Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wet Dark and Wild is five years old today! Cheers! A celebratory post with thanks

Today is a very special day for me - WDW is five years old - no longer toddling around like a nipper, nappies long forgotten and letters now forming into words longer than 'feed me'! It's been an incredible five years and it's been precious because those years have given me the opportunity to watch Jake Gyllenhaal's career develop, his interests outside film making flourish and his beard and hair levels run amok. These years have also given me some of my closest friends, leading to some of the best times of my life - not least re-enacting Moonlight Mile across Massachusetts and Martha's Vineyard with BBMISwear!

I've been fortunate to see Jake a ridiculously wonderful number of times in five countries and through it all I've had the fun of sharing it all here. And not only my own adventures, it's been great hearing the Jake stories shared by readers here. Hopefully, as Jake's filming - and stage - career step up a gear in 2012, there'll be lots more to come.

The best way to see the highlights of these five years is through the archives, but here is a brief look at just a few of the memorable times...


2007 was a year I'll never forget for it was spent in a whirlwind of film releases. I saw Jake in London, Cannes, Toronto and Rome with a near miss in LA at the Zodiac Premiere that wasn't. I can do no better here than point you in the direction of a post I did for Jake's birthday in 2007. This remains one of my favourite posts from an exceptional year - so good a year in fact that it was the perfect time to start a blog.


2008 was a difficult year for a number of reasons. The loss of Heath Ledger doesn't get easier. Jake spent much of the year filming and being well away from paparazzi cameras while he did it. Jake filmed Brothers in a snowy cold New Mexico before moving to South Carolina in the spring for Nailed. More than one reader here was an extra on the movie and BBMISwear visited the set and gave us the most incredible account following her lunch with Jake and our friend Ted. If you haven't read this account then you really must! Here is a photo of two of my very favourite people... courtesy of BBMISwear.

Another friend Nicole shared her experiences of the filming of Nailed with us too - you can read some of her adventures here and here. Quite incredible. Thanks to Nicole for sharing her pictures. There are little videos on WDW too.

One reader, Lisa, told us all about her experiences on the night time set of Nailed - her daughter was one of the extras. You can read that here and here.

In April, I had an adventure of my own, when An Education filmed in Oxford. This led to the rather unbelievable occasion of bumping in to Peter Sarsgaard on the way home from work. I was very fortunate, thanks to Winterbird, to also attend the premiere in London in 2009.

Also in 2008, friends and I took the trip to London to the premiere of The Dark Night, not least to pay our respects to Heath. A very memorable day and lovely to see Maggie.

As for Jake, for much of the rest of the year barely a peep was heard from him. He had been whisked off to Morocco to film Prince of Persia.


In the spring of 2009 we were granted with our first glimpse of Prince Dastan, giving me the chance to take an archaeological look at its early medieval authenticity - a post that turned out to be one of the most popular in WDW's history.

In the summer, I was off to Boston for my Moonlight Mile journey with BBMISwear. This was quite a trip - seeing BBMISwear trying to launch herself over the post office counter ala Jake was extremely entertaining. Everywhere we went, people were keen to talk about their memories of when Jake and Dustin Hoffman came to town. One of the posts is here, while here we are on our quest for That Bench.

2009 was the year of expectations! We had trailers for Brothers - this film had been put back another year leading to a very miserable WDW for a while. We had glimpses from Prince of Persia and then we had the filming of Love and Other Drugs. Jake now and again emerge from PoP secluded busyness for trips to Europe and much excitement at WonderCon in San Francisco earlier in the year - an event that was attended by a good friend.

As the Noughties drew to a close, I did a recap of some of my favourite photos of the decade. You might want to take a look, if only to see Jake with cute animals.


As 2009 ended and 2010 began, Brothers at last came out after a ridiculously long wait for a film that had been finished long before.

