this part includes a shave :D

I've never been to the Canoe restaurant, I looked it up. It's on the 53rd floor of a bank building.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea! Wow, that's a very high restaurant :D I hope so too...

mermon said...

So it gets more exciting! I think we don't need another proof.
I'm still reading Double, imagining Jake in every sentences and scene. Such a weird, exciting experience to me on the way to Jake's movie. I've been to Toronto as well on 1 day excursion, don't know that Canoe restaurant either. Nice to see Jake's back on a fresh pic from 53th floor;)
I don't understand too well Jake's commitment to soulcycle, that he likes it so much that being one in the crowd is not enough anymore. Is he preparing to be instructor? :)

BBMISwear said...

It's so great to have movie news, huh?! Great update WDW and I love this: "Jake's co-star in this film is Jake Gyllenhaal" - boy did that make me smile!!

Isn't it great to think back on our 'Jake in Toronto' experiences? Although, once again, not at the same time - why do we always do that?! I love thinking back to him saying (on national Canadian television) "She's from Boston...so she's...they're really pushy over there". Nice catch when he realized he was about to call me pushy on TV - ha ha!! Ahhhh...nice memories. (And I guess I can be kind of pushy when I want to be...hee hee).

Well here's to more great memories to come in 2012, including filming one movie in spring/summer and promoting another in the fall! Have we waited a long time for this or what?!



Daniela said...

This was to compensate the time he was not making a movie, now we have him in double version, uhuull!

Carol said...

Thanks for posting those lovely pics Kate.

It's great things are moving for this movie. Hopefully the rest of 2012 will be an exciting one for all us Jake fans:)

mayumintolor said...

Yay!! What a wonderful news!! Thanks Kate! I'm very hoping that we will get many photos of Jake from the filming and related things. Without the face pet, if possible.
I've been to Toronto once. very beautiful city! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!I'm soo happy for these news! Double Jake...obviously a fantastic 2012!And it's just the beginning!
Thanks Kate to be our fantastic Hermes from GyllenOlympus!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there everyone! I hope you had a good day :)

Hi Mermon - spin is extremely addictive so I can see why Jake likes it so much, but he's also clearly very good at it.

Hey BBMISwear :-) I love these memories! I love the mad things we do an all the places we've been. So many adventures over the years.

Sounds good, eh, Daniela?

My pleasure, Carol! I do hope so :)

Thanks Mayumintolor! It's a beautiful city. Such great restaurants and the architecture is remarkable.

ooh, I like that, Carlotta, thank you!

Have a good evening, everyone!

mermon said...

Going deeper into Double/Enemy story I may assure you that so far Jake is in every scene!

Susan said...

:) That's wonderful, Mermon! Just remember that the screenplay based on the novel may turn out to be very "loosely" adapted. What makes it into the final movie could be very different from the original source. As long as it's a good movie, I don't really care. :)

mermon said...

Of course you may be right @Susan! I should have write - Tartuliano is in every scene, so far. With Jake we don't know. But one thing is certain. He will be a main character for sure! :)) Plus some double. I know his name already, but won't spoil it cause it's a kind of riddle's research in a book.

lemniscate said...

Finally got some time to catch up again... Thanks WDW for the wonderful write ups. Always puts a smile on my face.

The pics and videos of "Paul Newman's Dream" event are... dreamy. Gosh, he sure does get better with age. Love that the scruffy facepet gets some limelight. Hope he never goes clean shaven again! (sorry ladies 'n gents, I am "pro beard" remember ;-)

Yay! Even better news! He's in pre-prod for "Enemy" in Toronto (again) and eating out (again).
Some enterprising Toronto chef should name a burger after him:
the "double JG wild boar burger" - not for the faint hearted - a testosterone hit that'll put some scruff on y'r face.
Finishing the book and can't wait for this movie... (Would love to hear more of your insights Mermon - this is a mind-bender).
So, looks like it's going to be a nicely balanced JG movie year after all. What were we all whining about? ;-)

Anyhoo... Just so happens that another favourite person of mine is also in Toronto at the moment filming Guillermo Del Toro's latest - big budget soon to be cult flick - "Pacific Rim"; and transforming quarters of Toronto into Tokyo, no less: http://www.slashfilm.com/video-guillermo-del-toros-pacific-rim-transforms-toronto-tokyo/.
Yes, "the babe" aka Charlie Hunnam is also in Toronto and loves to dine out... http://mrwillw.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/charlie-hunnam-spotted-in-toronto-enter.html
Hint, hint... No?
Ok, here's what needs to happen: JG and CH must have dinner together to plot their future world domination as the ultimate writer/director/producer duo, which would put the likes of the Coen and Wachowski brothers to shame!
Keeping my fingers crossed... ad infinitum.

Leslie said...

