Thursday, 3 May 2012

*Emergency post!* The End of Watch trailer is out! Watch it here - and reactions from last night's screening with Jake Gyllenhaal

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a trailer.. And so, with no further ado, please say hello to Officer Taylor aka Jake Gyllenhaal. But be warned - we have dancing. If the embedded version below doesn't work then here it is.

Last night, Jake and Michael Pena attended a preview in NYC and there was a great response from these two tweeters at least. The first made a series of tweets: 'This movie made me think of everyone out there risking their lives so we r free & safe. We honestly don't pay them enough for what they do. Will likely get an R rating for language & violence as it's very graphic but it's def a must see. Even more appreciative of the police. End of Watch will be in theatres in Sept & honestly is gonna be a hit. It's shot home movie style & u feel the rawness of the streets. End of Watch was fantastic. Honest, funny at times & touchingly raw. An homage to the people out there keeping us safe. Thank you.'

And from the second: 'Just watched screening 4 End of Watch, new gripping police drama in LA. So good!!! Out in Sept!! Just watched the advance NYC screening of the #EndofWatch Movie. Amazing police drama with Jake Gyllenhaal. I saw Jake+Michael P. At the screening. So exciting. Jake said the movie changed his life. Jake+Michael Pena r both awesome,funny cops who r best friends. Most of theFilm is about what they experience! I won't spoil!!!'

So... what do you think of the trailer?! Thanks to BBMISwear for the tweet links!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Out of the blue, or what?!

Have a good evening everyone and do tell me what you think!

Eureka said...

Hablas ingles o espaƱol? LOL
Looks great to me. I see Jake dancing, getting married and maybe having a daughter. I wonder about how the movie changed his life. i bet he will explain that later at promo time.
Exciting! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kate!!!I'm sure that without you I completely miss this trailer..and...IT'S AMAZING!!! I grew up with thrillers and police dramas...I'm sure it's going to be one of my favourite movies ever! I had this feeling for Source Code and...I'm an addicted of it!!!Sooo...I can't wait!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you and thanks to Jake & co. to made it!!!

Eureka said...

I forgot to say. And obviouly Jake kicking some bad, bad mad men asses. ;o) Jake in uniform... So many new character things.

Anonymous said...

This looks great, really excited to see it

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Looks great, Eureka! It seems strange seeing Jake in what looks to me like Jarhead mode :) But yes a lot of new things too! I was wondering that about how it changed his life too.

My pleasure Carlotta and thanks so much :)

Me too 19:35 - feels a little nearer now, although no release date over here as yet.

mermon said...

So at last, it is! Trailer looks so interesting! Bald Jake in action with Michael - nice to watch, they look like they have a chemistry, indeed. That different camera's work - shows in trailer. I like it. Nice few scenes with Anna - funny dancing - at the wedding? Wedding cake, love scene.
There is a good acceptance from the people seeing the movie and trailer. So good!
Do you think it really will be R-rated? It would diminish box office. But since it's an indie movie, no one expects over much. Hopefully. I count on good reception by critics.

BBMISwear said...

Emergency Post indeed WDW - thank you so much for this - what a nice surprise!!

Wow...amazing trailer! I can definitely see why people who have seen the film are saying it had them at the edge of their seats. I was certainly at the edge of mine just watching the trailer and must say I was feeling downright emotional at the end because it gives such a feeling of real doom happening (or about to happen, or possibly about to happen) - ugh! A scary feeling to have while watching a movie but an exciting feeling at the same time. My guess is that everyone involved in making this film is very happy that this is the effect it's having on people (with a movie like this it is EXACTLY what they want).

Beyond exciting, scary and a sense of doom I loved the quick bits of "nice" (i.e. Dancing - LOL! Funny comments - comic relief much appreciated! And kissing - not enough though - need more of that hee hee). I'm glad this movie seems to have a good dose of this other stuff to help balance the adrenaline rushing stuff. I need that! :-)

Sorry for the ramble - I guess you could say I like the trailer - ha ha! As for the rating I can't imagine it not being R rated - the U.S. has the most F'd up movie rating system in the world. More than one F bomb and it's an automatic R (and there is no way two cops fighting for their lives in south central L.A. do not swear on a regular basis - if they don't in this film then it won't be a believable movie in any way, shape or form). And, as I said about the messed up rating system - the violence almost doesn't matter (which is really the thing that should make it an R - they are actually more concerned with kids hearing words they hear everyday while out with their friends than seeing people kill each other in cold blood - now that is one messed up system).

Sorry...I'll get off my soap box about the film industry now. :-) Enjoy all...I'm going back to watch it again!

Anonymous said...

Any idea when this will be released in the uk Ireland?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! It's a packed trailer - full of different scenes :)

Hi there BBMISwear :-) I think it will be R rated for sure as well - not too unusual with Jake's films. A big range of emotions and moods on show here. But it doesn't give too much away which is good.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

No date as yet, 22:06

Anonymous said...

Hmmm hopefully the end of the year we will get to eow, dying to see jake on the big screen

rose said...