But there were two big highlights for me in 2010. Firstly, the premiere of Prince of Persia in London. An absolutely fantastic event despite the ridiculous setting for it. Again, I was lucky to share the day with good friends and I am very proud that my dear friend Ruby took the best photo of Jake I ever saw from that day. One of the reports here.

The other highlight was in November when I was able to attend the London press conference for Love and Other Drugs thanks to Bleeding Cool! And this meant that finally Love and Other Drugs was out!


2011 was the year of Source Code! After its success at the SXSW festival, it was released around the world to a great reception. I had a great time in Berlin when the film screened there, giving me the opportunity to meet more of Jake's fans while watching Jake from the comfort of a cinema seat with a footstool!

Eureka was one of my friends who was able to see - and meet - Jake elsewhere on the tour - this time in Madrid. She got some brilliant photos!

Jake's hair was a source of fascination in 2011 with Jake at times doing a fine impression of Sasquatch. And then along came End of Watch and all of that changed. Baldy Jake in Uniform emerged.

But without doubt one of the highlights of 2011 - and indeed of the last five years - was Jake's appearance with Brit Bear Grylls on Man vs Wild. This set new standards in the torture of celebrities on television and earned Jake enormous kudos across the media.

And so...

After a quiet period, excitement looms! Jake is about to begin filming An Enemy and will soon be making his debut on the NYC stage. I have no doubt that there will be stories to tell from that! And of course End of Watch will finally reach the big screen. With new management and a new haircut, the future looks rosy! I look forward to following it with all of you. Many thanks to everyone who has shared the last five years with me - Cheers!


Susan said...

Ah, Kate, what a magnificent five years it's been! Congrats on the blog's milestone and thanks so much for all your hard work across the years of keeping track of Jake, what he's up to, how the Face Pet is faring, and everything else.

I'll have to read all the old posts you referenced later when there's time. Looking forward to it already! Have to ask, though - did you overlook Jake's performance in the music video Time to Dance on purpose? It wasn't a movie and he had no lines, but I found it a mesmerizing performance nonetheless. The only ruthless psychopathic murderer character I have ever been attracted to!

The future looks bright with the best yet to come, I'm sure. Cheers!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Susan!

The video wasn't left out on purpose - it just didn't even occur to me to include it. Probably because it didn't have any personal reference to me. I tried to include things here which affected me or the blog personally. Jake's done a few of these music videos over the years and to me they're interesting but they're extras. There are loads of things I didn't mention and we all will remember different things :)

Dani said...

Congratulations, Katie. You continue to do an excellent job and you are my one and only source for Jake News!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Dani! How fantastic to see you my friend - I hope you and yours are well! x

Manu said...

Happy birthday to WDW !!!
You do a great job and I love your reports (especially your comments about socks and hear/beard: "his beard and hair run amok" :-D ).
WDW is my personal first address for news about JG.
Greetings from Germany :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Greetings Manu! Thank you so much. That's lovely to know. And thank you for commenting!

Uli said...

Thanks so much for this trip back in time!! I can't believe how long some of those things are ago already - and how young WDW still was when Heath died.

I think your dedication to Jake and all your hard work here on WDW play a big part in keeping my interest in Jake alive! With you always finding something to post even when it is all quiet on the Jake front he always stays present!

And I also want to say thank you for all the lovely interludes you have posted throughout the years - I definitely don't comment often enough on them (just as on your Jake posts - shame on me... :(). Maybe because I always get envious when I see your posts about your trips to the British countryside, like I did last weekend!!! I hope you know how lucky you are to live where you live!!

Looking forward to the next year of WDW and how you will bring us all the amazing Jake news (and also the not-news if there aren't any... :D).
I just wish Jake would have chosen London to get back on stage! For sure I would have gone there to see him - not so sure about New York... :(

Eureka said...

