Thursday, 10 May 2012

End of Watch makes Anna Kendrick blush and Jake Gyllenhaal puts his life in Michael Pena's hands

Jake Gyllenhaal  is managing to avoid the cameras, despite having been spotted on planes, trains and automobiles - well, in airports (presumably travelling to and from Toronto for preparations for filming An Enemy) and on NYC subways.

Last night, though, Jake managed to escape public transport long enough to attend the launch party of a new cognac, D'ussé, at the Top of the Standard Hotel in New York. Also there was Jay-Z, making this the third time in recent days that Jake has attended an event with Jay-Z. It certainly seems very probable that Jake and Jay-Z are planning to collaborate on a project, whether this is a song for End of Watch or, who knows?, another music video is yet to be revealed. Unfortunately, Jake was in stealth mode and said no to cameras.

The release of the first trailer for End of Watch continues to attract attention. Anna Kendrick has been talking to E! about the intimacy of working with Jake on such a film where the boundaries between reality an fiction were blurred.
"We were shooting [End of Watch] on tiny cameras with very little lighting and a very small crew. There was a lot of improv," Kendrick said. "It felt incredibly intimate. You're in character all the time because you're shooting all the time. So Jake and I would be holding hands and suddenly we'd be like, 'Oh, we're not filming.'" Ask her just how steamy things got with Jakey and Kendrick begins to giggle. "Oh, my goodness—I'm actually blushing," she said. "Yeah, it gets all sexy time with us."

On Tuesday, David Ayer, the director of End of Watch, was interviewed for the New York Times about his film which 'aims to transcend clichés that have piled up over the years, he explained, by portraying a pair of local patrol officers, played by Mr. Gyllenhaal and Mr. Peña, who are not crazed or corrupt. Instead they bring fierce mutual loyalty and an unexpected sweetness to their pursuit of goodness in a bad world.'

This is a fascinating glimpse into the fast and furious filming of End of Watch, including Jake's experience learning to use a firearm with live ammunition:
'In an unusual exercise with live ammunition, the actors learned to shoot past each other in what proved to be a lesson less in police tactics than in bonding. “This guy has my life in his hands for real,” Mr. Gyllenhaal recalled thinking. “I realized, I finally knew what we were dealing with.” (Mr. Ayer said the actors were “safe all the time” during the exercise at a training ground in Burbank.)'

A relief to hear that Michael Pena (and Jake) is a good shot!

Thanks to IHJ for their trailer caps!


mermon said...

It's so funny, all those suggestions on Twitter, that's something go on between Anna&Jake, when they shoot the movie one year ago. I remember myself wishing that - then. Anyway, I can't wait for EoW promotion time, to see them together, probably long before I'll have a chance to see the film. Just to see how they interact.
So Jake and I would be holding hands and suddenly we'd be like, 'Oh, we're not filming This is so cute. I wonder what Jake has to say.
Partying with Beyonce and Jay-Z is very intriguing. Maybe you're right Kate about one more music vid?
Based on David Ayers words, looks to me that Jake&Michael' partnership will be quite deep and touching.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Friday AND sunny - excellent...

Hi Mermon! That was funny. Mind you, people were saying similar things during the filming of Rendition... I'm intrigued by the Jake and Michael partnership. I hope we get some release dates for End of Watch soon.

Have a good day everyone!

BBMISwear said...

I love all these little inside bits about EoW. I must say that I enjoy visiting the locations of where Jake's films were filmed whenever I can but in the case of this movie - no way!! South Central or Newton - call it what you want - these are not very friendly places to be. all black L.A. cap for David Ayer (just like Jake has). Speaking of caps, I was happy to see a NYC sighting where Jake was wearing the old navy Red Sox cap again (nothing better than a *somewhat* New Yorker wearing a Boston Red Sox cap while walking the streets of NYC - Go Jake)!!

I keep forgetting that there are no oversees dates for EoW yet...September 28th has been talked about so much I just keep thinking it is the worldwide release date. Not fair - people who live outside of the U.S. need a date too!! Hopefully info will surface soon.

Happy Friday all!


Anonymous said...

All those news about EOW ! I like it very much - thanks to you, Kate for keeping us well informed :-)
I like to watch the trailer again and again.... Can't wait to get a release date for Germany or Netherlands.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

Hagen said...

Can't wait to get a release date for Germany or Netherlands.

EoW will be released on September 27th in the Netherlands ( Release dates).

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) I wouldn't want to wander around there either! I'll stick with Beverly Hills :D Glad to hear Jake's back wearing 'our' cap again! Yep, not good about the release date. I just hope it'll open here...

My pleasure, Christina!

Ooh, GREAT news, Hagen! That bodes well :)

Release dates so far:
Netherlands: 27 September 2012
USA: 28 September 2012
Belgium: 3 October 2012
Australia: 18 October 2012
Argentina: 15 November 2012
Sweden: 25 January 2013

LadyEkster said...

Ooooh a release date for HOLLAND! That's fab news, thanks so much! Pretty proud (in an idiotic way, yes *grin*) that this tiny country is getting to see Jake before the USA does.

Now if you'll excuse me... I have spent the evening watching Johnny Depp's The Rum Diary and am badly in need of a drink myself now... Gyllenhugs!

mermon said...

@LadyEkster - That's so great and strange at a same time, that you have End of Watch premiere before USA' one! Jake should certainly appear there! :) I'm glad for you, hoping that we will have that movie played in Poland at all!
I have a feeling that Jake was caught accidentally in one on the pics at the cognac D'ussé launch party. Isn't it him in that baseball cap?

mermon said...

I found interesting, not spoilery review of EndofWatch, on IMDb. Lokks very promising.
End of Watch Review

mermon said...

September 28th - surprisingly packed day. On that date alone - End of Watch' premiere, we can also expect Clint Eastwood‘s Trouble With the Curve, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis‘ Won’t Back Down, Adam Sandler‘s animated Hotel Transylvania, and Rian Johnson‘s Looper. (source: The Film Stage)
So brother and sister will have same day movie release!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hagen :-)

maria said...

On the Photo of the cognac party it seems that Jake has grey hair. Can you turn grey in one month? Or is it for his new movie. Hope he is doing ok. I am looking forward to his new movie coming out.

mermon said...

@Maria - I think it's just a light. On other pics that showed up today - the beard is dark.

ANTJE said...

Can't wait for the film to be released over here in Germany. As we only have dubbed versions the film won't be in the cinemas before January/February 2013, I guess.
Was watching BROKEBACK again last night - probably for the 1000th time. ;-)
Still so cute and still so moving, the car scene, when "Jack" breaks down and cries after "Ennis" has dumped him yet again. Sob!
Jake is sooooooo lovely here and shows how excellent he is at acting, yeah!!