Sunday, 13 May 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal back in LA, back at the Medical Center and a WDW sunny interlude

Jake Gyllenhaal has been back in LA this weekend, giving him the perfect opportunity to pop by the Beverly Hills Medical Center on Friday 11 May to apologise for having missed so many shifts at the Center over recent months. In the past, visits have coincided with trips abroad and filmsets about to get underway.

It seems that the Beverly Hills uniform of white shirt, dark trousers and light shoes is catching on as Jake pulls out all the stops to blend in. One of the below is Jake - you get only two guesses.

Thanks to IHJ for the new photographs! And thanks to Mermon for spotting this photo of Jake among the crowd at the cognac party in NYC last week which Jake attended with Jay-Z.

WDW Interlude

The sun came out yesterday for the first time in what feels like living memory. The perfect excuse to set off into the countryside on the motorbike, taking in some village fetes, country pubs, Roman villas and churches and the odd chicken or two.



BBMISwear said...

You have me laughing so hard WDW with that photo (and noted similarities of outfits) of Jake in L.A. - thanks for the chuckle!! I also thought that the timing of the medical center visit is about right for what he will be doing to the movie set soon...Yay!!

Lovely "sunny" photos you took - it's been sunny in New England too (finally).

I was looking at comments from the other post and I don't know about those release we know IMDb isn't always 100% accurate. It is especially odd when certain countries are listed before the U.S. when it is an American film (unless the plan is to premiere in a specific country in advance). I'm guessing David Ayer isn't planning an early premiere of his L.A. based film in the Netherlands for some reason?! I guess we'll find out soon well as that all important UK release!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there! :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) I love that picture!

I agree it's odd about the dates and early release dates in the Netherlands have been bandied about for others of Jake films an then withdrawn so we shall see. I think even if it comes out a day or two earlier elsewhere, the premiere will still be in the US.

Have a good Mother's Day! We've already had ours here - back in March - so no more chocies for them! ;)

Have a good evening everyone! It has been pleasant to have a sunny weekend for a change.

Samantha said...

HI! I love the picture with chicken!!! haha it's funny!

In France too the sun shine!!
Happy mother's day :D

mermon said...

It really looks like Beverly Hills' dress code! LOL! Anyway, Jake fits well in there. And we have an obvious sign that he's back on the route.

Beautiful interlude pics. Hen is the best!

Carol said...

Great pics Kate. Need a bit of cheering up after certain events in premiership football yesterday:(

Hagen said...

Screen Daily: Melanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon, Isabella Rossellini join Jake Gyllenhaal on An Enemy

Melanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon and Isabella Rossellini have joined Jake Gyllenhaal on the cast of Pathe’s Cannes buzzer An Enemy, described by director Denis Villeneuve as “an existential erotic thriller.” Gyllenhall plays Adam, a history teacher living a quiet life with his girlfriend (Laurent) until he discovers his physical double (who lives with his wife, played by Gadon). The two men’s lives become intertwined precipitating a lethal struggle. Principal photography begins on May 22 in Toronto.

mermon said...

@Hagen! Thank you so much for those news! What a pleasure to comeback home to find them.
“an existential erotic thriller.” - sounds heavenly to my ears! Better than I thought.

Lin said...

Has Jake lost weight? I think so...he looks thin and has no muscled arms anymore...I do like it though.
Maybe for his next role?

Leslie said...

Off topic, but I think this is cute . . Jake gets a baby name mention (towards the end of the article) HERE.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much everyone! Hello to Samantha (and welcome!), Mermon, Carol and Hagen, Lin and Leslie!