Happy Anniversary WDW!
I discovered Jake and soon after I was drawn to your Blog. And thanks to your blog, I have got in touch with you and other wonderful people. This is so nice, that I sometimes feel Jake is just an excuse to talk about so much more. But of course Jake and your entertaining accounts of his life and other things are still the main reasons for me to visit and enjoy. For almost 2 years now.
Really glad I found WDW, YOU.

mermon said...

Cheers, Kate! Thank you so much for all your work for that forum for our joy.
Took me long time to read that post, with peeking to the old ones. I still have some vids left. I saw few pics I've never seen before, like 3 awesome pics of Jake with Atticus.
I wonder what Maggie told you about the reason why she moved to NYC, having her family in LA.
Thanks for all memories. No wonder you like Zodiac so much. Looks like that year was incredibly exciting for you.
This present year surely looks very promising for us - Jake's fans and for his career as well.
Thank you for everything Jake' related, but also for creating a place when I found my dear Gyllenfriends. All those together made my life more rich and enjoyable. I learned so many things about movie world, my English improved. I'm looking forward to the future!

Anonymous said...

Good recap Kate. You're doing a great job keeping everyone updated with Jake news:). Have a great week.

mermon said...

That old post about Prince Dastan jewellery is hilarious! All those close-ups! very enjoyable. And the pic of Jake in Dastan's hair, sipping his coffee through the straw - priceless, my favourite today, never seen it before! THX again.

mermon said...

I'll add one more thing. Looking at that pic, I wish Jake'd play again in a movie with long hair. That look brought me to Gyllenworld.
Longhair Jake

BBMISwear said...

Wow, Kate, just WOW!! A very Happy Anniversary to WDW and to you personally for all your hard work!! I’ve said it before and I will say it again – your blog is the best place for all things Jake. It’s not just news but its news always told in an entertaining way with wonderful pictures, videos, news articles, fan experiences and more! And there are always wonderful comments and conversations right here in the comment section with both old and new Jake fans. What a great place to be a part of!!

And your Anniversary Post here tonight is just another example of the great work you do – you should be so proud! What a joy it was to read through 5 years of these wonderful memories – you have had such fabulous experiences and shared them all with us, of course! And I am honored to be a part of some of them that you note here – I especially appreciate your mention of that very special day I had with Jake on the set of Nailed (my 4 year anniversary of that day is coming up on April 29th so it was extra special for me to see it noted again here just a few days prior). Wow, we certainly have done a lot in 5 years, huh?!

I got goose bumps looking at the pictures and reading the accounts of the many times you’ve seen Jake in person and then had tears in my eyes (well doing a little laughing and crying at the same time I guess) revisiting our Massachusetts experiences. Thank you for that – how I would love to do that again (and again and again)!!

Jeez…it must seem like I could go on and on and on, huh?! I guess it’s easy to see I have enjoyed my time here on WDW all these years and just simply being a Jake fan and being just crazy enough to make some of my dreams come true! There’s no better place to share news and experiences than here and I look forward to the next 5 years (and beyond)!

As you’ve noted – there are exciting times on the docket in 2012 and we know there will be more in the years to come as well so I raise a glass to you, your blog, all the WDWers and, of course, to Jake who brought us all together in the first place!


Lisa/BBMISwear xoxo P.S. See that goblet of red wine you have in that last photo? That's what I just toasted you with - hee hee!!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to be able to read BBMISwear's account of her time with Jake without having to join LiveJournal.

13thsun said...

even if i'm a "new entry" thank you so much for your job and for all the news about jake that you post on your blog . my english it's not good and it's the reason why i always read but only sometimes i write something... i really hope don't do to many mistakes, be patient :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Perfect weather for ducks - the drought continues...

Thanks so much for all the comments - it's fantastic seeing so many of you here.

Thanks so much Uli! And I'm glad you enjoy the Interludes :D

Eureka - thank you so much! What a lovely thing to say. And I'm so glad we got to meet.

Thank you Mermon! Zodiac was such a special time for me. I will never ever forget the radiance of Cannes. I'm glad you liked the baubles post - that could well be my favourite of all the posts!