HI, I've been following your site for a bit(by far serving up the best Jake cake). Anyway, I went to the West Hollywood preview of End of Watch on Tuesday 1st, I was never sworn to secrecy, but I guess I will mind my P's and Q's. The movie was a good "boy movie" as I like to say; tons of action/violence and extremely fast-paced, a bit "ADHD(Attention,Deficit hyperactivity disorder)" and scattered for my liking. I went mainly because Jake showed love at the NYC preview, but I am sad to report that he has officially broken up with L.A. He did not show at all for the movie! There will be no more side glances across the tables at JOAN'S on 3rd, as it appears Jake is completely over L.A. I am heart broken and speak for all of L.A. when I say, Jake I can't quit you...even with a shaved head!

mermon said...

@Rose! Thx for that review!
I guess I know what you feel, especially if you had a chance to meet Jake personally over some cake, if I understood you correctly.
But you still are in better position than we are in Europe, cause you may have a hope he will come to LA again, many times probably. You had a chance to see Endofwatch, we have to wait much longer. So cheer-up:)

lemniscate said...

You really do need to keep tabs on this guy... Djeez.
You think nothing much is going on... Don't visit WDW for a week or two... and then - BOOM!!!
This movie is clearly going to kick ass! Trailer looks awesome. Can't wait to see it.
Missed out on the news that JG is going to be off Broadway. YES! YES! YES! About bloody time already! Nick Payne's "Constellations" got such rave reviews. His story lines and subjects are definitely my cup of tea. (So, I guess I'm due for another trip to the Big Apple ;-).
And... missed the wonderful news of the birth of his new little niece Gloria Ray.

The starts are aligned
and all is good
It's a magical time
for the GyllenHood

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how they do promos and advanced screenings 4 months before the movie is due for national release. I'll have to wait until Sept to see it. I wonder what Jake will do for promos then since it is coming out the same time he's doing the play


mayumintolor said...

Wow!! This is Great! Amazing! So exciting!! I do want to see this movie as soon as possible. but I think the release date will be later in Japan as always...
Thank you so much for the "Tweets" It's very interesting! :)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for the trailer, amazing.

This looks like the perfect movie to take my husband too.
Obviously with all the pap pics while shooting it, I've gotten so used to Jake being bald, that it doesn't look strange at all anymore.
And the scene where he's dancing at his wedding - too cute.

@sweatpea - I'm curious too, how he will do it. He could appear in some NYC based TV-shows, since they are usually taped in the morning or afternoon. But I guess he won't travel abroad. That's the only reason I hope European release will not be until December, or so, by then he would have time to come to Europe again.
Other than that, I think the best time to visit NYC would be the end of September. See Jake on stage and the next day in a theater. Would be worth the money.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hm.... WOW. Now all I have to do is wait for it to come to Serbia :-/
Thanks for the trailer Kate!
Regards from very sunny and warm Belgrade!

Susan said...

OMG! Awesome trailer indeed! My internet access is down for one morning and when I see what I was missing - my heart is pounding after watching that trailer. Lots of action, some humor, dancing, Jake in uniform - this one has it all. My husband might actually watch it voluntarily. :) I've been thinking this movie will be quite emotional, and now I'm sure of it.

BBMISwear, I agree with every word you said about the F'd up movie rating system in the U.S. It's ridiculous, so I rarely pay attention to ratings any more.

The reactions from tweeters at the screening are fantastic, aren't they?! Can't wait to see how well this one is received by the public.

Thanks a million, Kate. What we do without you to fill our need for Jake news?

Leslie said...

A point I noticed that I don't see mentioned by anyone yet . . was the wording while the clip was playing. "They WERE the city's top guns . . until one discovery." To me that means they probably don't make it. It just made me flash back to Brokeback Mountain when they did the brief showing of Jack/Jake getting horribly beaten up and killed. This is going to be a tough one to watch.

mermon said...

@Leslie - good point! But it would be nonsense if they'd reveal the end of the movie in trailer, right? Maybe those words mean something else, like they won't be top guns any more - degraded? Or they'll quit their job for their families sake... Let's hope.
I met with opinion, that it's manly movie. But cause Jake has so many women's fans, no doubts it will be seen by both sexes, which is fantastic. As I read in some comments David Ayer has his fan-base too, Anna Kendrics as well. I believe that movie may have better reception than we could expect.
I like very much the song from the trailer. Wonder if it appears in the movie. Could be the same story as with "Beautiful girl" in LAOD trailer.
Kevin Rudolf - In The City
I also read that besides danger is also some humour in that story brought by our two cops, which is great.
Movie promotion - due to Jake's play, maybe it will be on Michael, David Ayer and women's shoulders. I hope not. But the play is everyday, even twice a day some days, I guess.

samantha said...

Thank you very much!!
Awesome Trailer! Can't wait to see it in French!!
Have a nice day!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Great to see you all - and from all over the world too - that's brilliant!

Rose, thanks so much for commenting and telling us about End of Watch. It sounds wonderful. I'm sorry Jake wasn't there as he has been in NYC. I love LA myself and personally I on't know how Jake resists its pull, but I suppose he now has two little nieces making NYC quite an attractive place to be. Good to see you!

Hello to Mermon, Lemniscate, Sweetpea, Mayumintolor, Maja, Susan, Mrs JG and Leslie! And welcome Samantha! Thanks very much for saying hello.

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...
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gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

I'm a bit worried because this kind of looks like an indie film, which critics never take seriously. The plot twist is great -- hopefully it will generate a more action-oriented audience. I feel Jake still has not found his true mega star breakout role. But it will be sooo good to seem on the silver screen again!!