Leminscate, I love you! CH is my second fave guy and if he and Jake ever hung out I'd die!!!

lemniscate said...

Leslie ;-)
Yeah... Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Picture JG and CH in a scene together... Hot damn! Sensory overload!
But seriously; they seem to share similar interests and values, both professionally and personally, so I think they'd make an awesome creative team and could easily become best mates.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Got a lurgy so lying low...

Waves to Leminiscate, Mermon, Susan, Leslie - I'm afraid I haven't hear of Charlie Human *hides*

Have a good evening!

paulh said...

The dry spell would have been easier to bear if "Nailed" had come out. Is there any news about the status of that, or will we all grow old and gray waiting for it? of course, I'm old and gray already, so in my case I guess I should say older and grayer.


Carol said...

I agree with Lemniscate and Leslie that CH is hot but my senses would explode if Jake and Ryan Gosling made a movie together.

May more powerful forces than us make it so:)

lemniscate said...

Waves back at WDW.
Charlie Hunnam is well worth "investigating"... ;-) "More human than human", as the infamous Rob Zombie would put it.

Carol ;-)
I'll watch anything with Ryan Gosling (though, I must admit, I found "The Notebook" very boring... Yawn). He's an amazing actor. Love his minimalist style. Totally rocked in "Drive".
I believe Jake has expressed he would love to work with Ryan, and I bet that's much more likely to ever happen than the JG/CH scenario...
I'm not the praying kind, but agree, whoever can make all the above happen, please do.

Leslie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leslie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leslie said...

Damnit, let me try that again . . .

I'd rather see Jake, Charlie and Ryan Reynolds.

(my stupid iPad keeps messing up the names and replacing them with other words)

lillyrosesnjake said...

My panties would fall off before I was properly seated at the theater if Gosling and Gyllenhaal were in a movie together!
I will now go into a prayer closet and hope for a miracle!

Anonymous said...

There's lots of hot guys and great actors, and we all have favorites. I know I do. (I will always love my Colins, Firth and Farrell, and I adore Clive Owen, who's dead sexy in my opinion. Daniel Craig not far behind, and don't get me started on Hugh Jackman.)

But as far as I'm concerned, Jake is in a class all by himself. No one looks as hot. He defines beautiful. I could look at photos of Jake for hours. He is absolute perfection. The fact he's a brilliant actor and a good person is just the icing. Jake is the Gold Standard.

Anonymous said...

There's lots of hot guys and great actors, and we all have favorites. I know I do. (I will always love my Colins, Firth and Farrell, and I adore Clive Owen, who's dead sexy in my opinion. Daniel Craig not far behind, and don't get me started on Hugh Jackman.)

But as far as I'm concerned, Jake is in a class all by himself. No one looks as hot. He defines beautiful. I could look at photos of Jake for hours. He is absolute perfection. The fact he's a brilliant actor and a good person is just the icing. Jake is the Gold Standard.

BBMISwear said...

I'm enjoying all the "wish Jake would work with _______" comments! He already worked with the one I would want and can never do so again which makes me sadder than I think I could ever put into words so I'll just move on to another topic now. :-(

Hello to Paul - Good to see you around here again. As you can imagine I follow everything to do with Nailed since that is where I first met Jake - but what a roller coaster ride that production has been has been - ugh! It looked as dead as could be until they did that test screening a year ago in which they told the audience they would definitely be finishing it and releasing it. Of course, who knows what has happened since then but this screening shows a little hope. That and news that the company that "owns" it inherited a ton of unreleased films but none with the large ensemble cast as Nailed so they would most likely lean toward getting this one out more than some of the others they've got collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. I'd be happy with just a DVD release!

Well that worked...thinking about spending time with Jake on the set of Nailed definitely made me a lot happier than the subject I started out with - thanks for the reminder Paul!

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well WDW...get some rest and feel better soon!

Have a good weekend all! :-)

Anonymous said...

seen on twitter today:
It is official!
My good friend from London is coming to direct Jake Gyllenhaal on Broadway! Mmmmmmmmm... Guess who's going to enjoy rehearsals? WHAT! xx

Wet Dark and Wild said...

So good to see you, Paul! Blimey, that would be so good to see Nailed. After all we went through during the filming!!!

Hi Carol, Lemniscate and Leslie! Ryan Gosling has been a grower for me. I never used to care much for him but now I realise what a fine actor he is. Also, one can't help but wonder if he's beating Jake to the roles. Tough competition.

Hi 14:25 - I ADORE Colin Farrell. I'm not sure I could cope with a film with the both of them.

Oh BBMISwear :-) Nailed must happen in some shape or form, it really must! All that excitement an you remember how several readers had bit parts in it! It's just such a shame if we never see it.

Hi 17:10 - interesting! I saw that so new post :)

Carol said...

Two of my favourites in the same sentence Jake and theatre. I'm very excited about this:)