Thanks 23:11!

BBMISwear - I can't believe that is almost 4 years ago now!!! How appropriate then that it's such an important part of this recap. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this - thinking back to some of the occasions that meant so much to us. Strange how Nailed was such a brilliant time for WDW when we haven't even seen the film! Our road trip was amazing and I'm so grateful to you for it xx :-)

Hi 5:29 - that's the point. It's not permitted for anyone to read it anonymously.

Thanks so much for commenting, 13th Sun! Don't worry about your English - you do so well. I'm really pleased you take the time to say hello :)

Have a great day everyone!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kate on the amazing 5 years :)

Anonymous said...

My goodness! Five years!
I just wanted to say thanks. OF course I love Jake. He is in a class by himself!
But I always love your interludes, too. Maybe one day I will see some these places. Even if I can't, or if I never go to a film festivals, you take us there every time you've been, so thanks for sharing those parts of your life.

繆繆 said...

Hey, thanks to you!
i am a huge Jake fans from Taiwan,
and found your website two years ago.
since then i read it religiously.
There are not so many Jake's information in Taiwan, so thank you so much and please keep it on!
and I love your "interlude" photos, very refreshing!


BBMISwear said...

I'm back this morning because I spent a good part of last night thinking about your anniversary post and all those great memories and you have me still reeling with all these exciting thoughts again this morning WDW! You actually caused me to lose sleep - ha ha! I'm looking so forward to all the new things to come!!

And, yes, 4 years since that big day on the Nailed set (or as Jack Twist would say "...four f#@*%n years")! Hee Hee.

To Anon 5:29 - it's amazing how Ted and I still get friend requests to read our story every couple of months or so 4 years running! Having it posted that way is just a better way for us to see how many people are reading it and having it not be sitting on an open website for all eyes (i.e. Non-Jake fans) to see. I do know that many people that were not LJ regulars simply opened an account to read it and then deleted the account. It's free and just takes entering an email address and a password. Note to anyone that decides to do this in the near future: Please mention to me here if you do not get a response to your friend request within a couple of days so I can direct Ted to it pronto! (I hope you don't mind, WDW, that I'm using your comments section for a little communication). :-)

Have a good rest of the day all and keep thinking happy anniversary (and 2012) thoughts!!


mayumintolor said...

Congratulations on WDW's fifth anniversary!!
Your blog is really wonderful. Actually it has been very helpful for me. Thank you so much Kate!
I'd love to read the old posts you referenced later.
I'll bet you will be busier because Jake's career will be greater! But I hope you will keep posting on WDW always! It's a great source of enjoyment to me:)
Good Luck!!

Carol said...

Congrats Kate on five fabulous years.

This is without doubt my favourite place to visit online.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures with us. I look forward to the next five:)




Anonymous said...

Oh no,I'm late!!!! Anyway...
Happy Birthday WDW!!!
I have to say that I understand perfectly 13thsun...it's the same for me!
I'm not able to say what's WDW for me...Jake is my favorite actor and obviously the reason brought me here, but I discovered more and more than a blog!This is a little island, over the rainbow, where I found people, stories...whole worlds! So, I know that I said this word too much, maybe it's not enough...but Kate...THANKS, with all my heart.
Big hugs to everyone

mermon said...

@BBMISwear - I have a question for you. On Nailed set, you had a chance to see and talk with Jake. As we know from the pics only, he had very unusual hairdo. How did you like it, how did it feel at live? Did Jake seem comfortable with that?

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) anniversary, Kate !
You are doing a wonderful job for all of us. Thank you very much for sharing all information about Jake and also sharing your interludes with us. I like them very much. Your posts are really entertaining to me. Thanks again and again.
I am very glad I found your blog and it was a pleasure to meet you in Berlin last year.
I also enjoy meeting so many fans of Jake on your blog. It's amazing.

Looking forward to the future !


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thank you so much, Maja!

Thanks 12:33 :)

Felicia - thank you so much for commenting! That's wonderful! It's so good to meet you :) Waves to Taiwan.

Just go ahead, BBMISwear :-) Such good days :)

Mayumintolor, that is brilliant! Thank you so much!

Thank you, Carol, it's been so wonderful to have you here from the beginning. One of these days we will meet!

You're not late at all - thank you Carlotta!

Hi Mermon, answering a littlf for BBMISwear... :D, the front of Jake's hair was a hairpiece. I don't think he liked it very much...

Hello Christina! It was so good to meet you :)

It's just wonderful to see you all here! Thank you!

BBMISwear said...

Hi Mermon - WDW is right - Jake didn't like his hairpiece too much! It really was only a small piece in front - the rest was his regular hair. It's funny because he brought up having a hair piece after I gave him a little gift (a Boston Red Sox cap!) and he said he couldn't put it on because of the hair piece and he actually leaned forward and told me to touch it complaining it was all hard! Of course I did what he asked (ha ha) but then immediately after that I ran my fingers through his regular hair on top and down the back and told him I'd rather feel that than the hairpiece! I honestly don't know
where I got the nerve to do that but since he laughed and didn't seem to mind at all (he seriously seems to enjoy this type of attention I have noticed!) I did it again but this time on the side right above his ear. Honestly, I still get light headed thinking about that moment! I'm so thankful that even though I was beside myself with nerves and excitement I was able to talk and laugh with him and do crazy stuff like this! I really do owe it all to Jake since he absolutely made the whole experience so laid back and relaxing - he was just sitting back and talking about all sorts of things making us feel so comfortable. He is amazing in these situations.

Sorry for the ramble...I obviously find it hard to stop once I get going on this particular subject!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary WDW. WOW 5 years!

and thanks BBMISWEAR about your touching Jake's hair :D


mermon said...

Thanks so much for that lovely story @BBMISwear, it's so incredible! You really have things to remember! Do you have any pic from that "touching his hair" moment? That's why Jake remembers you at other events. Or at least even he doesn't remember all the details like you do, he probably has nice feeling about you:)
Thank you Kate and you Lisa, for explaining that hairpiece stuff. Now it's clear. I really wouldlike to see it in action. Hopefully we will see Nailed somehow, someday.

Hui said...

Congradulations an happy birthday for WDW!!!!
This is a wonderful place for Jake fans.Well done!!
Waiting for Jake's new movie and new play.Yay!!!

BBMISwear said...

I keep coming back here hoping for new news but I guess we're somewhat in a "limbo" stage with pre-filming, pre-play rehearsal and pre-movie promotion stuff. Per usual everything will hit us all at once (maybe we should catch up on our sleep while we can - LOL)?!

No pictures from the hair touching moment Mermon - ha ha! We knew to be careful with having the camera out while on the movie set (obviously that was not allowed) and then once sitting at the table with Jake it felt so laid back we definitely didn't want to whip out the camera and start snapping away - I'm sure it would have changed the vibe a lot if we had done that! I did bring up taking pictures a couple of times as I was nervous he would be called away to start filming again and I'd miss my chance and he assured me that would not happen and, of course, he was right. When it was really time for him to get back to work we decided to head outside to take the pictures (and then off to his trailer he went). But we were so happy that he asked us to stay and watch more of the filming - that was a nice surprise! As I've said so many times before - he couldn't have been any nicer or more courteous or more accommodating throughout the whole experience - he is such a gem!

Oh yes - how nice it would be to get to finally see Nailed some day. We wait and we wait I guess. *sigh*

Well I'll stop blabbing now...have a good day all!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear ;-) I love to hear you talk about the hair touching! And I remember having such a laugh watching you re-enact it with Ted! We need to see Nailed...

Thanks so much Sweetpea!

Thank you, Hui :)